Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rise of Tritannus

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Not much happened that we did not know would already happen: Tritannus and the Trix escape their underwater prison. The Winx Club hold their benefit concert and Bloom flings some magic around to make the magic more entertaining which I found just plain weird. It is a little reminiscent of the Unica/You're the One music video. I am glad to see that have not forgotten Roxy so quickly. She is in the background and sometimes speaks with the occasional line. Klaus is around too, but I have not seen Morgana yet. They have also recycled some of the lesser villains from last season such as the mooks who tried to illegally import animals.

Does the following image remind of you of anything? Perhaps of a certain somebody from season one?

I think the answer is obvious.

It's Riven from in his original season incarnation!

Of course, the real Riven in his current attire appears in the next shot after the mysterious Riven-like stranger helping on the beach. I'm sure it's safe to say that the season one!Riven is an animation joke or an homage for the older fans. Surely, he didn't change his clothes that fast!

(By the way, not a fan of Sky's hair cut yet. It makes him look a little bit like Andy. Slowly, it will grow on me.)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Spill: Reviewed

There are theories going around that the episode "The Lilo" was actually episode five and that Nick had aired it for the sake of being a season five premiere and the episode "The Spill" is the real first episode of the season. I have to say that those people could be right, but we will find out for certain if "The Lilo" airs again as the fifth episode. For now, watch the episode here! Or here!

From this point on, the post contains spoilers about the episode. Read at your own discretion.

In this episode, the Winx Club promote their concert and Roxy reveals that she has been accepted into Alfea. As usual, everyone meets up at the Frutti Music Bar and Aisha feels particularly lonely after Nabu sacrificed himself to save the fairies of Earth from the Black Circle's portal into the abyss. The fairies and specialists watch a live stream of the coronation ceremony of Nereus, the next king of the sea of Andros. The ceremony is interrupted by Nereus's jealous twin brother Tritannus and is captured. On Earth, an oil platform near the Gardenia catches fire due to negligence and it is up to the Winx Club (sans Roxy) and the specialists to save the workers and stop the ensuing oil spill.

Of course, the specialists don't get new outfits.
First of all, Sky got another haircut. This time, from the royal barber and it's actually more obvious than last season's. Can someone please fix this man's hair? After eight years of production, all the designers could come up was something that looks like a bad copy of Brandon's cut? They have the internet and millions of hair magazines at their disposal and we get this?

Brandon, who are you to criticise? You gave Stella
a compact in season three and a ring with a huge
rock in season four.
Oh, and let's not forget another "royal trinket" that Sky loses: the Pendant of Eraklyon. One would think that he would have learned his lesson when he sold the seal of Eraklyon in the last season.

Seriously, who keeps entrusting this crowned prince with all this jewelry? You read that correctly. Sky is suddenly a crowned prince again. Nick and Rainbow better have a good and logical explanation about this. I have a gut feeling that this may have to do with the fact that Diaspro is making a return this season.

At the Frutti Music Bar, Bloom and gang decide to fly around and have a show of magic to promote their concert at the bar the next day. Did the Winx Club not teach Roxy to use her magic for good and the benefit of others in "Magic Lessons" (otherwise known as "The New Witch in Town")? I am fairly certain that in season one, the fairies were taught to not abuse their powers. So why are they using magic in such an ostentatious way to promote their show? Fireworks, aerial acrobatics and a flaming dragon is a little over doing it, isn't it? The Winx Club are really getting into a gray area about how to use magic, because that display of magic seemed like it was used for personal ends. Luckily, they saved face by turning their concert into a benefit for the victims of the oil spill at the end of the episode.

Fireworks, flaming dragons and's starting to look like a circus now.
That is a pretty lengthy acceptance letter.
Hey, Varanda of Callisto! Where was yours?
It also looks like Roxy is back and she is being hastily shipped off to Alfea the next day. Watching Bloom tell Roxy that she should stay on the beach to keep everyone safe was painful to say the least. Judging from "The Lilo," the Winx Club go back to Alfea and maybe we will see Roxy studying every now and then.

Those of you who paid close attention to the episode will have noticed these little pixie replacements (pictured at right). There are several of them in varying colours in the throne room. One of them even holds the cushion holding the Nereus's crown. Rumor has it that they are called "Pescix." We will have to wait and see what comes of these little guys.

As seen in the preview, Tritannus is having issues with the order of succession and he attacks his father and brother during the ceremony. Personally, I was more concerned about Tressa because she is really the only person (erm, mermaid) who could amount to being the equivalent of a female specialist every time she picks up a weapon. I want to see more of her and less of her brothers sadly. I keep thinking that this is what this series needs. A real female to pick up a weapon and fight like a specialist. (I'm not a fan of Aisha in this aspect because of that feminist phase she went through in season two.)

In other news, the specialists are suddenly much more competent at, well...everything than they were in the last eight years when they went to save the oil platform workers. The fairies and specialists are now capable of working as a cohesive unit to save lives. That was truly something I was not expecting.  I wanted to do a spit take when I saw them following the girls into the scene. I would also like to add that they improved the music for the action scenes as well as made them more intense than last season's. I bet Nickelodeon had a hand in this entire scene and I admit it: I am impressed. Good job, Nick!

The Trix make an appearance at the end of the episode. They share a cell next to Tritannus's. I do not understand how a cell underwater meant for mermaids and tritons prevents them from escaping but apparently, it is much more effective than their previous prisons. Why not send them back to Omega? The only reason that they could get away was because they used the powers of the ice serpents to open the portal, if I am not mistaken. Still, they are back and terrifying as ever. You would think that they would get tired of fighting the fairies, but I guess they really want their revenge.

Overall, I am pleased with the episode and I await the next one with bated breath to see how the Trix escape and see what Tritannus is planning.