Friday, August 31, 2012

Episode 2 Preview: Don't Cry Over Spilled Oil

Well, that is certain revealing. Tressa and Queen Ligea are thankfully back. Great to see that they're sticking to canon and going back to their established characters. So Tressa and Aisha are cousins, huh? The underwater world certainly did get much more colourful than it was in season three. I must admit that it is an improvement from when Valtor was there when the sea was dark and drab. I am surprised that they were brave enough to give a male character pink hair. It's an interesting choice, considering the colour palette for the underwater world. If I'm not mistaken, Nereus and Tritannus may have the same character model with just colour palettes swapped.

Image from Sensational Winx Club

Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode 1: The Lilo

Thanks to EnchantixGermany for uploading!

That episode blew away my expectations in many ways. First of all, we got to learn about Mitzi and her little (adorable) sister Macy. Second, we got another Flora-centric episode. (I think that last one was in season one when she visited the Black Mud Swamp.) Third, the Trix's "vacuums" (Whisperian Crystals) are back! The Lilo flower felt like a total MacGuffin though and I hope that it gets a bigger role in the upcoming episodes.

What did you think about the episode?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Fairy Pet

A new Winx Club game has been released! In My Fairy Pet, you are given charge of the Love and Pet shop and have the responsibility of caring for and teaching some of the pets. But we're not talking about the canon pets, no... you get to raise your very own!

You start off with enough "stars" (the game currency) to buy one room and one pet. With careful love, feeding, bathing, and accessorizing, you can get your pet happy enough to start doing tricks and earning stars depending on how well they are completed. You can use this to buy more pets, clothes, and space.

The game isn't that cut-and-dry boring though... your pet starts off a baby, then grows quickly into an adolescent. Eventually, the pet will become an adult... and like in life, the adults are where the babies come from. Two adult pets can go on a "playdate" and even have kids of their own... I think. So says the achievements!

It's a fun little thing, but the critters require quite a bit of attention, so play with caution and TONS of time!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mark your calendars! Season five air dates!

According to michelle loves you from, August 26 may be the air date for Winx Club season five, Beyond Believix. Watch her video below for more information. Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

*super quiet voice* Yaaaaay!

Still don't believe? Watch this video from the same user visiting It's occurred to us that the ads are also based on the user's location, which explains why I could not see the ad. (I'm in Canada obviously.)

In other news, a quick visit on the official Italian Winx Club site confirms that season five will air October 23 on Rai Due at 7:20 in the morning from Monday to Friday. (So if they're going to air the first thirteen episodes, wouldn't the first half of season five be over in less than a month in Italy?)

In other wonderful news, the official Winx Club site has now also put out a new trailer on the front page showing Bloom transform into sirenix. We can at least confirm from this that at least Bloom's sirenix transformation from the leaked video footage is real.