Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your Face on Winx Club 100?

In preparation for the 100th edition of the Italian Winx Club comic magazine, a 16 character code can be found in the 98th issue. With this code, you can gain access to a new mini-game where you can create your own issue 100 cover. Judging by the picture above, does that mean you can put your face over Bloom's? It seems like it. I bet that this is a good way to put your own fan character's face if you are not so artistically inclined. Either way, you can create your Winx Club magazine cover.

For those of you who do not live in Italy, you can buy issue 98 on for 4.50 euros before shipping to get the code. Issue 98's comic is called "Return to the Amazon." (Doesn't that seem like the perfect way to bring in a Huntik character?)

In other news, Nick is sending out casting calls for actors/models to portray Bloom, Stella and Aisha for a meet and greet event. More details here.


  1. Now this gives a wholle new meaning to the song "Unica".

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