Monday, May 14, 2012

"The Wizards of the Black Circle" Episode Available on Nick

Nick made the first episode of season four available online on their site a few days ago. Enjoy!

I'm super glad that they made them "teaching assistants" and not actual teachers at Alfea. Like the new changes that Nick made? Hate them? Talk about it in the comments!


  1. For some reason, I can't watch this episode or the next one. The player always tells me the "content is unavailable." I can watch other videos on Nick -- just not those two. =\

    But the Winx are "teaching assistants" this time? That's an excellent change. Making them teachers when they just graduated and don't have teaching licenses was just silly. This makes much more sense.

    1. Okay, that is strange. The content is playing on my end and I'm from Canada, so it's definitely not a international availability problem, I think.

      I never understood why Rainbow made them full-fledge teachers in the original. I guess they were going for a younger audience in Italy, but here in North America, the dubbers seemed to have been careful fixing the wording so that it would not be questionable to parents. I'm guessing over in Europe, they are a lot more open-minded about these sort of things. (Considering that's where Grimms' fairytales are from.)

  2. Their eyes are so tiny in The Hall Of Enchantments