Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Harmonix/Sirenix Dolls

I am not sure which form these dolls are supposed to be exactly, but since harmonix is supposed to come before sirenix, I will assume that these are harmonix dolls.

Smoby will be selling these dolls in France. Hopefully, they'll come out this fall to coincide with the release of season five. See more Winx Club dolls from Smoby here.

Do the PopPixie pixie wings not come to mind when you look at the harmonix wings? The new wing designs have in a whole new direction for the show. Inside of making decorated wings, they seem to have decided to take a simple wing and layer it many times in different colours. It might feel like a step back, but I actually do not mind. I like the simple designs.

As for the whole concept of being fairies with aquatic powers, I'm still not positive about it.

(By the way, I'm trying out Imgur to upload the pictures onto one album rather than separate entries onto Blogger, because it makes the blog entry too long and difficult to manage. What do you think?)


  1. I do like Aisha's Harmonix quite a bit- it reminds me a lot of her first Enchantix design, with all the colors. And I just like Harmonix in general, with the simple wings and floaty outfits.

  2. I feel like having a whole transformation based off of music and water should be limited to fairies who have those abilities, but I wouldn't know until the season starts airing.

    I knew I saw those wings before! They really are just like the Pop Pixie ones!

  3. Whoa ! a new transformation? cool xD

  4. winxgirls12 said: omg, but season 5 is air

  5. It is Harmonix, the name of this doll collection is "Harmonix: Ailes Maaiques", that is "Harmonix: Magic Wings".

  6. In Season 5 It Would've Been Really Cool If The Specialists Got Special Powers And Stuff Like That Right Cause It's Kinda Boring The Specialists Not Being Able To Defend Themselves It Wouldn't Be That Bad I'm Sure They Could Have A Nice Outfit Not Sparkly But Yeah If Anyone Gets Me xD

    1. You know what would be even better? MALE FAIRIES XD