Sunday, May 06, 2012

"Hall of Enchantments" Clip

Nick has uploaded a preview clip of the scene in the Hall of Enchantments ("Hall of Magic" in Rai English) where Headmistress Faragonda explains what believix is.


  1. Can't wait for season 5!��

  2. why dont the people in america just watch season 4 in rai english thats already out not the nick one? just wondering

  3. ^ Because I like the Nick voices better.

    Unfortunately my frickin DVR only recorded the first episode so I missed the second one. :(

  4. they changed the times to sundays 12:00

  5. breaking news. in season 5, there will be a new character named Lithia, and based on the episode names, there might be a fairy of infinite energy in season 6. season 6 might be based on Techna and the transformation might be infinix.

  6. Omgosh! Where did you find ths out ? ^ ??????

    1. There is no official news about season six's transformation yet.

      As for the Lithia rumour, I've heard about her around the community. It came from an IMDB cast list for a season five episode called "Crossing the Sirenix Gate". According to IMDB, Lithia will be voiced by Natalie Lander, the same actor for Nick's Mirta. I would not trust it considering that the episodes are said to be scheduled for 2011. There are no official sources confirming a character called "Lithia".