Saturday, April 28, 2012

Season 4 approaching

Hey Winx Fans,

Winx Club's season four starts in less than a week on May 6th with the one-hour special The Power of Believix! Are you excited? I am because then the rest of North America will be caught up with the story and we can as global community move on to season five in September.

In other news, the massively multiplayer online game Winx Adventures on the official Winx Club site had shut down their servers on April 27th. I personally never participated in it because I wanted to wait until it was improved and all the bugs were patched but it seems that it was short-lived. Honestly, I liked the idea but I did not think it would pan out well considering its target demographic.

As for completely cool news for those who like cosplaying, I found a site where they sell officially licensed believix costumes. The down-side is that the costumes only fit children. However, the wings seem to be good recreations of their actual designs. The costumes can be found at