Monday, March 12, 2012

Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom on Nick

For those of you who could not watch Secret of the Lost Kingdom yesterday, you can watch it here! The full movie has been uploaded to Nick for your viewing pleasure!

What do you think about the new dub? Anything you like? Dislike?

Click here to see Nick's season four promo.


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  2. Okay, so I'm a little ticked off that they still left certain parts out... well, mostly just the conversation between Riven and Hagen. That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie, so it's really sad to see it gone. :(

    I'd say the most awkward part in the movie is when Bloom says "Then I will go to Domino. And find that book!". The whole time she said that I was quoting Doug from Up: "I will go get the ball, and I will bring it back..."

    Other than those things, I really enjoyed the dub. It's great to see that movie in English with GOOD voice actors. I still remember when it came out... good times, good times. I can't wait for the

  3. This is great. It's just about the best news I've had all day. Thank you Kikurukina, I could just hug you right now.

  4. Why cant i watch it in canada anymore? :(

  5. I like this movie, but there were some questionable parts. Like in the battle scene with the robots. You see the robots struggling underneath big heavy vines, then a few minutes later there are no signs of the vines and Flora cast a vine spell like it never happened before at all. But then there are awesome scenes like when the Winx get there guardian fairy powers.

  6. oh, and adding to above, Stella's hair is almost white, not blond. But it also depends on the lighting in the scene.