Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey! Listen! What are you doing here?

For those of you with Nickelodeon (USA), go watch Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom!

If you can't watch it, go on Twitter and get #winxclub trending!


  1. Darn I missed it. Anyone know when the re-run is?

    1. Don't worry. I didn't get to watch it either. From what I heard, it's same except with a few corrections. (Such as correcting 'Sparx' to 'Domino'.)

  2. It was ok, I guess I'm just so use to the old version with their voices and humor. I know I have to snap out of it but that was the show I grew up with and loved it and I'm 19 going on 20!!!! I can't get use to the new, I'm an oldie....but for what it was and for the fact that they kept my opening song I enjoyed it and was smiling ear to ear. Being Italian rules!