Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Mirtillo Clothing Line

Mirtillo is the clothing company that creates the Winx Club clothing line in Italy. Their 2012 catalogue features clothing with images for new Winx outfits, namely the the "Fairy Concert" and "Urban Safari" sets as well as the usual Sophix and Believix sets. (Don't worry. I'll spare you the awkwardness of looking at child models wearing the sample clothing.)

The clothes below feature images of the new "Fairy Concert" outfits.

For a closer look at the "Fairy Concert" images, go here.

Those of you with a keen eye will notice that the "Urban Safari"outfits below were first seen Nickelodeon's fourth one-hour special Winx Club: The Shadow Phoenix when Aisha, Stella and Bloom went to rescue the pixies.

(Above) Also, I'm guessing that Flora is has own outfit in this set as well if you look at the shirt in the middle. I guess they put her in the believix clothes line as well because her general colour pallette features pink.

 Images found at MagiaDelWinx.


  1. I still think that they should make a few adult clothes for the WinX. Come on, I'm so large that I can't even fit into that puny sweater...

  2. Gosh, I love these designs! If they made them in a large enough size, I could probably fit in them... maybe.

  3. I could see young girls wearing these. They do stand out, but not in a bad way. Me, if I were wear something Winx related, I'd design/customize my own clothes, to give them a nice, unique feel.

  4. I don´t care I am turning eighteen in few months! I want to wear these!

    1. Happy Birthday!
      You can never be too old for Winx!
      Ok, i admit it, season 4 was babyish and the bad guys were not menecing

    2. I'm 19 and I still enjoy Winx Club!

  5. Are these for online shopping?? For what age are they?

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