Sunday, February 19, 2012

Canon Split?

Hi everyone! This is Tabby with a break from the Nickelodeon stuff for all of you old fans who watched the Rai version! In other words, spoilers ahoy if you're watching the Nick version as a new member of the Winx fandom!

I *think* there's been a  post about this before... but a fan theory going around is that canon splits off after the first movie, Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The theory goes that there are now not one but TWO Winx Club show canons (by which I mean, not counting the comic canon or the Pop Pixie canon). In one canon, Bloom chooses to live the life of a normal girl, despite having found her family... and that's where we get Season 4. In the other, Magical Adventure, Bloom embraces her destiny as a princess.

Here's the evidence to a canon split:

  • Roxy, a very valuble character from Season 4, is NOT SEEN AT ALL (or mentioned) in Magical Adventure... it's as if she didn't exist.
  • When the Winx show up at Mike and Vanessa's doorstep in MA, the couple acts like they haven't seen the girls in ages. If it was part of the same story as S4, they would have just been there a little while ago.
  • Nabu, who died at the end of S4, is seen many times in MA.
There's more if you look through it, but those are the main points. However, we also have points against this:
  • There is SO MUCH noncanon nonsense in Magical Adventure that all of the above seems to be par for the course. Since when is Flora a princess?
  • Believix. If Season 4 never happened, where did THAT come from?
Again, sure there's more, but those are the main points.

So, what do you all think about this? Is there a canon split, or no?


  1. I've heard that "Magical Adventure" was in the works BEFORE season four. If that's the case, then that might explain why some things don't connect. (For example, maybe they hadn't decided Nabu was going to die until they finished the movie.) But since so much of the continuity was broken, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to handle it as a separate canon.

    Here's another theory about different canons. We already know the comics don't follow the series. For example, the Trix are still studying at Cloud Tower, right? Anyway, Roxy has been declared to be a Winx several times in the comics (even in the name of one) but, of course, not in the show. Maybe they'll keep it that way -- she's only a Winx in the comics.

    1. Even if Magical Adventure was suppose to air before Season 4, that wouldn't explain how they got their Believix.

  2. Honestly, I think all this nonsence could have been avoided of they had done any one of two things:
    1. Explain Nabu's apperance in MA.
    2. Edit the girls Believix back to Enchantix.

  3. I never thought of it like a canon split! You could be right! Argh, why are they going all "Legend of Zelda" on me?

  4. Okay, not sure what a canon split is, but there does seem to be 2 story lines taking place. Roxy was not in magicial adventure, but she was in the newest winx comic isssue.(Check it out at my blog)
    So, I still wonder, How will her role play out in season 5?

    Btw, you posted again Tabby! aaaaahh! (Sorry for the excitement there.) I'm not sure if I've ever commented when you've posted before, but yeah, I'm happy to have done it now. ;)

  5. The movie pretends as if the transformation isn't Believix. Apart from the song, you never hear the word, "Believix". They don't even shout out, "Winx Believix". By the way, was Layla named in ANY scene in the 2nd movie? I can't remember any single scene when she was addressed to by her name.

  6. Or maybe the 2nd movie takes place AFTER Season 5.

    1. If that's the case they would be in their serinix!

    2. No, they could revert back to their Believix when they have left that aquatic realm just like they reverted to Enchantix at the end of Season 4 (but that was probably a blooper). And by the way, it's sirenix.

  7. And by the way, will Mirta EVER graduate?!!

    1. I know right. It's almost the same with Amaryl. It's like the two of them are stuck in Alfea forever or something.

    2. LOL SO TRUE Well I immagine Amaryl being tuck cause she's a bad student but Mirta.... Maybe they have to get Enchantix?

    3. Seeing as only the Winx girls were shown at the graduation ceremony, it seems fairies have to get their Enchantix to graduate. Which then makes it pretty ridiculous that the students were practically trapped at school for much of season 3, making it impossible for many of them to get their Enchantix!

    4. Besides, some people just don't have it in them to get Enchantix. It isn't a product of studying; it's a product of careful manipulation and selflessness (or selfishness).

      I think of it like this-you have the incomplete Enchantix and the Complete. you need one of them to graduate, so those born on places like Sparks (dead) or Light Rock (which is like Antarctica; its pop. is migrated) can still graduate.

      Really, if it's all about the Enchantix, then there shouldn't be a third year.

  8. I would like to think that this bad planning on Rainbow's part and there is nothing that they can do now to remedy this except maybe make a retraction of some sort.

    Until then, I'm willing to think that the Winx Club is trying to do a sort of floating timeline.

  9. I see some retconing on the horizon.

  10. By the way, Flora may or may not be a princess. It isn't necessarily non-canon. One non-canon thing is that the Winx stay at Bloom's foster-parent's house while they have their Love and Pet building in Season 4. Also, Helia has lengthened his hair again and tied it into a ponytail.

  11. Well I had thought about it too.... it DOES seem like a split to me and I prefer it! Sense i like the movies, but i kinda did't like season 4.

  12. Not sure what canon split is but I think I know. My point is that season 4 came out before Winx Club 2: Magical Adventure, (aka: Winx Club 2: The Magic Is Back) in everything,in English,etc.)

    1. I Think you are right about that

  13. Can somebody tell me what level roxy is on?

    1. She's in her Winx though some people might tell you it's her Believix!

  14. Nabu didn't die... he just fell into a coma. He'll be back in season 5, as the official winx forum mag says

  15. Season 4 actually happened on Rai. Everyone has seen the episodes of season 4 and those who haven't, can see the episodes on youtube.

  16. listen u guys in rai version of the winxclub evryone is a princess

  17. A lot (not everything) can be explained with one simple fact/theory.
    The events of Magical Adventure happened before the second half of season 4, but after the first half.
    If you look at the events in a chronological manner, this becomes quite obvious, regardless of it not appearing that way from start to finish of the season.
    That is all.

    1. I have to agree with this statement. I've been thinking for a while that this happens at point in the fourth season and not right after the second movie, as some would assume. Bloom could have gone to Domino and the others could have been invited as alumni to Alfea.

  18. Wait. Yay! Nabu is not dead. ( What? He was a nice boy. Great now I sound like a suburban mom!( No offense suburban moms) I wonder, flora might be a princess. she never mentions it.) Yeah, where is believix? And why would the Trix be studying at cloud tower? They got expelled?

  19. Wait! But then why would roxy not be included? It is vair, vair confusing!

    1. Roxy was probably watching the shop again....

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  34. There may be another reason. I believe that the Magical Adventure is the original time line and the so called cannon timeline is an alternate version.

    facts to support this are in the show itself.

    in season 1 of the Rai English version Daphne states that she sends Bloom to a "Forgotten Realm"

    and the very second episode of season 1 this line: "I though there was no magic left on Earth." That line may be a hint that something is wrong or just an mistake?

    We know the Forgotten Realm has to be Earth. this means something had to happen to Earth. The Wizards of The Black Circle.

    this fact alone should make Roxy older then Bloom however she's younger. Why? I'll get to that.

    In the Stairway of Alfea in Magical Adventure near the beginning at the point of the three staircases of you look carefully at the very bottom right edge of the picture you can see someone's head. the colors are Pink with the Tip being Orange however the other Fairies are much shorter. And Roxy is the only Fairy that has that hair color. So why is roxy younger in the show?

    Powerful magic is needed. The Fall of Domino maybe enough to mess with time. it's the home of the Great Dragon. Bloom has brought back sky from Death once. who says she couldn't have the power to control time?

    Fall of domino cause young teenager Roxy to become younger

    So what if Roxy was the one that Stella should have meet?