Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winx Party app is a quick way to make a buck or six

The Winx Party app is a free dress-up game from Rainbow, but developed by Malezeta. According to the note for parents, the app is aimed for children between the ages of 3 and 7. You can dress all six of the Winx Club girls and you can four default outfits (or twelve pieces) where you can switch the tops, bottoms and footwear.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Secret of the Lost Kingdom will not air Feb 26

Unfortunately, it does not seem that Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom will be airing this Sunday as scheduled. I've gone and personally checked the and there is no information about SotLK. As noted at Michael's Winx Club, Nick has pulled down the trailers for the movie from the Winx Club site.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Canon Split?

Hi everyone! This is Tabby with a break from the Nickelodeon stuff for all of you old fans who watched the Rai version! In other words, spoilers ahoy if you're watching the Nick version as a new member of the Winx fandom!

I *think* there's been a  post about this before... but a fan theory going around is that canon splits off after the first movie, Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The theory goes that there are now not one but TWO Winx Club show canons (by which I mean, not counting the comic canon or the Pop Pixie canon). In one canon, Bloom chooses to live the life of a normal girl, despite having found her family... and that's where we get Season 4. In the other, Magical Adventure, Bloom embraces her destiny as a princess.

Here's the evidence to a canon split:

  • Roxy, a very valuble character from Season 4, is NOT SEEN AT ALL (or mentioned) in Magical Adventure... it's as if she didn't exist.
  • When the Winx show up at Mike and Vanessa's doorstep in MA, the couple acts like they haven't seen the girls in ages. If it was part of the same story as S4, they would have just been there a little while ago.
  • Nabu, who died at the end of S4, is seen many times in MA.
There's more if you look through it, but those are the main points. However, we also have points against this:
  • There is SO MUCH noncanon nonsense in Magical Adventure that all of the above seems to be par for the course. Since when is Flora a princess?
  • Believix. If Season 4 never happened, where did THAT come from?
Again, sure there's more, but those are the main points.

So, what do you all think about this? Is there a canon split, or no?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Winx Club be successful a second time in North America?

Before Nickelodeon, 4kids (same people who originally brought us Pokemon) had dubbed the Winx Club in June 2004. They had made a lot of changes to appeal to American tastes and censorship. If I remember correctly, Winx Club had been the only girl show and 4kids made a great push to sell it. They sold a variety of  dolls, DVDs, shows at malls and even the comics for a short time. They did pretty well because of the show's aesthetics appealing to girls. Unfortunately, the show puttered and its popularity died.

Now we have Nickelodeon doing the same. They aired one-hour specials and season three. They are hyping dolls and the fact that they are co-producing the next two seasons.

I fear that what happened to 4kids with Winx Club will happen to Nickelodeon. Sure, they have enough money and global power to make the series popular but being good at selling will only get them so far. One needs to have a quality product to back up the confidence to sell. I love the series and have been watching it since 2004, but I also know that Winx Club is not necessarily the best-made show out there in terms of narrative. Winx Club has a weak story.

I believe that one of the Winx Club's greatest obstacles is Children's Television Act of 1990 from the United States. Specifically, any articles pertaining to "E/I." ("E/I" stands for "educational and informational." Pardon me if I make an interpretational mistakes.) The act basically says that any shows aimed for an audience less than 18 years old has to have elements of either being academically or morally educational. For those of you who hated the 4kids dubs because they changed the storyline too much, this might be why the show was changed so drastically. Some of the original narratives in the series might not have been sufficient for the E/I rating, explaing why some of the episodes were completely revised. It also explains why we don't have that many shows from outside North American aired on TV.

E/I tv bug on upper right
I bet that when Winx Club was first drafted, the writers did not think to compensate for American censorship and we can't blame them. On the contrary, American shows often take into account the E/I rating while creating the show. It's a very European concept to be born with greatness: Bloom is born with the ultimate powers and happens to be a long lost princess who saves the world and finds her parents. I believe that this might be one of the reasons why the show was not successful with 4kids.

With Nickelodeon co-producing season five and six, I hope that they make a better story out of the series, because I honestly don't think that they will get very far with the current quality of storytelling the Winx Club has right now. They have a unique aesthetic appeal but one can only get so far with beauty that will no doubt make them money, but they need to get past that and realise that they have a show with potential.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Time Change?

The site has been kinda dead so hopefully this will break the silence...

This is semi-old news by now but Nickelodeon has shifted the time slot of Winx Club from it's 3pm weekdays to 7am weekdays (times given are ET/PT). The new time slot is first in line after the network Nick@Nite concludes, meaning it's REALLY early, even before NickJr starts. Many networks tend to push their less-popular shows off to less-popular times. Does this have any meaning? Is Winx Club not a very popular show? Is it maybe that we've already seen a third season in English? While it's no call for alarm yet, it can still be reasonably debated as to the purpose of this push-back.