Monday, December 12, 2011

Is Musa a tomboy or a girly-girl now?

Musa, is that you?
Musa has without doubt gone through the most drama of all the couples in the series. (Let's admit it: Riven is no romantic.) She has also gone through the most physical change in the series. Remember when she use to have short pigtails?

Back in season one, she was known as a tomboy. She barely wore skirts. Even in the welcoming ball, she would an outfit that had pants. She was basically designed to look a little strret-smart with her overly large jeans and sneakers. In the episode "The Show Must Go On!" she wore jeans, a baggy shirt and a beanie hat giving off a construction worker look. Plus, it was revealed in this episode that she came from a difficult background where money was always a bigger concern than music. Despite that, she persevered, she pursued her passion for music and she never deviated from that.

Once season three started, she immediately got longer hair, but kept the pigtails. Character development certainly went through a whirlwind as season progressed. She briefly let her hair down for the ball on Eraklyon and on Solaria. That seemed reasonable to me that she would attempt to look pretty in front of high society.

Then season four came along and Musa arrived on Earth where she let her hair down and started wearing heels and a skirt for her normal outfit. Musa became girlier by asking questions about her hair and she became another point of drama for the series again when Musa gains the opportunity to become famous. She still loves music but she doesn't lackadaisically plays her flute anymore. She jumps on stage and sings with Andy's band. She plays the guitar and helps the girls put up a band.

Is Musa still Musa despite all this? Or have her physical changes made her become something else entirely? Do you like these changes?


  1. Personally I miss the old tom-boy Musa! Now I guess she's moved on from that stage and turned into a girly-girl :( Although I always wondered why they did that? Does anyone know?

    1. Yeah back then she was cool I know she was a wannabe in seasons 1 and 2

  2. Look, her main outfit is definitely more girly, but taking in the fact that she wants to become an entertainer and that she has a boyfriend, it's not surprise if she becomes a little more worried about her looks. Sure, that's kind of making the show seem a lot more realistic than it's trying to be, but it's a logical approach to why she's changed so much. As for singing with Andy's band, I honestly think that's her love for music and an opportunity to get noticed. There's nothing wrong with trying to pursue her dreams. Also, if you check out the gir's tutti fruitti outfits, you'll see that she's the only one wearing long(ish) pants, everyone else is wearing shorts or a skirt. She's even wearing a hat and her clothes look more sporty then the rest of the girl's do. Plus, just because she's gotten dramatic doesn't mean she's becoming more girly (though, I have to admit, she is not same girl I used to love from season 1 and 2). However, I still love how fierce her emotions are, and how she expresses them. She's more realistic than the other characters because she makes mistakes, and she's hard to read. You don't know how she's gonna act, but you know that Bloom's the leader and (no offense) self-absorbed one, Stella's the stereotyped princess with a shopping addict, Flora's that always sweet girl who has nothing mean to say, Layla's the sporty feminist (... is she really?? I think her old self would have jumped ship if she saw what she became =/) and Techa, the always logical one. Musa is... what, the music lover? That's a given. She's not even considered musically special because ALL the girls can play instruments or sing now (whoever came up with idea of a band is an idiot if you ask me -.-) Who is she really? I still think she likes to be a loner at times, and I still think that she harbors tom boy-esque feelings while being very sensitive. She's a confusing and contradictory character, and that's why I absolutely love her. She's real, and fun to write about. There are so many ways to perceive her character, and none can be exactly true to her character. Sorry, I started ranting, I apologize ^^" But yes, even though she has become girlier, I still think she can be a tom boy.

  3. I miss the old Musa, and I liked her a lot better. BUT, the gir ls are 19 or 20 in season 4, they would have to seem more mature, and a tomboy doesn't really fit that. I can see where the idea is comming from, yet I really wish they wouldn't have changed SO much about her.

  4. All tomboys eventually turn more girly-ish. It depends on the person about how Much they change. Also, people's tastes change and so do people, so it only makes sense that she would act like that.

    Personally, I liked her better before season 4.

  5. I've never considered her personality to be tomboy, just her style. While I loved her old style (the short pigtails were SO CUTE!) I feel that her new style fits her personality better. :)

  6. i honestly dont like musa in season four as much as i liked her in seasons 1&2. In the first two seasons Musa seemed much more headstrong and independent(of course that was during the time she had a crush on someone like Riven so she had to be a little tough). I think i liked the old musa better because i could relate to her tom-boyish personality much more than her girly-girl personality. But as it's been pointed out she is growing older and she's gotta grow out of her tom-boy phase eventually. Most girls eventually do :(.

  7. Most of the time tomboys start turning more girly when they get older and meet a boy they like... I liked her hair in long pigtails better but her style in season 4 was the nicest to me but I still love her season 1&2 personalty!

  8. I agree with her becoming girlier to show the maturity. I also think they wanted to change her up a bit, so she doesn't always wear the same thing. Plus it's easier for the animators if her fairy form hairstyle and natural one are similar, it's just easier to draw and reuse the same frame than having to change everything about it. Plus Aisha/Layla is pretty sporty as well and kina tom-boyish herself, and so is Roxy with her "grunge" look. I think if Musa was still tom-boyish it'd be too much. But I don't think she's really changed, personality-wise. I think most girls become more girlier as time goes on and when they start to become women. I also think Musa's clothing change is a progression of her into becoming someone more comfortable with herself and not being afraid to try new things. Her outfit in Season 3 was quite chic in my opinion. And you could use the same argument with Bloom, who in season 1 wore jeans and a t-shirt. I don't think Musa's changed for the worse, she's just become more comfortable with her feminine side. That was bound to happen.

  9. Actually,I love her new style. But,she also became Stella-ish,it's not the old Musa anymore,like a completely other girl. Altrough the new outfits are more girly,and kind of fit her more :)

  10. Everyone can change. I can remember i time when i was girly . Know im a pure-hearted tomboy.

  11. I agree with Shayna, even if Musa wears jeans, she's not a tomboy! I must admit, in Season 3 and 4, Musa became more girlier like wearing dresses without jeans an stuff, but in Season 1, she already felt jealous of Darcy when she was talking to Riven! I'm not complaining about her new self, they are a little similar, but they are both great. :D

  12. Everyone in my class calls me a tomboy and for my birthday they buy me tomboyish (if thats a word)stuff. I liked to have someone in the winx club that i could relate to but oh well i guess everyone changes.

  13. I like Musa's new style, and I agree with Shayna, it fits her personallity better. And to tell you the truth, I have never really considered Musa a tomboy.

  14. I think the only thing that changed is her maturing. I was just like her, when I was younger. I wore Baggy pants, wore tank tops, and converse chuck that was worn out. I grew up and slowly started finding my self liking more girly clothing. I Still like all the things I did with the baggy clothes, I just like wearing skirts and floral tops now. I haven't change just my clothes. Just like Musa, just cause her clothes and maturity level have changed, doesn't mean it not still her.

  15. While I liked Musa much better when she was a tomboy, I think Musa is still Musa. And really, who keeps their exact personality as time goes on? Granted, maybe four years is too short, but Musa's development reminds me of how I was a total tomboy as a little girl and somehow grew into the girliest girl alive over the course of 10+ years. Don't know how, don't know why, it just happened.

    I really do miss those short pigtails of hers, though.

  16. Kica: I must disagree with you on that. I do know a couple of tomboys who have only gotten MORE tomboyish over the years.

    Brandeline: I don't think jealousy is a sign of a girlish or tomboyish personality. I really don't know anyone, boy or girl, who doesn't get jealous (except myself due to being asexual, but that's something else entirely).

  17. you are so right!
    but believe me it's not just her!
    what about layla (aisha) she used to be a tom boy but now she's not anymore and even bloom has flipped personality.

    trust me you won't believe it when you see it.

    p.s I love your blog it's so cool phobe.

  18. I believe that the personality you develop as you grow older is dependent on the events that have taken place in your life.

    Take Musa, she had to grow up without her mother, whille her father opposed her musical development. (music was her passion from an early age as I understood, correct me if I'm wrong. Events like these (especially when your at a young age) make you more cynical and darken your view of the world, hence her tomboy-ish personlity when she first arrived at Alfea.

    However, during her time there, more positive things have happened. She joined the Winx, she found a friend to confide in (Aisha/Layla), she "made peace" with her father, she found a boyfriend, and lets not forget her bonded pixie. All of these eventzs help brighten you up, and your personality changes accordingly.

    In this case I can see how it would be possible for her to change from a tomboy to a more girly-girl, but not to the level of girly-ness shown in Magical Adventure I don't think.
    (She was practically playing torero with a minotaur in Season 1 and suddently she can't even counquer a few barrels in Magical Adventure? I don't buy that.)

  19. I think Musa has changed for the better, all the girls were speeding up and she was a bit behind but maybe its not the best to change for other people unless she really wanted to change so musa if you only changed cuz of Riven, Andy or your a bot behind the girls on fashion i suggest you better change back cuz that was who you really were.

  20. I like her better as a tomboy I do not like these changes

  21. Specialist7, I very much agree!

    Like your future, by the actions you make, you develop your future. And in this case, your personality. I understood that she became more and more trusting and due to many dramatic events, her personality began to shape into a girly-er personality.

    Furthermore, I have observed that Riven, her boyfriend, in season 4, was very dramatic ( or moody, how you would say it ), and also in season 3, made her soften, until she was made into a girly-girl. But many girly-girls don't wear black unless it is accompanied with a certain color, known as "hot pink". Musa's style is more of a "punk" style. Many punks like to wear plaid or other designs. I wouldn't call her a TOTAL punk, but more of a girly-punk. Of course, there is really nothing wrong with being a tomboy!

    In conclusion, Musa really hasn't changed at all. Maybe in appearance, but emotionally, not really. It is normal for someone to change into a different personality. In fact it is as easy as changing into new clothes everyday. That's my theory! Thanks for reading.

  22. The physical changes are not bad she is prettier, but on the inside I know she is still a tomboy!! I don't think anyone should not like her now because her looks changed, I will love her no matter what!! <3 I hope the true Winx fans agree.

    Love you Musa!!<3

  23. I think Musa dresses girly, but inside she's a tomboy still. (Like me! But less spazzy. :/) I wish she had her pigtails, though. I'd have liked to see her hair down when it was short. I like her long and short pigtails. I agree with Specialist 7.

  24. I think that she is more mature, so she don't think like a 'tomboy' but i don't think that she really changed

  25. Does anyone know when Season 4 is coming out on Nick?

  26. Well,Musa's never actually even been a tomboy. Jeans don't make ANYONE a tomboy. If Musa's appearence changed a little,that doesen't mean her personality changed. Yes,this style suits her a little bit more BUT just her appearence/look. Not her personality.

  27. Well if you go look at Avril Lavigne's style then it makes perfect sence .Avril used to wear baggy jeans and tank tops but, now she wears plaid skirts with high sock ,they still try and give Musa that semi punkish/rocker look withoutover doing it plus she is older now .

  28. Musa's changes have probably endeared her to the audience. I preferred her old self, however, for no other reason than she actually stood out. Now the girls' personalities have seem to weld into one.

    Not to mention, her face changed too quickly-in beginning of S4, her eyes seemed the same as before, and then they suddenly to smaller. WTF?

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  92. I like that Musa became more feminine,all girls go through that phase.But,it'd be really cool if Musa was like Sakura Haruno from Naruto.

  93. I think she's fine.