Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bringing you up to speed: Musa and her family

Dear new fans of the Winx Club,

It's Kikurukina writing. For those of you who don't know, the four Nick specials that were aired over the summer are not the original "productions." They are the condensed versions of 52 episodes worth of story. That's two seasons! The series first originally aired in 2004.

While the specials are true to their source material, they did leave a lot of information out. I am writing this post today to point out some of the minor but probably important things about series. In this post, I want to address Musa's basic back story: her family and her wealth.

Recently, I received a fanfiction review that made me cringe. My story is about Musa talking to Helia and at some point, she muses about her lack of wealth and low social standing when compared to Helia's fan-made enormous family wealth and fan-made noble family history. (Read it here if you wish.) Basically, I outline that Musa is fairly poor and wishes that she had the wealth that Helia had. This is the review I received:
"Why did you have the need to write musa's social standing? For all we know she could be as rich as stella."

For those of you who don't know, Musa is poor. She is likely the poorest of all the Winx Club members. She is not rich as Stella. She is far from it. This was vaguely hinted at in season one and season two goes into further depth about her history.

Her father is Hoboe and her mother is Matlin (Wa-Nin?). Her mother was a classical singer and Hoboe fell in love with her after seeing one of her shows. If I remember correctly, Matlin gave up a life of success and fame for Hoboe. They both fell in love, got married and then had Musa. They both pursued music passionately despite being a little financially in trouble. One day, Matlin became terminally ill but the family could not scrape enough money to buy the medicine to keep her alive.

Matlin eventually died and Hoboe swore off music. He destroyed most of the musical instruments in the house a cello much to Musa's horror. In season two, he visits Musa at Alfea. At this point, he disapproves of his daughter's dream to pursue music because he believes, from experience, that music does not make enough money. Later on in the episode, Musa goes to perform a song at a concert at Red Fountain. Stormy crashes the party and holds Hoboe hostage. Riven helps everyone to encourage Musa by clapping because her power is music. This gives her the courage and power to fight and defeat Stormy. In the aftermath, Hoboe lightens up about Musa's choice to pursue music and if I'm not mistaken, the episode ends with a scene where Musa visits her mother's grave. (The episode I am refering to is episode 15 of season two. It's called "The Show Must Go On!")

So now you know why Musa is poor and why she has family problems.

Overall, I am sure that this will not be my last post. If you want more details about the episode, I suggest that you watch it rather than have me try to sum it up. (Older fans, feel free to correct me. I'm sure that I am mixing up some of my Cinelume canon with 4kids.)

For fans who are interested in watching the original 52 episodes, go here and give us your opinion about the project to watch and comment on the original episodes. New and old fans are welcomed.



  1. Great break-down of the social standing of Musa. I believe that you are right if you are referring to the RAI version of the episode. I'm not sure if the 4kids version is different, but your information should prove to be helpful to the newer fans nevertheless. Great job!

  2. I'm very glad you posted this. This will help all new winx fans understand Musa better. And, I'm pretty sure all your information is correct. You did a good job!

  3. I don't remember the grave scene... but I'm pretty sure everything else is correct! :)

  4. Hmm.. I think it was the other way around though, Hoboe was a prince I believe on Melody and when he went into one of her concerts he like you said fell in love with her and gave up his family title just to be with her. I know people say that the real Princess of Melody was Galatea from season 3 but we don't know if they mean the whole planet or just a kingdom on Melody.

  5. You realise that that is 4kids talk, right? This post is about the original dub. 4kids is not the original dub.

  6. You have summed up the Rai version quite well. Perfect in fact. I have watched but the Rai and the 4Kids version abd I believe that in the 4Kids version Hoebo was a Prince of Melody and when he fell in love with Wa-Nin he was disinherited. In the end he was still very poor.

  7. 4kids made her a princess for no reason whatsoever =.=. Great job :)

  8. I can understand why they did it in the first season. It seemed to me that they might have wanted a contrast with Stella who was a little too haughty. I think they wanted to make Stella's character less likely to be villified by the fans, because it is an American dub and Americans were against the monarchy several years ago.

  9. Im not exactlly sure what version i watched but i remembr that it said in season 2 episode 1 that musa had spent the summer holidays with her dad touring and she learnt things back stage and at other places... niw with this post and these comments i'm a bit confused :/