Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Season 5: Take everything with a grain of salt

Hey everyone,

I would like to address some recent pieces of news that may or may not be rumours or spamming.

I would like to remind everyone that season five is far from being released. Remember, it will be released in Fall 2012. That is a year away.

Recently, we have received some news about the premise of season five: it will likely take place in an aquatic location. To learn more about it, go here. To see the video preview, go here. Remember, despite the fact that the video preview uses CGI animation, it will be animated using the traditional 2D art that everyone is used to. At first, many fans had voiced their disappointment in the use of the CGI. I said that it might be placeholder art. Our fears were quickly quelled when we found out that it would be in the usual 2D. To see a promotional poster using tentative designs for next season's transformation, go here.

Next, apparently episode titles have been released for season five on the Internet Movie Database. Initially, only three were found and only one of them has been confirmed by Molly Quinn herself: the episode "The Selkies Devourer." All the other episode titles should still be taken with a grain of salt, meaning: accept it with a degree of skepticism. Why? IMDb is an open-source database like Wikipedia. Anyone can edit it. While I do not know the full capacities of a registered user on that site, it is a site run by movie lovers. False episode titles were rampant across the various Wikipedias for the Winx Club page for the latter half of the run for the fourth season and I believe that we should give this phenomenon the same treatment: be skeptical.

Now that fans are more aware about Winx Club on IMDb, I should say that it makes that series just as easy a target for trollers and spammers to...well, troll and spam the Winx Club pages with false information. Remember, the Devilrus incident? I am convinced that there are still people out there who believe that Flyrix, the fan transformation made by Tata, is season five's next transformation. Currently, half of a season's worth of episode titles are out on IMDb, and while I have nothing to disprove those titles, I do know that not everything I read on the internet is true. To makes worst, the mention of Sirenix only appeared today which only makes me doubt further the credibility of IMDb.

The above reasons are why I did not post about the titles on IMDb on this blog. I am waiting for a legitimate source, such as a press release or a video from Rainbow, Nickelodeon or Viacom, before anything happens.

With all that said, according to the title of the eight episode, the new transformation is apparently called Sirenix. While the transformation name does follow the tradition of ending with an "x" and its root word, "siren" (a Greek mythological creature that resembles a woman with varying degrees of bird features that lures men at sea to their deaths by sailing into rocky coasts) does have similar themes about the sea, this is proof of nothing. (Addendum: "Sirenix" is confirmed by Molly Quinn, but I would not hold my breathe.)

My doubt outweights any belief I have for this to be the genuine truth at the moment. This is subject to change but I want to remind people that season five is long from being released. It would kind of suck if we knew what the story of the fifth season was a year before it is even released, no?

- Kikurukina

PS: Nickelodeon will release the first episode of season three on November 14, and not November 7.


  1. Sirenix, huh? I knew about sirens already, but that idea doesn't fit the Winx. And it's kinda...weird-sounding. Then again, I didn't like "Believix" at first. If it's true, fine. If not, I wouldn't be surprised.

  2. Molly confirmed it on facebook!^-^

  3. There is a high chance the show will be a mix of 3D and 2D actually. This has been hinted at several times.

  4. ^technically all seasons are (the school buildings + aircraft)

    Molly confirmed that Sirenix is the real name, but I still don't really believe it. XD

  5. I would think that Molly would know, since I'm sure it's in the script. :P A little something more official would be nice, though. I'm taking Molly's word for it, but I don't think I would post it on any blogs yet.

  6. So cool and I hope we can see some images form season 5 and I wonder when Bloom and Sky will get married. Also Molly would know because she is the voice of Bloom and if it would be a live action movie then she would play the part of Bloom. Take a photo of her and Bloom they look so munch a like.

  7. Ok, I'm sorry but I have to ask. "Take everythingwith a grain of salt." Where does that saying come from? I personally don't see any connection between salt and skeptisism. Please enlighten me.

  8. take everything with a grain of salt has been around for a long time...

    and really, "sirenix"?
    that's kinda weird... especially since in Greek a siren is a bird/woman that eats people, that doesnt quite fit the winx club's image. But also siren has been known as a mermaid, so if it is an aquatic location, and siren means mermaid, they'll be slightly mermaid-ish. but they are fairies and should stay fairies in my opinion...

  9. Will Bloom and Sky get marry in season 5 or will it be a double wedding with Stella and Brandon? In the third movie, will it show Bloom and Sky on their honeymoon? Will Bloom die and be resurrected in Season 6? And will the fourth movie talk about Bloom being pregnant and giving birth to her baby? Please, would someone tell me something? I dying with anxiety and curiosity!!!

  10. but wasn't nick gonna premiere season 5 in february 2012?

  11. I wish I lived in Italy so I could watch the Winx more often. But nope, I live in North America!

  12. either way, i hope they speed it up. I just finished today, and am anxious. I hope nothing happens between now and fall, so season 5 DOES come out. If it doesn't i think i'll just die of sadness!

  13. Siren comes from the word,"sirena" and it also means "mermaid" in Latin. I should know, I speak Latin. And I agree with you anonymous. People shouldn't call the people who make up transformations idiots. They're daydreamers. If they think its Sirenix, or Dimentix, or Mermaidix, or whatever, its O.K. Its not like they're doing wrong! I made one called Breakix, myself. So really, no one whould blame them for daydreaming. It keeps people entertained. Oh, and spoiler alert: I heard from the Winx Studios, that the beggining of the season is gonna start with Belivix, and nothing else. I THINK that's what they said, though. I'm not really sure.


    P.S., You can call me Vicky.

  14. Hey Its Me, Victoria.

    I was talking about the Nov. 6 Anonymous.

  15. hey everyone and thanks kikurina. I am from india. CAN someone tell me is season 5 going to show in india. pleas please do tell me!. i heard that it is not showing in india so i just wanted to confirm and tell me the truth ok ! thanks.