Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween in December?

If you will remember correctly, three Monster Mission comics are planned to be released to help promote the HalloWinx doll set. The first one featuring Flora fighting werewolves was already released and can be bought at

October is finished and so is Halloween. By the time the next Monster Mission (featuring Bloom) comes out, it will be mid-November which is the beginning of the Christmas season for most. By the time that the last one (featuring Stella) comes out, it will be probably a week before Christmas Eve.

Why would Rainbow plan a three-issue Halloween-themed comic series that ends at the height of the Christmas season? Are you going to really be in a Halloween mood during Christmas still?

By the way, 600th post!


  1. Good point. If it were me, I wouldn't get the interest in buying these dolls. I wish they would release some kind of Christmas WinX dolls for Christmas, and this time, include the entire gang.

  2. "...600th post!" How about a contest to celebrate? :D

  3. its weird halloween in december

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