Monday, September 26, 2011

Winx Comics at H & J for 15¢ to 1$

H & J Liquidators and Closeouts, Inc is selling the first and second issue of the Winx Club comic for 15¢. These are the comics were translated in English for the 4kids franchise which explains why there is a 4kids logo on the cover. However, there is a catch: H & J sells their products in bulk and so you must buy a minimum of 100 issues of either the first or second issue. They will not let you buy the comics individually.

Also, they are selling the third issue together with a paquet of six Winx Club trading card game cards for 1$ but a minimum purchase of 50 units is required.

(Photo from H & J.)


  1. I suppose you cant buy them online??
    Could do a contest on Youtube with these as prices XD( just thinking out loud))

  2. They are online. Kiku linked to them in the post.

  3. As Shayna said, they are online. I linked all the issues to their pages at H & J.

  4. i think that it is stupid to have to buy 100 coppies of 1 issue. i mean all u need is one its not like you no 100 ppl that love winx club

  5. LOL! You could always sell the rest of those online. #profit :P