Monday, September 26, 2011


If you haven't heard from Una di noi already, Rainbow is going to make a special series of Halloween themed dolls called HalloWinx! These dolls will also come with a goth-ified version of their fairy pets. Three minute special episodes and a videogame will also be released in tandem with this series.

This is what the dolls will look like:

The premise for this doll line is that the Winx are dressing up to look like witches to find out what the Trix's evil plans are.

Three special comics, also known as Monster Missions, will also be released featuring three of the Winx fighting horror movie monsters. The first comic will feature Flora (with a sword!) fighting a werewolf; Bloom against a vampire and Stella against a mummy.

Impero dei Cartoni
Una di noi


  1. Soooo... is this an Italian thing? For the dolls?

  2. As far as I know, it's Italian-only but this won't prevent you from buying it over the Internet. ;)

  3. I just adore the outfits. <3 Though, the streaks in their hair don't compliment the base colour very well. ^^; Bloom's hair reminds me of bubblegum, somehow... XD

    Anyway, I hope these come out soon (on Ebay anyway...) I think I may invest in one or two. :D

  4. I find the candy-colour hair-streaking thing just a tad weird.

  5. I find this ironic being as there's the "Moonlight" comic where Flora actually HELPS a werewolf. And if I remember correctly, Karel looks similar to that... anyone else finding this funny or am I crazy?

  6. Yeah, I noted that when I first read it in Una di noi. However, Karel has brown fur.

  7. Oh, just how i want those comics :| They really have great outfits.

  8. Flora with....a SWORD? I don't know what is going on in the world today...but I LIKE IT!