Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainbow Magicland

Rainbow Magicland will open the 26 of May. (That's two days from now!)

According to WorldScreen.com's video interview, the parl boasts 35 attractions on Rainbow's various products made for all ages. Most of it is for the family but there are a couple aimed at teenagers looking an adrenaline rush. In the video interview, Straffi says that there is a 5D Huntik ride and a reconstructed Alfea castle, including their classrooms and bedrooms. There is one "fairy ride into the magical world which is very scenic." Next to the school is the PopPixie village which an attraction for little kids. There is also one attraction for Maya Fox.

WorldScreen's original article:
"Video Interview: Rainbow's Iginio Straffi
By Anna Carugati
Published: May 24, 2011

Iginio Straffi, the founder and CEO of Rainbow S.p.A., talks about the new MagicLand theme park opening later this week, as well as current feature-film projects and more.

Taking the easy route has never been Straffi’s strategy. As founder and CEO of the Italian content company specializing in animated and multimedia properties, Rainbow S.p.A., Straffi has continually moved into new business areas. Winx Club was his first huge hit and the series about the teenage fairies has sold around the world. The popularity of the brand prompted Straffi to make the feature film Winx Club Movie—The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, while at the same time expanding the range of Rainbow’s TV series, which includes the comedy Monster Allergy, the action series Huntik and PopPixie for preschoolers.

Straffi continued setting new goals, including the construction of a theme park in Italy. As he explains in this video interview, Rainbow MagicLand opens later this week. Located near Rome, several of the park’s 35 attractions are based on Rainbow’s most popular characters.

One of his greatest challenges, however, is production of the movie Not Born to Be Gladiators, an ambitious project that reconstructs all of ancient Rome in 3D."


  1. Kawaii as a DivinaMay 24, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    OMG can't wait till it opens.

  2. To be honest, I'm kind of worried. Not sure how big of a hit it'll be. I mean, let's be honest, Rainbow practically makes all of its money off of Winx Club, plus a little from Huntik. Iginio Straffi isn't like Walt Disney or anything. Not yet, anyway. I think he may be getting a little ahead of himself with this.

    Just my opinion, I still think it'd be fun to go!

  3. Kawaii as a DivinaMay 24, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    @ Shayna Well it's located in Italy where lot's of Rainbow shows are kinda popular is a reason why it is being built.

  4. I'm not crazy about the name. I'm curious why they didn't name it MagiaTerra, or whatever MagicLand is in Italian. Is it common over there to use English words to name things? 0_o

    I do, however, want to see that life-size Alfea.

  5. And will it like be open for summer only or!? :D

  6. I'm traveling to Italy to see this after graduation this summer.