Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Nickelodeon Trailer

About the caption at 0:58: does that mean that the series has decided to drop the traditional animation style and go for the same animation as in the movies? Or are they just saying "CGI" (computer-generated image) to get us hyped? A lot of the backgrounds in season four were CGI, but the not characters.

Also, are they officially going to use the English dub of the first movie or redub it?

UPDATE: After further searching, I've found that no one except Believe in Winx has posted this video which begs many questions.

UPDATE 2: The source is MTV Network International. It had been uncredited at Believe in Winx.

Credits to Believe in Winx and Winx4life.


  1. I can't beleive Nickelodeon won't saw seasons 1-3 and they change Layala's name to Aisha which is what her name is in Italian. Plus, the voices will change too, I like the origonal english voice.

  2. Kawaii as a DivinaApril 6, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    @ Anonymous the voices are the original in the video and they will show seasons 1-3.
    But this is awesome news!

  3. I'm getting that giddy/excited feeling I used to get as a little kid! I can't wait!!!!


  4. Forget Aisha, ISHA? Oi.

    I'm not looking forward to the CGI episodes, either.. I love both animation styles, 2D and 3D, but Winx is meant to be in 2D.

  5. Aye-ye-sha Nickelodeon, that's how its pronounced. Not ee-sha. Or aye-sha, though that's actually a real world pronunciation. Well, I don't hate Aisha too much but I really hope they at least re-dub the movie. The movie voices are horrible and I won't be shedding any tears over never hearing them again. CGI episodes? I like both but I'm more used to Winx being in 2D. Ah well, I suppose we'll just have to wait to see what Nickelodeon is going to make out of Winx.

  6. Darn! You guys beat me to it! Oh, well!

  7. "After further searching, I've found that no one except Believe in Winx has posted this video which begs many questions."


  8. IMHO it is odd that this person has the english version of the movie.... AND trailers that can't be gotten in digital form if they were shown at a show.

  9. Kae Lily, the issue has been resolved by the time I post this reponse but the problem is more like a reoccurring one with this blogger and the lack of sources. As of now, the internet source has been found.

  10. WOW!!! Sooooo excited!!!! Definitely much sooner than I thought it would be....not complaining though!! 2 months, give or take a few weeks. YES!!!! And as for the voices, I really don't mind, so long as the story is good. And did ya'll see the post about Valtor's voice actor on Una di Noi? Sweet!!! I'm excited about that too, cuz I love Spectacular Spider-Man. And as for Birth by Sleep, AWESOME! Not sure if he is gonna do good with Valtor though.....his role on BBS was as YOUNG Hercules, and he was good at that,which makes me unsure about how he will do as Valtor....if you want to hear his voice for yourself and don't own BBS, then go to youtube and put this in.
    [USA] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Walkthrough [49] Ventus ~ Olympus Coliseum [2] - CM.
    I suggest you watch most of it. The battle part you can skip, but the story scenes are some of my favorites for the game. Matter of fact, I'm gonna quote the end of this video.

    Zack: "Stop by when me and him are both heroes."
    Ventus: "Oh, so you mean never come back?"
    Zack; "Watch it."
    -Zack and Ventus, Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep

    Long live Winx Club and Kingdom Hearts!!!

  11. I am NOT happy with the re dubbing.I honestly think,that the story is going to be awfully ruined.And I think that Season 4 kinda proved that.I think...that I am not a Winx fan anymore.


  12. Does this mean that season five and six will be in this kind of animation? Plase answer, and if it is, I'm certainly not watching it.

  13. You know, CGI could also mean the style they used in episode one of season 4. I mean, that was definitely computer generated. I'm not sure what qualifies as CGI, and what animation style Winx usually uses (hand drawn or anything else), so if this wouldn't work, disregard this comment.

  14. ugh. i hate the movie animation.

  15. The only thing thats making me angry is how they can't take the time to pronounce things correctly. ITs not that hard.

  16. I have found this video on Youtube:

    Just wanted to let you know =D