Friday, April 08, 2011

Josh Keaton voices Valtor

Thanks to Tabby (Lovelovelovix) for find out that...


Keaton has also voiced Ethan in the Bratz animated series and Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Spectacular Spider-Man.


  1. Haha, he was also in the Even Stevens movie! That's the only place I've seen him (although he looked nothing like he does now)

  2. Stupid question maybe, but is this very current? Because if it is, it could mean Valtor comes back! :DD
    I like Valtor, he's cool :)
    Oh wait.. For the US.. Does that mean Winx wasn't ever, EVER on tv in the US? 0.o

    1. Yeah I like Valtor too and I want him to return to the show but not to be destroyed once for all!!!! To live happily...

  3. It was on TV in the US. 4Kids dubbed it, but they recently lost the rights to it. Now Nickelodeon has is and they are re-dubbing. They're doing all the seasons, so that's why they have a voice for Valtor. :)

  4. thats soo0o0o0o0 amazing!!!
    at least for me cuz i cant watch winx :'(
    but plzzzzz can u tell me when will they release the new episodes of season 1.2.3
    cuz funny story the only episodes i watched were season4 -_-" so i want to watch the rest of the seasons thx :D

  5. He also voiced young Hercules in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. If you want to hear that, then go to youtube and type this in:
    [USA] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Walkthrough [49] Ventus ~ Olympus Coliseum [2] - CM
    He was in the live-action Fox show Bones as well, the episode "The Superhero in the Alley", season 1, episode 12.

    Booth: "Well, in your book, your partner's a former Olympic boxer who graduated from Harvard and spoke six different languages. In real life, you got me."

    Brennan: "So what you're saying is that reality falls far, far short of the fictional."

    Booth: "Yeah. Thanks a lot, Bones."

    -Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, Bones, Season 1, episode 12, The Superhero in the Alley

    Long live Kingdom Hearts and Winx Club!

  6. He only played young Hercules in Kingdom Hearts, and that's because he does young Hercules' voice in the movie. :)

    I love KH, too though, so when I read "Kingdom Hearts" on his wikipedia page I flipped out. :D But then I realized he was just Hercules.

  7. He wrote the coment as if he had never watched the Winx club before.They should let a fan do the acting not an actor, because a fan could realy tell you how the character is fealing.

  8. I'm sure he'll do a little research now that he knows what it is.