Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magica Avventura DVD

Yesterday, the Winx Club 3D: Magica Avventura DVDs hit the shelves in Italy and are already all over online shopping sites.

They are region-locked and only have the Italian dub on it.

Michael's Winx Club


  1. Here is the english translation for the summary at the back of the movie cover:
    Celebrations for the opening of the new school year at the School of Fairies Alfea are abruptly interrupted by the evil Trix, stealing a mysterious powerful oject. But the difficulty for the Winx is just beginning, as Icy, Darcy and Stormy with the evil Witch Ancestars try to find the Tree of Life. Will our heroines be able to bring positive energy back to the magical dimension and defeat the evil Trix and the Ancestral Witches?
    Enjoy :)

  2. i just wanted to ask of a favour
    BelieveinWinx on youtube has the second winx club movie in ENGLISH
    but they can tpost it up on youtube
    i don thave a youtube account so can somebody please let BelieveInWInx know that they can post their movie up on Veoh, becuase BanjoGate posted his episodes on Veoh, and the first movie in FULL LENGTH is already up there,
    so can somebody please let BelieveInWinx know about Veoh.com

  3. Instead of asking the people of Winx-Fairies, try commenting in the BelieveInWinx blog.

  4. okay thanks Hera, can you maybe post a link?

  5. You seriously don't know where BelieveInWinx is?

  6. no, Hera. I don't. Can you post a link, i'm kinda new to all this blog stuff

  7. Anonymous, you can just look up BelieveInWinx on the search bar, it'll show up. :)