Monday, February 28, 2011

English Magica Avventura Soundtrack List

These are the English titles (beside their corresponding Italian versions) for the songs in Magica Avventura:
  1. A Magical World of Wonder (Tutta la magia del cuore)
  2. Believix
  3. Good Girls Bad Girls (Insopportabile alchimia)
  4. Forever (Per sempre)
  5. Don't Wake Me Up (Due destino in volo)
  6. Glamour Child (Fatto apposta per me)
  7. Supergirls (Supergirl)
  8. Love Can't Be Denied (Mentre il mondo gira)
  9. Endlessly (Irraggiungibile)
  10. Big Boys
  11. Love is a Miracle (Ora sei libertà)
I found these by going through the ending credits of the Russian version of the movie. (I'm one of those people who read movie credits.) I think I misread Glamour Child. Rainbow has started claiming copyright for all of the movies posted on YouTube, so it was difficult to find a high quality readeable version of the movie.

Also, I put A Magical World of Wonder up for download. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winx creator in the pink

As you may or may not know, Rainbow has decided to go public and revitalise the American (North and South) market. Our feelings are reassured in the fact that Rainbow is not going to completely sell itself, the Winx Club or Pop Pixie. It still has the full rights to the Winx Club and Pop Pixie.  This is the article from Variety:

Posted: Sat., Feb. 26, 2011, 4:00am PT

Winx creator in the pink
Viacom draws on Italian animation shop

By Nick Vivarelli

Rainbow Group founder and topper Iginio Straffi, back row, hopes his deal with Viacom can make Rainbo, with fare such as 'Winx 3D,' bowing here at the Rome Film Fest, a constant content provider in the U.S.


It doesn't happen often that an American colossus like Viacom sets its sights on an Italian animation studio -- and then, rather than snapping it up outright, agrees to purchase just a minority stake.

But, then again, as Iginio Straffi, 45, the former illustrator and comicbook writer who founded Rainbow Group in 1995, puts it, "there aren't that many properties out there with figures comparable to the Winx."

Created by Straffi, these six trendy MTV-generation fairies, which have become one of Europe's top TV exports, have bewitched tween girls in more than 130 countries, and generated more than $2.7 billion, thanks in part to the theatrical film "Winx 3D" as well as myriad merchandising deals.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Viacom takes stake in Rainbow

Posted: Fri., Feb. 4, 2011, 9:25am PT

Viacom takes stake in Rainbow
Italo toon house produces 'Winx Club' franchise

By Nick Vivarelli

ROME -- Viacom has acquired a minority stake in Italian animation company Rainbow Group, maker of globally distributed "Winx Club" kiddie TV franchise, in a move that will propel the expansion of the ambitious privately owned studio and boost its bridgehead toward U.S. auds.

Founded in 1995 by former comicbook artist Iginio Straffi, Rainbow is an Italian success story largely thanks to his "Winx," six trendy teenage fairies designed with a style that mixes of Japanese manga and classic Western animation, that have bewitched millions of tween girls in more than 130 countries.

Last year, Viacom's Nikelodeon and Rainbow announced a global content-based partnership centered around "Winx Club" under which Nickelodeon secured TV and merchandising rights in the U.S. and pay TV rights for Latin America, Canada, U.K., and several other territories.

That partnership now expands to co-development and co-production of seasons five and six of "Winx Club," and to two existing theatrical "Winx" movie titles, CGI feature "Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" and "Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure," which are now likely to be released Stateside via Paramount.

Neither financial terms nor the entity of the Viacom stake were disclosed.
According to Italian financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore, the Viacom stake in Rainbow is said to amount to 30%, allowing Straffi to stay in full control, with plans for a Rainbow Group flotation to follow.

Rainbow, which is based in the small central Italian city of Loreto, with a production outpost in Singapore, also makes the series "Tommy and Oscar," "Prezzy," "Monster Allergy" and, most recently, "Huntik Secrets and Seekers."

The group, which has emulated the Disney model, on a much smaller scale, also has a Rome theme park, called MagicLand, in the works based on the "Winx" franchise and other Rainbow properties.


Who is Viacom? Viacom basically owns Nickelodeon, who is currently co-producing season five and six as well as redubbing the first three seasons into movies.

What is a flotation? A flotation is also known as an Initial Public Offering, or IPO for short, in which a privately owned company decides to issue stocks that can be sold to the public. (HowStuffWorks)

Take note that the article said that Paramount, which is also owned by Viacom, might release the movies in America.

Thanks to the Oblivious Prattler at Una di Noi for posting about it first.