Friday, November 26, 2010

True Love

Sky and Bloom do, in the course of the movie, break up because of a deep-seated betrayal between the families.

Approximately after Bloom and Sky break up, Bloom starts to look at new suitors, most likely at the behest of her parents, Oritel and Mariam. Bloom sees many suitors, none of which she likes until one comes along...

So she is capable of loving again? Or is it only to appease her parents? And who is this mysterious suitor?

It is none other than Sky, judging by his clothes. They are wearing similar clothing in the second and third pictures. I guess true love will always triumph.

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  1. this is like romeo and juliet!! :'( I'm so sad for them!!!!

  2. Why can't both families of the couple get over what happened in the past and move on??? I mean, Bloom and Sky were made out for each other since season one! And Sky even proposed, in front Bloom's true parents, in Sparks's Castle in the first movie! There has to be a sub plot in this somewhere......

  3. yea i agree with yukia5

  4. come to think of it . yes . why does bloom parents NEVER say anything in the first movie when sky dance with bloom or he is his boyfriend and stuff. how strange .

  5. Wait so the guy Bloom is kissing is Sky? Just not entierly too sure of what is going on.

  6. @Anonymous- The story of the movie is like Sky n Bloom decide to get married but htey dont cuz their families had some old rivalry with each other which dates back to the time when Blooms parents were captured by Valtor. So ofcourse they try to make their parents get ready then parents stuff things in their childrens brains which ends up with them breaking up n so on n so forth.(the last sentence is a complete guess)

    Laylas dress looks so prtty but Floras is disappointing:(
    N yes its just sooooooooooo romantic.

    N I think that theyre parents din mind bout Sky n Bloom dancing n stuff because they probably din know Sky was the prince of Eraklyon cuz remember they were trapped when Bloom was just a baby.

  7. Typical. It was so predictable....they would do something like that to tarnish that 'boundless' relationship. Once again, we find ourselves completely sucked into Bloom's world, leaving the others into dust...

    Sometimes the parents need to look at their children for advice. They need to get over their troubled past and look beyond what is in front of them. Ugh, they're just making Oritel look like a baby. It's annoying, not romantic.

  8. wow this is really messed up.

  9. That is definitely not a stranger Bloom is kissing. Thats still Sky. See, in the next pic, Sky is wearing the same shade of green in the previous pic.i think we all know that.

  10. Thanks for saying the obvious.

  11. Layla n Amentia :) *kitties*December 1, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    That IS a stranger. He's in this video:

    If that isn't proof enough, Anonymous, go jump in a lake (although it's prob iced over by now.)

  12. Layla n Amentia,

    You would not be saying that if you saw the movie. Sky kidnaps the guy and steals his clothes.

  13. yeah, any way i went on that site but where is the proof???

  14. i think it was kind of based on romeo and juliet

  15. So correct!!! Bloom n Sky r a MMIH (which stands 4 match made in heaven!) but i almost freak out cuz i thought that bloom was kissing a stranger! i mean, wouldn't that be nasty 2 sky? And this IS like a romeo and juliet story! parents break up them up but they still date!

  16. this is soo sad i this is worse than bloom and and or diaspro and sky bloom+sky=enternal love

  17. i ment to say bloom and andy are terrible together and daispro or what you macallit and sky dont match but bloom+sky=enternal love

  18. They have been engaged for two seasons and two movies even though he only asks her in the second movie. They need to get rid of Daispro (which I think means desperate) and finally have the ceremony. If they have a season six that's what it should focus on, Bloom and Sky's wedding.

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