Saturday, November 27, 2010

Debunking Winx Club Rumors

Rumors. The official definition is "a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts" (source) and they are quite common to anything that exists - movies, common folks, TV shows, politicians, etc. and Winx Club is not immune to it in any way. Below I listed some relevant rumors and debunked them to the best of my ability. If you object to one of my debunks, leave a comment, but try not to start a fight.

"The Season 5 transformation is '____'"

On the mermaid transformation ("Mermaidix"): The transformation does exist, but only in the Italian book called Sirene, set during Season 3. Scans can be found here. It is not likely that it will be used in the show.

On the fanart pictures by TaTa: See here. They're just fanart. Nothing more, nothing less.

On Gemix: See here.

On every other fan name: Rainbow has yet to confirm anything about Season 5, and that includes the transformation. Don't believe anything until you hear it from Rainbow and/or Nickelodeon.

Tecna's last name is Chandler, etc.

As of Season 4, no character has revealed a last name with the exception of Mike and Vanessa in a book by 4Kids entitled "Secret Powers", where it is revealed to be "Peters". The book is not canon to any dub aside from 4Kids, and even then it may not be valid.

Phoebe's note: I was the one who made up the last name Chandler for a fanfiction I was writing. The surnames Brandt, Sinclair, Valdez, Contee, Chandler, and Kimura are all Phoebe-made. 

Roxy is a Winx and there's proof of it.

I would very much like to see that proof. As far as I have seen, there is none.The "Roxy is a Winx" rumors is nothing more than baseless hope.

Roxy will play a part in the second movie.

It has been confirmed that she isn't even mentioned, let alone seen.

Tecna is the princess of Zenith.

Only in the comics. The comics are not canon to the TV show, unless you want to debate that Stella is from Domino and Bloom earned her Winx in Episode 2.

Musa is the princess of Melody.

Never in the original dub is she called a princess. "Melody" strictly refers to the original dub. In the 4kids dub, she is royalty only by blood. As her royal father left the throne, she is not truly a princess and will never run a realm (unless she marries a prince, of course).

The Season 5 villain will be Devilrus.

See here.

The Winx girls will become pregnant yadda yadda yadda...

Winx Club is aimed at a fairly young audience. It is very unlikely that pregnancy will ever be mentioned.

Tecna will die because Rainbow thinks she isn't popular enough.

Rainbow is not dumb enough to kill off a main character. Now, before someone brings up Nabu, he was never a main character and we cannot truly prove that he is dead (see here). The target audience for the show is meant to identify with the main characters and it is highly unlikely that any of them will ever be killed off.

While not a rumor, I would like to clarify that the winner of the contest has been chosen, but that Phoebe and Kiku would like to finish their collaboration story based on the winner's character before announcing the winner of the contest. As Phoebe has been busy lately, her portion of the story took longer to complete. You can probably expect the announcement soon, by the end of the year at the latest.


  1. Nabu dosen't die. :) I've seen prieviews of the movie and he does show up. It's weird, one minute he dies and then he comes back and helps to save the world. :p

  2. NOOOO Tecna?!?!?? Please be just a rumor, PLEASE BE JUST A RUMOR!!!!!
    Seriously she almost died once! DONT KILL TECNA!!!

  3. I really have to wonder how some people got it in their heads that the Winx will become pregnant. Not just because the show's target audience is fairly young, but because none of the girls are even married yet, only engaged (or did Bloom and Sky marry in Magical Adventure?). And even if they were married, since when did marriage automatically mean having kids?

    I never believed Mike and Vanessa's last name was Peters because nothing 4kids creates is canon to the original Winx Club.

  4. Apparently a lot of people think Musa's last name is Kimura, too. I made that up, but it was just a fanfiction name, I never said it was real.

  5. i dont want the winx to be pregnant . i dont want tecna to die . i dont think nabu is dead

  6. I think these rumors are too ugly to be real except for Tata's artworks and Roxy to be a real member of the Winx Club.

  7. Thnx a lot Phoebe cuz some of these have been annoying especially the Tecna dying cuz in S3 she "died" n the Winx were gonna disband the club for her which shows how important she is

  8. N I get bout the Contest now sorry if I have been bugging u with it *blushes in embaressment*

  9. Roxy is a Winx. A little proof:

    - Increase in presence (in merchandise, in events, on the website, etc.). Notice also how they keep updating her wardrobe to include her in established sets (I Love My Pet/Love & Pet, I Love Dance/Gymnastics, Tutti Frutti, Winx Ocean, etc.).

    - Winx Club Mag 68 title: "Roxy, the Seventh Fairy" (Roxy, La Settima Fata)

    - Some time back when Michael of Michael's Winx Club reported on season five (after attending the Licensing Expo), he claimed he was told it would be the "further adventures of the SEVEN magical fairies."

    No minor character has received the kind of attention they're giving Roxy. She's definitely a Winx or they wouldn't bother to market her as much.

  10. I knew that the rumors will start but the fan pics? That is so wrong. Why can't they click about the name on the bottom right of the pic???

    And I hope that there's going to be proof....but I might have a hunch but not sure if it's valid. Can you remember in Season 1 that Bloom was in tears and was in Miss Faragonda's office because of her leaving Alfea? There was 5 books which has symbols on them (which could be related to the orginal 5) and two blank. One for Layla of course. After that, there is one book left. So that could be Roxy's book. But the question is, is that what RAI wanted us to think or is that just a theioy?

  11. They can't kill Tecna. She's not my favorite but the winx wont be the same without her

  12. Like NoraLUVSNora said, Tecna's not my favorite, but I can't imagine the Winx without her! She was one of the original 5!!!! :-O
    Also... Winx becoming pregnant? Now that just made me laugh. This is for kids that are slightly on the younger side. Somehow I don't think pregnancy's gonna be mentioned... :P Also, the oldest (Stella) is like 22 years old! PLUS, they're always out fighting evil, saving the world, all that... Where are they gonna get time for a kid? And to be honest, none of them really seem mature enough for a kid to take care of... That's just my opinion. :)

  13. Oh, and P.S...

    Anonymous (the one who posted the first comment): LOL!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!! :D :D :D

  14. Ppl Tecna is NOT gonna die Ive already given the proof n now theres no room for further discussion on that topic. Phoebe has also CLEARLY specified that she is NOT going to die so it doesnt matter whether shes ur fav. or not they WONT kill her. Theres no proof.

    @The Oblivious Prattler- The proofs that u have given are noot exactly ALL right for instance-

    Its possible theyre giving her attention cuz she was the whole reason for S4 n so they might have thought that they should do something about it.
    (as far as I remember) she doesnt have her own wallpaper (Im not sure about this) but even if she does its probably because she was an imp. part of S4 but she was not taken in the shop Love n Pet.(k some might say cuz she was already having a job but the place was well handeled by the guyz n the girls were having a lotta trouble handling their shop but they din ask her to come)

    3- The Winx magazines follow a totally different timeline (eg- they have the transformation mermaidix)

    I cant say anything bout the other blog cuz I don follow that blog.

    But I can say that no OFFICIAL announcement has been made about Roxy being a part of the CLub. She might be cuz her popularity is a lot but personally I don want her to be a part of the next Season (no offence) cuz there are already so many characters then if she also comes then shell also have to have a Bf n then a pixie n probably not a pixie pet but u cant say since Bloom also has so many pets (Then theyll put the story like Kiko that hes ignored n all stuff) then her teachers might be different n then therell have to be stories about her also n there are already so many characters stories to be kept updated n thatll end up just confusing ppl (I remember the first few times I saw I was so confused that too was just the 1st season so no Helia no Layla no Nabu n Riven wasnt thaat imp.)

  15. @Selena: She does have her own wallpaper. That aside, why continue to market her if season four is over? If she were a one-shot character, they'd have moved on from her by now and they certainly wouldn't be showing her with the Winx as much as they have been lately. Just doing that makes people think she's a Winx, so if she's not one, wouldn't that be counterintuitive?

    The official announcement: that magazine title. Why would it say "the seventh fairy" (seventh fairy of what, if not the Winx Club) if she's not a Winx? Why would they publish something that was a flat-out lie?

  16. @ Mira

    Not that I want the Winx to become pregnant (or that I believe it will happen), but I think Flora and Tecna may be mature enough for a kid. The rest, though, no way on Earth!

  17. Roxy has her own spread in the magazines just like the other girls. If that does not make her official, I don't know what does.

  18. I say the lack of a profile on the official site is a pretty big indicator that she's not a Winx. Also, the lack of promotion as the seventh Winx (I emphasis Winx there) whereas Layla received promotion as the sixth Winx does not help Roxy's case.

  19. @Kiku n TOP(ur names too long sorry hope u don mind)- as I told B4 the magazines follow a different timeline(as far as I know cuz Ive seen some here n I don get those magazines here)

    @TOP- They even published a magazine in which the girls have achieved mermaidix which was B4 S4 came n lots of us thought that that will be the next transformation but it was not. Wasnt that also a 'flat-out lie'??? Anyways its given the 7th fairy only n even Mirta was there n she was also very close to Winx infact she was Floras Best friend.If this blog existed B4 S2 then probably we wolda been fighting about the fact that Mirta is the next Winx fairy.

    N as gamercatgirl said Roxy is NOT there on the Winx club characters page or on the pic of the forums page.

  20. Selenz,
    The magazine has both page spreads for all the girls and a comic that is anachronistic. The spreads are articles about various things like the lastest music and food. It does not matter if the articles and comics are related, because they are not related.

  21. Gamercatgirl,
    I believe that there are reasons why they would not put a profile for Roxy yet. Season four being the latest season, not all the viewers, especially new ones, are up to date with the series even though season four's initial run is over. I think the creators do not want to ruin the surprise for them. Y'know, repeats.

  22. Layla n Amentia :)December 1, 2010 at 7:48 AM

    I still think Tecna's the princess of Zenith. Maybe not ALL of Zenith, but a smallish kingdom. Yeah, guys, Queen Elizabeth ain't the queen of Earth. Maybe Zenith's government is like Earth's where there are leaders of different countries.

    @ Gamercatgirl: I agree with Kiku about Roxy. She is definitely a Winx since she shows up in a LOT of group pictures. Mirta didn't. So why would you say Roxy's like Mirta, just a minor character.

    Only Season 5 will tell...

  23. @Layla n Amentia - Why would group pictures dictate anything? Nabu shows up in group pictures, yet he's not a Specialist, just one of the boyfriends.

    @Kiku - I don't particularly think they care about spoilers, considering they have put up spoilers for previous seasons while they were still "new".

  24. Consider the amount of viewers who still don't have access to season four. It would suck for them to go on the Italian version of the site and find that there was a new girl on the team. If only we knew what they were thinking.

  25. why is tecna not popular enough? i mean she seems more popular than layla.. i dont get it

  26. Well,

    There's also the fact that you don't see Roxy at the very end with the other girls, flying away

  27. Exactly. I mean Layla was there even though she is gonna stay on Earth. N whats the great difference if she is not there in the characters page but on the title song of the cartoon????? I mean more ppl have seen the title song than those who have acess to the site. So wont THAT be a "spoiler" ????

  28. @ Selenz

    "I mean more ppl have seen the title song than those who have acess to the site."

    Where did you get that statistic?

  29. I don think we need to take a statistic for that its like a fact. I mean almost all the ppl on the site will have seen the title song. Then there are a lotta ppl who even follow Winx blogs. Then there are those ppl who have seen S4 at their homes. Its nt like ALL these ppl have gone to the Winx site n also n that site the Charcters page. Most of them might be like "Lets go play Winx Adventure/ the mini games, visit the forum, n the music page n then Ill go check out some other site" Im saying that cuz even I was like that at first.

    U know now that I think of it a lotta ppl are there on the Forum n there r topics about Roxy or topics related to Roxy (take King/Queen of the month for an example. A lotta ppl have written Roxys name)

  30. What part of "Don't have access to season four" did you not understand? Roxy is not season four, she is a part of it. It does not mean that she is a member of the Winx suddenly appearing in all the media unless it is explicitly explained who she is.

  31. first of all i only heard that tecna was having 8 children.Not all the winx.

  32. Tecna unpopular why?she is popular than all of the winx.And who the heck is rainbow she is the most unpopular girl!and who is going to kill tecna no she not.While I am in Washington DC she is safe no matter what

  33. Rainbow is the company that produces the Winx Club in Italy.

  34. Sweet and Sour ForeverFebruary 1, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    @ Selenz I agree with Kiku I didn't even know there was a season 4,Roxy,Winx is a Italian Show and Believix. Why? Becuase I'm one of those people who never went on to the computer a lot or go on Youtube to search it up. Until I saw a Puzzle on Star Sue I was confused why unknown person(Roxy) was named she was part of the winx. But once I got access to search up more about Roxy. You can't just believe one day you wake up and Say ooh Roxy is a new character on Winx.

  35. You people have been gone a while the next transformation is called sirenix and, yes , Roxy is a real fairy.

  36. I don't know why rainbow can not show the winx being pregnat it is not a threat or bad for a child to see some omen being pregnant, it won't be any rudeness it will be the winx with bigger bellies because theu are pregnant you know so I still don't know why rainbow are so protective or pregnancy of the winx it sucks orry but it does

  37. I totally agree with "anonymous March 30, 2013 at 7:28 AM", there is no threat or is it bad for children to see the winx club girls/women getting pregnant, copping an embracing there pregnancy and expected, and them get ready for motherhood an to have the families there going to have (it teaches em about the responsibilities of being a mother or a father, and thats a good thing)!
    One thing is for sure, pregnant winx club art is very rare and and winx club child birth is everh rarer, I'd like to see more of it in art and in the anime/cartoon of the Winx Club!

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