Saturday, November 27, 2010

Final Fight and Conclusion

Does Sky's father die?! Is this a real on-screen death?! (cough*Nabu*cough)

Looks like Erendor does not die.
Video: Winxlorelai

Debunking Winx Club Rumors

Rumors. The official definition is "a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts" (source) and they are quite common to anything that exists - movies, common folks, TV shows, politicians, etc. and Winx Club is not immune to it in any way. Below I listed some relevant rumors and debunked them to the best of my ability. If you object to one of my debunks, leave a comment, but try not to start a fight.

"The Season 5 transformation is '____'"

On the mermaid transformation ("Mermaidix"): The transformation does exist, but only in the Italian book called Sirene, set during Season 3. Scans can be found here. It is not likely that it will be used in the show.

On the fanart pictures by TaTa: See here. They're just fanart. Nothing more, nothing less.

On Gemix: See here.

On every other fan name: Rainbow has yet to confirm anything about Season 5, and that includes the transformation. Don't believe anything until you hear it from Rainbow and/or Nickelodeon.

Tecna's last name is Chandler, etc.

As of Season 4, no character has revealed a last name with the exception of Mike and Vanessa in a book by 4Kids entitled "Secret Powers", where it is revealed to be "Peters". The book is not canon to any dub aside from 4Kids, and even then it may not be valid.

Phoebe's note: I was the one who made up the last name Chandler for a fanfiction I was writing. The surnames Brandt, Sinclair, Valdez, Contee, Chandler, and Kimura are all Phoebe-made. 

Roxy is a Winx and there's proof of it.

I would very much like to see that proof. As far as I have seen, there is none.The "Roxy is a Winx" rumors is nothing more than baseless hope.

Roxy will play a part in the second movie.

It has been confirmed that she isn't even mentioned, let alone seen.

Tecna is the princess of Zenith.

Only in the comics. The comics are not canon to the TV show, unless you want to debate that Stella is from Domino and Bloom earned her Winx in Episode 2.

Musa is the princess of Melody.

Never in the original dub is she called a princess. "Melody" strictly refers to the original dub. In the 4kids dub, she is royalty only by blood. As her royal father left the throne, she is not truly a princess and will never run a realm (unless she marries a prince, of course).

The Season 5 villain will be Devilrus.

See here.

The Winx girls will become pregnant yadda yadda yadda...

Winx Club is aimed at a fairly young audience. It is very unlikely that pregnancy will ever be mentioned.

Tecna will die because Rainbow thinks she isn't popular enough.

Rainbow is not dumb enough to kill off a main character. Now, before someone brings up Nabu, he was never a main character and we cannot truly prove that he is dead (see here). The target audience for the show is meant to identify with the main characters and it is highly unlikely that any of them will ever be killed off.

While not a rumor, I would like to clarify that the winner of the contest has been chosen, but that Phoebe and Kiku would like to finish their collaboration story based on the winner's character before announcing the winner of the contest. As Phoebe has been busy lately, her portion of the story took longer to complete. You can probably expect the announcement soon, by the end of the year at the latest.

Friday, November 26, 2010

True Love

Sky and Bloom do, in the course of the movie, break up because of a deep-seated betrayal between the families.

Approximately after Bloom and Sky break up, Bloom starts to look at new suitors, most likely at the behest of her parents, Oritel and Mariam. Bloom sees many suitors, none of which she likes until one comes along...

So she is capable of loving again? Or is it only to appease her parents? And who is this mysterious suitor?

It is none other than Sky, judging by his clothes. They are wearing similar clothing in the second and third pictures. I guess true love will always triumph.

Winx Club Episodios

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roxy's Love & Pet Outfit!

Thanks to Arlon for the scan!
Isn't it cute? I added it to the Pet Outfits post on the Outfits Page!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Guys Rock! (I'm Baaaack!)

First of all, I'm back! Second, you guys are awesome!
Three hundred followers? YAY!

I'm always amazed by our milestones, and this is a big one for us! Also, thanks to all the Facebook fans, forum members, and to everyone who simply visited. Over three million, just on the News Page? AH-MAZING!

I'm sure Kiku and gamercatgirl are just as happy! (By the way, thank YOU TWO for putting up with my insanity for so long!)

Give me a few days for email replies, I have a lot of homework. :/

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nabu is in Magica Avventura

Hello, Nabu!

Since the movie has been released, we can absolutely confirm here at Winx-Fairies that Nabu is "alive," or rather awake, in the movie. The proof is undeniable. How is he is awake we are unable to answer. It is also unknown as to what Nabu's role in the movie will be.

What had originally happened in season four what that Nabu had fallen into a deep slumber, as said by Morgana in the fateful episode twenty-four, Il Giorno Della Giustizia/The Day of Justice. English Wikipedia says that he had died, however watching the episode in both English and Italian, Morgana says he is sleeping. Why the scene had played out like funeral, we at Winx-Fairies have no idea.

As for the movie, since the Trix break the balance magic in the Tree of Life in the favour of dark magic, does Nabu also lose his magic? What kind of magic does he have anyways?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Snippets of Magica Avventura

Credits go to Believe In Winx and Ali nel Cielo.

Do you like the believix transformations, or was it a step down from the first movie?