Monday, October 18, 2010

Bye, Bye Gardenia Park!

My favorite part of the official Winx Club site, Gardenia Park, is going to be removed by the end of October. (WAAH! MY OUTFITS!!) I guess I haven't been able to play it lately, but I'll still miss it. It was so much fun! And I have all the outfits, haha! Even if you spent loads of cash on your clothes though, you're getting a refund, don't worry!

This is the official message on the site:

"Gardenia Park is closing down soon, at the end of October.

We have prepared Winx Adventure, a new online game, which aims to give all of you a much better experience and fun factor. In Winx Adventure you can decorate your personal room, teleport to everywhere on the map, and at the same time, make many friends and chat with them."

Spend all the time you can in it while it's still there!


  1. I am going to miss Gardenia Park, too. I loved the outfits and playing the mini-games to hatch the eggs. I despise Winx Adventure. It takes forever to load on my computer, and even then it doesn't load properly so I just never go on it.

    Luckily there was an article about new Avatars coming soon. The picture showed an avatar exactly like the Gardenia Park ones, but with different Musa's ball gown...and Believix wings!

  2. I'm going to write a post about that tomorrow :D And I'm on it right now too! :D

  3. And what about the BanjoGate news I sent you?

  4. Sweet and Sour ForeverOctober 18, 2010 at 8:09 PM

    Thank you for posting this I posted this news in a comment in every site I could.

  5. Aww im gonna miss it too.It was so cool first time i open it and try it,but now they are closing it >< You just remind me that i also wanted to write about this,since i just uploaded picture >< Anyway its kinda sad ^-^

  6. nguah .....crying ! i just bought a pair of wings

  7. How many coins will u guyz have? I anyways forgot my account in which I had the gardenia parks account. I found gardenia parks visuals better n in the new avatars thin they gave Floras wings and the girl is from Gardenia park!

  8. Wait, Winx Adventure doesn't have guys in it!!!

  9. thats stupid. winx adventure really doesnt have guys on it?? sorry, that dumb, but i guess winx isss for girls....
    anyway, for winx adventure, u know that unity web player thing you have to download? what all does it do? cuz i wanted to download it and my older sis came up to me and said, dont download that.
    soooo can anyone help mee?

  10. @ Red Fountain Senior: It doesn't? I remember when I signed up for that Beta test thingy they had before releasing the game, you could pick between being a Fairy or a Specialist... Did they get rid of that for the official version?

    If they did, that's just stupid. What are the guys that like Winx supposed to do? Play as girls?

  11. I so totally agree with you I mean its so stupid if there are no guyz there. If they need lotta ppl to play their games then shouldnt they like MAKE guyz also? I mean that is the reason why theyre shuttin down Gardenia park- To get more ppl to play Winx adventure!!!!
    Its really stupid

  12. why are you so rude?you should see how many things have to be prepared on the official winx site.
    -two new mini-games
    -a Halloween contest
    -winx doll give-away contest
    -love and pet shop in winx adventure(that needs to be opened)
    -the guys avatars in winx adventure
    -and a brand new web avatar
    seriously,why are you guys so ungrateful?nobody says:''thanks''
    in my opinion you are offending the programmers hard work.
    you have to appreciate what do you have.if they kept Gardenia Park,it would be hard to update both.and for every piece of clothes that you bought,you will get your coins back.and they also said that you are going to get your pet back.
    now that I said this,I am out of here.

  13. I totally agree with Anonymous i mean its really hard to to that,only one question is new Web Avatar?I havent read that anywhere :]

  14. Sweet and Sour ForeverOctober 20, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    It closing on Oct 22 that's about 2 days from now.

  15. I SPENT SOOOO MUCH MONEY ON THOSE CLOTHES!! and the hair.... im just glad im getting a refund.

  16. @Anonymous2: All these new updates are awesome. I personally, however, will not be able to enjoy ANY of these Winx Adventure things because I cannot load the game on any of the computers in my home (which happens to be 4 computers). So yes, I love and appreciate all the effort the Winx Staff are putting into the site...but you can't really fully appreciate something that doesn't work (at least for me). Gardenia Park loaded and worked just fine for me, Winx Adventure doesn't. And that's all there is to it.

  17. Aww yeyy guys web avatars are here ^-^ And lot of cute thing is not RC's :D

  18. they still should have guys.

  19. aren't you supposed to get a refund for all your clothes and stuff? i should have alottt of $, But i don't have hardly anything! (63 coins. :( )

  20. a word to the unwise, don't 'quit' a game, just mess up and fail. otherwise you get no money.
    lol i found that out the hard way! and i was really far! :(

  21. @ Red Fountain Senior: on the announcements under the web avatars, there's a pic of a guy... is that not in Winx Adventure, or just the profile pic that shows when you like play a game?

  22. i heard you must instal a special soft to play it! when i saw that i was like WHAT?!?!

  23. the winx club adventure doesn't load its always at 0 percent

  24. enter to the adrees

  25. Miss it so much please bring it back!

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  33. will they ever put back gardenia park so we can play it -,- ?