Friday, September 24, 2010

Winx Adventure Weekly Updates

Hello everyone!
Winx Team decided to publish written updates of "Winx Adventure" on the official site
for example: Whenever any new item is added in the game so they publish it on the home page & on the forum. Therefore these updates are known as "Weekly Updates"

I decided to write "Weekly Updates" on the Blog too.
Well, honestly speaking i liked the picture which is specially designed by "Winx Designers" thats why i decided to post this news on the Blog! =D

anyway, this week's updates includes:

    /flowerpower/ Brown Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Red Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Black Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Pink Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Blue Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Black Big Round /flowerpower/ Black Mischievous /flowerpower/ Blue Plain /flowerpower/ Pink Princess /flowerpower/ Red Single Princess Throne /flowerpower/ White Single Rounded chair /flowerpower/ Blue Single Cloth Sofa /flowerpower/ Blue Beany Table /flowerpower/ Pink Dressing Table /flowerpower/ Blue Racing Car /flowerpower/ Pink Cool PC /flowerpower/ Black CD Player /flowerpower/ Pink Carriage Light /flowerpower/ Red Floral Lamp /flowerpower/ Red Mushroom Lights /flowerpower/ Pink Glowing Rabbit Light /flowerpower/ Yellow Starfish /flowerpower/ Starry /flowerpower/ Blue Solid Plain /flowerpower/ Red Paw Print /flowerpower/ Blue Paw Print /flowerpower/ Brown Common /flowerpower/ Black Common /flowerpower/ Brown Sturdy Door /flowerpower/ Striped Door /flowerpower/ Pink Dressing Table Seat

Thank You! =D


  1. Hello!!

    My name is Desirée.
    Your blog is great!!
    I also I have a blog of the Winx, please read my blog, thanks ^-^


    many kisses

    by: Desirée

  2. non of the pictures are showing up unless the big ones

  3. Sweet and Sour ForeverSeptember 30, 2010 at 9:48 PM

    There's a new Stella & Brandon season 4 couple wallpaper!

  4. There hasn't s been a new post for so long....I hope everything is ok...

  5. Ah, sorry! I've been so busy lately... And I've worked after school every day for the past two weeks. Tomorrows my day off, so I'll catch up, don't worry!