Saturday, September 11, 2010

If you could change the Winx Club for the better...

If you could change the Winx Club for the better, what would you do? What do you expect will change now that Nickolodeon is co-producing not only the fifth season, but the sixth as well?

Would you make the animation better? Fix the mistakes (like the one on the left)? Make this character have a bigger part or a better personality? Go back and explore the past?

Or maybe add your own character into the club? Explore the lives of the specialists and jump into adventures? Maybe add the pixies and lose the fairy pets or vice versa? Dump Roxy at Alfea and go on other adventures? Make a new transformation? Lose believix? Use sophix? What? The possibilities are endless and good fanfiction fodder.

There is a lot of expectation for season five and six and it is interesting see what the Winx fans would come up with.

So what would you change for the better in the upcoming season five or six?

Discuss this in the comments section below or in the forum.


  1. Hmmm...I would change the art style of the Winx. They are too skinny and there are too many mistakes.
    And I want to see a wedding! *become a freaky fangirl* XD

  2. may be just givet back Aisha/Layla's color (green) and for Roxy another color like orange or brown because this color is specific for animals and sorry but I'm not good at formu to go there and comment !!!

  3. I would love for Flora and Helia's relationship to be in danger....
    but end well. :)
    That will make it interesting.
    Also, how about we explore Tecna's past and planet? :)
    I hope these happen!

  4. i think the winx fairies will meet a new fairy who is the second most powerful fairy in the universe shes also from sparks like bloom.and id like nabu is alive again and he marries for musa i wish she breaks up with riven forever.i wish there were like a couple of new transformaitons

  5. I think that Layla should get her original color back and Roxy should be gotten rid of (she's just too much like all of them rolled into one). Musa and Riven should break up permanently and Flora, Tecna and Musa's planets and lives should be explored further. They have become too much like background characters.

    1. who in the world is Layla!?????!!!!!!my fav charcher is musa


    3. Not true.Aisha is her original name.Layla is the FAKE name 4kids gave her. 4kids is 4idiots! I mean they messed up not only Winx Club but messed up Anime too!

  6. If I could change Winx Club (the whole series), I would make it so the series doesn't focus on Bloom so much. Here's how I would do it:

    Season 1 focuses on Bloom and Stella (since they were the first introduced; I won't change that)

    Season 2 focuses on Layla and Flora (Layla comes in this season and Flora meets Helia)

    Season 3 focuses on Tecna and Musa

    Season 4 focuses on Roxy, but I'd change her story so it's not so similar to Bloom's. Mirta would also be focused on here.

    The pixies, pixie pets and everything else would stay in the show. And I'd try to fix up the errors and avoid making any more.

    But if it were just, seasons five and six, if I were in charge, I would focus on Tecna and Flora more. In fact, I'd show Tecna's home realm and we'd see Mirta again and Miele (Flora's sister) and her parents too. I'd explore Flora's, Mirta's and Tecna's families. And with Musa and Riven, I'd actually make them the "perfect couple" and put some tension between the already "perfect ones" (like Flora and Helia). There would be no more transformations, but I'd reuse Spohiex and Lovix.

    There's just so much I would do with Winx Club if I could. My imagination would run the show! And considering the kinds of things I could come up with, I'd need more than two seasons! Ooh. Now I feel like writing a story.

  7. There's so many thing's I would do!

    I would bring Nabu back to life

    Stella, Bloom, and Layla would get married but still be in the Winx club

    There would be a couple new transformations

    I would fix the mistakes

    I actually WOULD NOT take Roxy out

    I would change Layla back to her color and Roxy have orange and brown - Actually no I won't it wouldn't look quite good on Roxy if she wore orange

    I would have Helia and Flora get married a season after Bloom, Stella, and Layla get married

    Musa and riven will become a better couple like Flora/Helia, Bloom/Sky etc

    Roxy will get a boy friend and a Pixie

    Flora, Tecna, and Musa won't be background characters anymore and their history and planets will be explored more too

    Roxy will be an official member of the Winx

    They will have lots more adventures packed in each season!

    1. I hope helia and flora getting in engaged in season 8 of Winx club

  8. I want season 5 to concentrate on improving Roxy's powers. Starting from Winx, Charmix and then Enchantix but don't you think when she gets her Charmix, in a split second she'll earn automatically her Enchantix because her home planet, Earth is already saved

  9. I would like equal spotlight for the girls. I want the finale to show that the combined efforts of the girls defeated the enemies, not just Bloom, or Bloom defeating the MAIN guy on her own, while others work in teams.

    I would like to see Mirta join the winx club.

  10. i will want riven to tell musa his real real real feeling
    ooh oh oh
    how about this !
    musa will be capture by a villian and be hold prisoner and riven will save him and tell him his real feeling
    and kiko will have will have wings and powers like the pixies . and also i want their bonded pixie in season 5 n 6
    i will also want winx to be in ALL the countries in Asia !
    and the movie on cartoon network ......

  11. dang! i don't want the winx to be the main characters in season 5, maybe it should be like the 2nd generation like there daughters, i know its cliche but still. Oh and it would be nice to see the lives of other fairies in Alfea >_>

  12. @ brina- yes! Riven tell Musa now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hmm... nice question! I'm sorry if I'm speaking bad English, but I'm Dutch...

    I hope there will be a new transformation... and Roxy will get her pixie (in season 4, episode 2 a pixie said that also... Lockette?). But I'm really hoping there won't be a new Winx, because they are already with seven now...
    I hope Mirta will get her Enchantix and become a winx... Okay, my previous sentence doesn't fit anymore... But Mirta isn't new. So that's what I think and hope.

    About the mistakes: yes, I hope there will be no mistakes in those seasons, but hey, nobody's perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, so it's almost impossible to make none.

  14. I hope Amentia and Mirta become Winx. I know, Amentia will never be a Winx, it's impossible, etc etc. I CAN HOPE!! So anyway, I hope we'll see Zenith (I named my fish Zenith :p), Roxy will be an OFFICIAL Winx with no doubts, they'd look the same except with "meat" on their "bones", and that's it.

  15. Remove anyoying things like: Pixies, Pixie pets, and Kiko.

    Kick out/kill Tecna ,(she's not really useful for anything anyways and we don't know anything about her, not to mention the bad attitude.)

    Add Roxy, mabye Mirta too. Equal out the spotlight.

    Mabye do more stuff on specialists just to see thier side of the story too.

    I Might think of more later.

    1. You KILLED the pets and Tecna... WTF man! Nobody kills off an original! Maybe if it was like the twentieth season and they are all old but, honestly?

    2. Kill Tecna? She's not useful, you say? The Winx would be completely screwed without her! And the pixies and... KIKO?! What The Heck?!

    3. Yeah anoymous ! Tecna is important , you just don't like Tecna because she is Smart! The rest are smart,but not as smart as Tecna! Without Tecna,the Winx would ALWAYS be lost! Just watch some episodes from mid-season four and you'll see! That Tecna is VERY important!

  16. I actually have been writing a fanfiction story that has a bit of this theme in it. The first book is based around season 1, but the big change is that Stella meets both Bloom and Roxy when she is attacked on Earth. So the entire story isn't all about Bloom. Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna are also going to be a major part of the story, unlike the actually season.

    The major things I would change is Bloom not always be at center stage and always saving the day alone. Showing more of the other girls and their past and families is a big thing that I really want to see in the upcoming seasons. Adding Roxy as a Winx member, not going back and forth saying ‘The Winx and Roxy’ anymore. Also showing more of Alfea and the other fairies would be a good idea as well, after all the Winx can't always save the day. And have them drawn so they don't look that skinny.

  17. Personally, I'm praying for a bloom-centered season, I just love the show more when she's the center of attention. And I'd like to see some more proof that she's such a powerful fairy, more of those "dragon-fire" moments. I simply cannot get bored of those!

  18. I agree with Ella: Bloom has had enough of the spotlight and we haven't really seen how strong the other Winx girls could be along with their past.

    As for animation, I think they should change it to more subtle, realistic figures since the audience is mostly young girls. Their short skirts as well _o_. I don't really mind the mistakes but I guess it is quite an important part.

    I don't think anyone should join the club. There's enough characters in there...

    It would be pretty cool if there was this thing where a fan sends a picture of their fairy and it appears in an episode or something. Or it would be a prize for a contest. But, that's just hopeful thinking XD.

    1. i think that there should be a new transormation called fashionx that would be cool

  19. Sweet and Sour ForeverSeptember 12, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    @ Kae Lily I like that idea it's much better.

    And if I could change it I'll make more beautiful transformations and focus more on Tecna,Musa,& Flora.

  20. I'd like to see either more focus on the specialists, or a separate series based on them.

    1. OK WTF? You can't make a separate series!!! I know the pixies got theirs but honestly? What are the guys going to talk about anyway? I think that it would flop. I mean, you have to make a plot. If it co-insides with the original show than why make a separate one?

  21. Sweet and Sour ForeverSeptember 12, 2010 at 8:44 PM

    Yeah but one on just witches.

  22. Well, I could go on and on, but for me I guess the biggest changes would be:

    -dumping Roxy at Alfea, and featuring a few clips of her having a hard time with magic(it just isn't natural how easy it is for her)

    -the last season's transformation would be a fabled final transformation called angelix that only a few elite fairys ever acheive

    -the winx would create doubles of themselves while they were away or at Alfea at the love and pet

    -The winx would be better at dodging and would learn some more powerful spells

    -faragonda would personaly teach the winx some old and very powerful spells that are hard to cast

    And agin I could go on and on an=bout every single detail, but I have to go, so here is some of it.

  23. Also, I wouldn't change the Winx's body figures (since most of the cartoon characters I see on TV have unrealistic figures), but I would change their wardrobes, especially their footwear! Anybody notice that throughout the entire series, the girls almost always worn heels/platforms? I'd give them some flat shoes!

    I would also introduce Roxy in Season 3 instead of Season 4.

  24. I would like for all of the mistakes to be fixed
    Make Roxy an Indian or Native American decent we already have enough Caucasian girls
    In season four concentrate on Roxy catching up with the winx to join
    In season four and five, get new stronger enemies that will take all of the girls to defeat (not just Bloom)
    Stop adding Winx members, seven will be enough
    New transformations in season five

  25. Since Roxy is a new student and the Winx are now teachers. I want season 5 to concentrate more on teaching than on evil villians. The Winx will teach Roxy and the other fairies in Alfea so with the old teachers and really, I don't want the Winx to teach a subject together. It's just informal! Roxy will earn her proper fairy forms. Winx, Charmix and Enchantix. I also don't want another new transformation in season 5, but...

    In season 6, a new transformation will come. Another step for the Winx club (with Roxy) to earn that together and know more about the book of fairies. New villians too. Probably from Flora's, Musa's, Tecna's and Layla's story. Bloom is done (obviously since she fought many enemies and all confronting to her), Stella is also done (about Chimera and Countress Cassandra) and obviously Roxy too (the Fairy Hunters).

  26. If I could change/improve the winx club, I would have it air in Canada and have dolls made. Dolls from the first season to the fourth season. I would make the show about all of the Winx members not just Bloom or Roxy.

  27. if i could change things about the winx club i would make the girls seem as if they've grown up. I also wouldn't focus so much on Bloom every season

    Season one would focus on their first year so they're immature. And focus on Stella and Bloom since they're the first fairies to be introduced.

    Season Two make them seem stronger but still have that Sophmore immaturity. I would also focus on Layla and Flora. And give the pixies a spotlight once in awhile. I would also have Stella and Bloom have they're battles and fights once and while too. And like in season two have Techna and Musa have they're epsiodes

    Season three more about Musa and Tachna. They have grown up more, they are juniors now. So they now stop wearing midriffs and look more mature. And I would show Roxy more as a background character. Not show her as impotant but more like Mirta. She comes she goes. The girls will start acting more as a team, and confront evil TOGETHER.

    Season Four will see the six winxs as teachers and meet Roxy. See her more as a character rather than a reaccuring one. She gets her winx in this season instead of Belivix. The winx will also start acting like normal eighteen year olds. No midriffs and short skirts, and their hair aren't pass their knees. And Roxy can keep her regular cloths since she is sixteen and I would use clothes to show their maturity and age. Oh and no pet pixies, I know they are cute but we have enough with the pixies and kiko. Oh and Nabu doesn't die.

    Season 5 some of the winx will get married. Have Helia and Flora have problems. Riven and Musa will be the first to get marreid. Roxy will start the season with her charmix. Wouldn't waste a season focusing on the charmix. At the end she saves her parents and gets enchantix. And Techna and Timmy will have problems too, after season two it seemed no cared for their relationship. Which is crazy 'cause they are cute couple when you think clearly about it. Roxy will get a boyfriend, but not one from redfoutain, one that he is a bad warlock and sees the light through her.No new transformation until season six.

    Season six
    All winx are married Roxy is graduating, and still in a relationship with her boyfriend. But she doesn't get her belevix even if she tries to. I'm sorry but life just not that fair. The finale would be about what they've been through and how much they have grown since, and at the end they go their separate ways.
    Oh and after enchantix they don't have short skirts and midriffs. More like what Morgana and Nebula had.

    Hope you like my idea.

    1. You KILLED the pet pixies????? Man I would want Nabu to come back. Yes they dress a bit... uhhhhh.... slutty. But I honestly love laughing at the fact that the are wearing those things on a show made for 5 year olds

    2. who IS LAYLA!!!!???>???????????

  28. Season 4 was cool and all with Roxy in it but for the Season 5, i think they should leave Roxy (sorry Roxy fans) and just be the 6 of them again. I would also like to see new transformations but no new more fairies. I think they should change the setting other than Magix and Earth and Solaria (like a place no one has ever seen before) and make the new seasons really mysterious.

    I do agree with the others how they say Bloom should get out of the spotlight, but it feels that the show will be boring without her, remember, she is the main character in the show.

    If there is a season 6, there will be no more transformations, instead the winx have to go through all their past transformations to become real gaurdian fairies and once they do, then they will have outfits like (the person on top of me) said. They will have crowns and everything and go back to thier realms. That way if the show ends, it will end in a good way.

  29. I think they should remake all current seasons into 3D, like both movies. It would look much prettier and I think less mistakes are made. They could fix their current mistakes (like Layla's color changing Enchantix and those extra wings on Tecna's Enchantix) and improve some scenes.

    They should also explore the planets where Musa, Flora and Tecna come from, because the others are done with their story.

    This is what I like, but I don't think they will change the animation. xD If they change, they have to redo the other 4 season or else it will be very weird to have those seasons changed and season 1 - 4 not.

  30. And all I want is that Tecna gets a much prettier transformation and clothes because she is always the one who gets, well, it's not ugly, the least pretty outfits.

  31. I would like to see:
    -Tecna's realm
    -Musa's realm
    -I would like Rainbow to explain how did Mirta become a fairy.because in season 3 episode-I think that it was the episode when Musa got her enchantix-
    I saw Mirta as a fairy.
    -I would like Rainbow to explain us:WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH LOVE AND PET?!on the last episode,the winx just left all of the pets in the shop!
    and I have nothing more to add.


  32. and I would like Roxy not to become a member of winx club.I am a fan of her,but there are too much fairies.just put Roxy into Alfea to study,and that is it.

  33. I would give the boys a bigger role Winx Club has a surprising large boy fan base. Maybe have them going on a quest to get there home worlds armor and gain some extra powers. I know Sky and Brandon share home worlds but we could get Brandon to end up getting like the Armor Of Lunaria and we could learn more about Stella's mother.

  34. I noticed some mistakes with techna, in season 3 when she gets her enchantix i notice in some scenes it shows she has short hair but mainly is med length hair. and also I think they should act like one more character or two, in the winx cause more powerful enemies come like every season. an they might need back-up. and I dont think roxy should be left that's just wrong. I think that new transformations should come like called: elementix, forevix, covix, livix. Elementix: A colorful transformation since it has element in the name, forevix: have sharp wings an have a pretty look. covix: have a beachy jungle type of look, like for example get anklets again like enchantix, use like a leafy look. thats my idea.

  35. BRING BACK NABU!!! BRING BACK NABU!!! *People start chanting with me*

  36. daphne and thoren should have a baby in season seven and bring back nabu and more weddings.

  37. There are a lot of things I'd change. First of all Musa and Riven would get back together(hope they will) and NEVER fight or break up again,also I would maybe give them akids. Not so much focus on Bloom and her relationship with Sky. The other couple have some problem too and bring Nabu back to life