Friday, September 24, 2010

Winx Adventure Weekly Updates

Hello everyone!
Winx Team decided to publish written updates of "Winx Adventure" on the official site
for example: Whenever any new item is added in the game so they publish it on the home page & on the forum. Therefore these updates are known as "Weekly Updates"

I decided to write "Weekly Updates" on the Blog too.
Well, honestly speaking i liked the picture which is specially designed by "Winx Designers" thats why i decided to post this news on the Blog! =D

anyway, this week's updates includes:

    /flowerpower/ Brown Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Red Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Black Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Pink Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Blue Spread Ponytails /flowerpower/ Black Big Round /flowerpower/ Black Mischievous /flowerpower/ Blue Plain /flowerpower/ Pink Princess /flowerpower/ Red Single Princess Throne /flowerpower/ White Single Rounded chair /flowerpower/ Blue Single Cloth Sofa /flowerpower/ Blue Beany Table /flowerpower/ Pink Dressing Table /flowerpower/ Blue Racing Car /flowerpower/ Pink Cool PC /flowerpower/ Black CD Player /flowerpower/ Pink Carriage Light /flowerpower/ Red Floral Lamp /flowerpower/ Red Mushroom Lights /flowerpower/ Pink Glowing Rabbit Light /flowerpower/ Yellow Starfish /flowerpower/ Starry /flowerpower/ Blue Solid Plain /flowerpower/ Red Paw Print /flowerpower/ Blue Paw Print /flowerpower/ Brown Common /flowerpower/ Black Common /flowerpower/ Brown Sturdy Door /flowerpower/ Striped Door /flowerpower/ Pink Dressing Table Seat

Thank You! =D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Official Wallpaper: Musa & Riven II

Here's the newest wallpaper from the official site of WinxClub!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winx Magical Adventure 3D In Russia!

Привет всем =)

Winx Magical Adventure 3D is going be officially released in 29 days in Russian Language.
Russian members are so excited at the moment. =D

Official Releasing date: 21st October

Winx Magical Adventure 3D official Russian images:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Official Wallpaper: Flora and Helia II

Here's the newest wallpaper from the official site of WinxClub

PS: I love this couple!
Helia is looking so cute & smart.
Don't you guys think so?