Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking For Some Mini-mods!

Hello everyone!
I would like to remind everyone that we're looking for some new mini-mods for Winx-Fairies official forum.
We need members who are creative, patient and active on the forum!

If anyone would like to submit the application so please answer these Questions:

1) why you wanna be the moderator?
2) what Qualities you have?
3) do you have experience with any other forum(s)??

Important note:
the selected members will be awarded with an official Signature of Winx-Fairies

hit the register button and join us!
visit our forum:

Thank you!


  1. Sweet and Sour ForeverJuly 13, 2010 at 11:51 PM


  2. ?????????????????????????
    @all the wriers- Y r v not getting any more Winx movie pics?????

    @Phoebe- Can u plz put the songs from winx season4 in the music sec. like catch me if u can, Heart of stone, etc.

  3. new pictures aren't released till yet...only few pictures were released and they were already posted by writers...

    @about the songs: season 4 songs are available on youtube...i'll ask phoebe to add them in (songs section)=)

  4. awww thnx a lot Kate.
    I just looooooove the song heart of stone-
    Y cant u put ur arms around me?
    Tell me that u really love me
    And I cant take this anymore
    Ive had enough of rainy days..........

  5. Kateplebia,
    Pay attention to your grammar.

    "what Qualities you have?" is not even a question. It's a statement but barely. Properly written, it should go as "What qualities do you have?"

  6. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_KuquMzMtKkI/TD4XjiHrw-I/AAAAAAAAB04/xnvAlkiyXYs/s1600/0002.jpg

  7. where are we supposed to post these questions at?

  8. @Kiku ,
    But she's new at this , give her some time . She can handle this , i know she can .

  9. GraceQute,
    You should know by now that being new at in the blog does not mean you did not go to two decades worth of schooling to learn how to read and write.

  10. @Kiku ,
    but she's nervous . It's her first day give her a break .

  11. Nervous about what? What is there to be nervous about?