Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Magic Adventure Pictures

Pictures courtesy of Winx-Fashion -

Oh God, I hope this isn't what the film considers comedy.

Ummm, Nabu, what are you doing there?


  1. Oh, goodie, you posted the pictures!

    I really like the guys armour but Helia's hair...why is it uncut, Iginio Straffi?

  2. Something's telling me that the movie is set between the first movie and some time in season 4, post-episode 7, which could possibly explain Helia's hair, somewhat.

  3. What is with Nabu?1? Either he's been brought back to life, of this movie takes place before season 4 episode 24. Oh, and the picture f Bloom in glasses and breces, I PRAY they aren't serious about using that. That would be one of those "tarnish winx club needlesly" moments.

  4. aside from the four-eyed bloom picture, these all look great! maybe this movie will live up to secret of the lost kingdom. Not in titles obviously.

  5. the specialist armor is SUCH an improvment from what they used to wear. Its nice to see Straffi do something with winx club that can fulfill the series's potential. I can actually take them seriously now.

  6. Oh my God, seriously? What is up with nerdicide these days?
    How did SMART people with glasses *coughmecough* suddenly become targets? Tecna's smart and has NO glasses or braces but do people pick on her? No. Well, sometimes but not as much as I do.

    A typical convo with me and the popular girl:

    LnA (me): Hi, Muumuu. (I changed her name, obviously.)
    Muumuu: Hi, loser. Nice jeans where'd you get them? TARGET!!! Hahahahaha!! OMG SHE GOES TO TARGET HAHAHA!
    Boo (her cronie I changed her name too): OMG!! I'd never shop for clothes at a place that sells TOOLS!!! OMG!
    LnA: Shut up.
    Muumuu: No I won't loser. BTW, thats a great pencil box.
    Boo: It's not a makeup bag!
    (run away laughing like dumb popular kids.

  7. Layla n Amentia STOP NERDICIDEJune 1, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    Where's my post? :0

  8. Layla n Amentia STOP NERDICIDEJune 1, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Omg when I said not as much as I do, I meant not as much as I get picked on, not that I pick on poor Tec!

    Uggh, typos!

  9. No harm done your fine. But really WHY in the world does bloom have glasses that resemble pickel jars. i never really thought she needed braces OR glasses and if she does need them she could at least use contacts.
    I REALLY hope that they don't put that in the movie.

  10. oooo, the pics looks so cool! Too bad I'm gonna have to wait forever for the movie to get to the U.S. We don't even have the first movie yet!*Which I heard is coming in July!*

    But, the Trix look like barbies and they look so bleh, compared to the other pics.
    And the one of Layla, doesn't quite look like Layla at all. She doens't even look African American!

  11. Really? THE FIRST MOVIE IS COMING IN THE US? Where did you hear this? Is it going to be the 4kids edit? Is it in theaters? Whoops, I'm sorry I'm aiming questions at you! But if you can can you answer them?

    Yeah, Layla looks like she is American. I didn't even recognize her the first time I saw her!

  12. Hopefully, they'll fix Layla's tone for the release, I suppose?

    Anyways, I know where Anonymous got the release date. At least, I think I do because it's on Wikipedia.

  13. It'sThePowerOfBelievixJune 1, 2010 at 3:57 PM

    If 'Beauty is on the inside' why are they making fun of glasses and braces? Ew. I hate the body figures on this show because of the lack of proportion and it adds to this horrible size zero image with all of these girls being extremely skinny and tall, but this just pushes the line. Not cool Iginio, not cool.

  14. I think it's supposed to be funny, not serious.

  15. Oh boy, that last picture of Bloom is hot...

  16. what happend to disenchantix? and FYI the trix look bad in 3d

  17. I have so many questions and things to say

    1)What happend to their Enchantix?
    2)What happened to Layla?
    3)Are they serious about thoes glasses and braces?
    4)@Rd Fountain Senior: What do you mean "hot"?

    The Trix are soo bad in 3D! And Layla looks like a white girl with the light of a sun-set on her, and whats up with bloom with thoes glasses and braces? She looks awful in that picture! They cannot be serious!

  18. Oh my!!! More new awesome pictures!! [except for bloom wearing glasses and braces!!]

    Is that Layla??!! She looks beautiful in that picture!! But, what happened to enchantix?? I like their fairy dustand awesome powers??!!

    Hhmmm,believix kind of fine to me coz it give's them three wings!! :)

  19. Why is Layla's hair straight? I'll admit it looks pretty but that is just not Layla! Making fun of people with glasses and braces- like how I used to be- isn't good. It is mean.
    I wonder why Helia's back to normal and Nabu is alive again. I thought the sequencing was S1-S2-S3-1st movie-S4-2nd movie. This is getting way too confusing. Iginio Straffi, get your facts straight so that our lives will be easier.

  20. Yeah i agree about thats its confusing, but are lives arent hard

  21. I assume the scene with the Specialists is a flashback or something... That would explain Helia's hair-cut and why Nabu is there.

  22. ppl its OKAY if Bloom is wearing those glasses N having those Braces cuz u know those are the parts where they will be acting all Goofy and Dorky N stuff like that!!

    In the 6th pic, are they back in Gardenia? cuz the background does look like it.

    The trix look gud except for Darcy. N Stormy looks the best.

    And about Layla yes she does not look like herself bcuz of her hair especially. N her hair will even have to become curly when she transforms..... weird

  23. Nabu will revive in the 5th season, but I have not heard that there will be already in the movie.

  24. About Nabu it might be because-
    1. this is somewhere in between season4- cuz they have their believix n all
    2. as u have said this might be a flashback But this has the least chances since their armours are changed.
    3.somehow hes become alive cuz afterall he IS a wizard N cuz in the last scene where roxy is dancing or something, hes there in the background. Dont belive me? check it out on this site- http://winx-fairies.blogspot.com/2009/11/nabu-oops.html#comments - this is actually from this site only go check it out!!!
    4. thats his ghost whos come to help them out ;)
    5.that is a MAJOR blooper alert.

  25. @FBS- Are you serious?? But again u might be new here you can see more pics in phoebes older posts

  26. OMG!!! For the first time EVER they have put leass eye shadow (the trix especially Icy n darcy) OMG!!!

  27. yesh icy,darcy and stormy become back buut...the 3 witchi,s then???that was my questjon:)

  28. not to me, she looks like a princess, except for the picture with her in the glasses and braces

  29. I think Nabu actually has his season 3 hairstyle in that screenshot, this helps the theory that the scene is part of a flashback.

    And there is still no sign of Roxy.

  30. The pictures really look cool! But I'm kinda dissapointed with the picture of Bloom with glasses etc. She's my fave winx, and have glasses myself, I've always hated it when cartoons made fun of people with glasses, and now this ?! I really hope they won't use that in the movie, (but why do I have a feeling they will?)

  31. awsome! wait! Nabu is there, well, if you look at the last episode, when Roxy is dancing, in the back ground he's there! so MAYBE, maybe he did come back, or in the movie it's tells how he came back, who knows, any way, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wnat to know the secret why Sky can't marry Bloom! I can't wait till the movie comes out! p.s. any one know the date when it does? :)

  32. Ok, looks like everybody is confused about Nabu. Can sombody please look around for an answer why he's in the movie when he's suppose to be dead?

  33. Rainbow better have a good reason for Nabu being there. They can be so messed up with their facts sometimes. Also, the bloom in glasses/braces pic is not funny. I hate it when people sterotype others as dokry, Nerdy, Geeking, . . .etc, just because of stuff like that. It happened to my BFF once because she did not have the most flattering glasses. it is not a pleasant experiance. :(

  34. wow, i spelled a lot of stuff wrong. . .

  35. the trix r bak yay
    wats with laylas straight hair
    thatd better not be wat ppl think is funny
    wats nabu doing there

  36. Well, here are some things that MIGHT of happened:
    Helia's hair: Time has probably past, and his hair probably grew back.
    Nabu being alive: Well, in the beginning of the movie he could come back! I hope so, because that way Nabu and Layla will get married!
    No Roxy: She is probably at Alfea, because just think - she doesn't have alot of experience of being a fairy so she can't beat the Trix (I mean, seriously, they will not give up - they have tried to beat the Winx 3 times - and now four; how could Roxy do that?). So she is probably safe at Alfea or Gardenia, taking classes.
    These aren't official, guys! These are just things I came up with that are reasonable! :D

  37. Why is everybody thinking that this movie is BEFORE season 4? That is impossible.

    1. They have Believix and they clearly got it IN season 4 NOT BEFORE.
    2. They got their season 4 outftits.
    3. Yes, Nabu is back, but maybe just as a ghost or something like this.

  38. True, but they do have it WITHIN the season 4, so the movie could take place somewhere between that and when Nabu waa alive and when they got their believix.

  39. ummm kara, well, i just heard this and i don't know if it is true. hmmm the "dark secret" is that sky's father, king erendor was best friends with king oritel, bloom's father ever since. then, the day of the last battle of the company of light against the 3 witches came, king oritel ask his friend to protect his kingdom while their gone, but king erendor didn't watch over sparks coz he was afrraid that eraklyon will be attacked, too. so, that is the reason why sparks/ domino was destroyed.

    maybe until now king oritel is still angry at his friend same as king erendor, that's why king erendor doesn't want sky to marry bloom....

    huhh love story.... well, i guess in the end sky is going to marry bloom.... and they live happily ever after.... the end

    hello for season five ...!!..

  40. You're partly right. Yes, Erendor betrayed Sparks/Domino somehow but I don't think Erendor was given the duty of protecting another realm besides his own. It just doesn't make sense to protect two planets.

    If what you said is the case, Oritel should not be angry with Erendor. Erendor did was what he thought was best. You can't blame a man for caring about his own people.

  41. bloom take of the braces u look great without it :p

  42. Hehe! Bloom, you don't need your braces! Bloom's teeth are so perfect, it's like she's animated! As for the glasses, you can keep THOSE on! *takes out camera and snaps a picture quickly*

  43. leigh ann jenkinsJune 6, 2010 at 7:11 AM

    lol haha

  44. leigh ann jenkinsJune 6, 2010 at 7:12 AM

    oh my gdo my coment didnt show up.

  45. @Kikurukina: Can you give me a link of the article in Wikipedia if possible? I REALLY want to know about the movie! Thanks! :D

  46. Grayprincess,
    First of all, what are you talking about?

    What article on Wikipedia and what movie?

  47. She is obviously talking about the second movie sence this post is about the second movie, but i dont know about any article

  48. Stellabigfan,
    How do you know what grayprincess is asking? Who are you to speak for her? I think I've already said that you cannot speak for other people in this post.

  49. I dont want to sound mean but Kiku that even says that u dont have to encourage any hostility. Im so sorry n I don mean to offend you OR the rules but I support SBF Im sorry but that is my opinion(another rule)
    Plz dont object on me opening my mouth(in this case moving my fingers over the keyboard) cuz usually whenever I do that ppl get angry with me on this site:(

  50. dont u guys think Brandon looks a bit Awkward?

  51. Selenz,
    You're confusing what are the rules and what are the expectations from that post. Please read it again.

  52. oopsey if I DID do that Im terribly sorry cuz when I WAS writing I was in a hurry so I migth ahve read something wrong. Ill go and read it

  53. i thought Naabu was dead what is he doing ther?

  54. Okay, I pretty much hate all events that take place in Season four. I like the idea of fairies once inhabiting planet earth then all magic being stolen from earth and faries being nothing more than a myth to the people but the whole believix transformation is silly. Not only are the costumes horrible, how is Roxy able to achive her Believix when she hasn't even gotten her Winx? The new clothes they wear are ugly too. In the last episode of season four as they are flying off in they sky they change back into their enchantix just before they dissapear. (This is very hard to see however and I only realised that they do so because it was pointed out to me, please watch the scene carefully before you dissagree) The reason being for them changing back to their enchantix can be assumed that they no longer need their believix powers now that magic has been restored to earth but if this is so then why do they have believix in the movie? Enchatix is just as strong and Believix isn't it? That is one thing that strongly ruins the movie for me. Even if the movie takes place during season four (which I strongly doubt) they have no need for their Believix powers in Magix, and where ever else it takes place.

    I must say I do find the whole story line to be quite exciting however, I hope they don't go silly with it. Because alot of the stuff does look a tad childish.

    What disapointed me about the last movie was that Cloud Tower or Red Foutain didn't appear in it at all. Althought I am uncertain about Red Foutain I've seen pictures of Cloud Tower from the sequel and it looks very well done, however it's black not purple. I am unable to find the link to the picture but tust me, it was an offical image.

    I am also quite glad to see that the witches have a role in this movie, It wasn't the same without them in 'The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom' or season 4. It's good that they have not been changed too much apart from the lack of lower eye make up. I will agree, they don't look too scary though but let's hope the improve in the movie.

    As for the apperance of Nabu, it could just be a huge mistake, or as stated earlier he could have been brought back to life during some point of the secong movie.

  55. Spoiler Alert!!!!

    If you don't want to know what happens in the movie, please don't read.

    1. The movie is set after season 4, because they do the zoomix thingy.
    2. Bloom has glasses and braces, because she's trying not to get married to a stranger, they use it as a disguise in order for the guys not to fall in love with her, which ends up backfiring.
    3. They never say how Nabu got back (it happens after season 4, but they say absolutely nothing about Nabu, he's just alive like all the other guys)