Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is a scan of a novel that summarises the Secret of the Lost Kingdom in French, the version with the bonus pages. It's very informative the book because it gives information that is not present in the movie. It's sort of a in-production info book and novel. Translation below for one of the pages.

"What are they called? Their names are Tharma, Lysliss and Belladone/Belladona.

Where are they born? Inside Obsidian/the Circle of Obsidian.

Their powers are... Numerous and extremely powerful!

Where do they live today? They are trapped in the grotto of Obsidian. They are condemned to stare at Oritel's sword terrorise them, so bright and so close. (This is written as if it was during the movie.)

What is their future? They must fight fate to survive because of the ancient prophecie that foretold that a princess would finally defeat them: Bloom of Domino! Their goal is make Bloom disappear!"

Does anyone find this enlightening? The fact that this is the only time that names are stated for the witches is very interesting. I'm willing to believe that these might be factual because the activities from the book were translated from Italian, from what the credits and copyrights imply.

Let's make it clear that this can be subject to change. I want to believe this but it can be changed for production purposes.

Marvaud, Sophie. Winx Club: Le Secret Du Royaume Perdu. Trans. Maria Grazzini. Paris: Hachette Livre, 2008. Print.


  1. Wow, for once we actually know the names of the Ancient Witches. Interesting. I wonder why these names were never mentioned in the show and movie.

  2. will they be in the second movie? because in the first movie (at the very end) they were with the trix! also will believix be in the second movie, i saw believix in 3D but idk.....

  3. This is really awesome!
    But is it official? Because the names of the witches were never actually mentioned in the TV show, or anywhere else. Are the authors of the book related to Winx Club or anything?
    I'm not doubting, I'm just curious

  4. sorry is me cutting in again. i just cant stand reading n not posting...
    anyone know when is the novel coming out in english ?
    is it world wide?

    btw , when the 2nd movie comes out will it be post at the movie page ???

  5. I've seen pictures of roxy in different poses and in her 3D foum. The 2nd movie in english is rumered to be coming out in 2011, but 2010 in ya know....the other places

  6. brina,
    The novelisation is available in Quebec, France and probably Italy (and the rest of Europe) since the credits imply that it was translated by an Italian person (Maria Grazzini). The fact that they needed a translator implies that their is an original somewhere. No, the novel will never come to the US due to copyright issues.

    It's as official as it will ever get. The authors are most likely hired by Rainbow to write the novelisations. No author writes and publishes stories for an already existent franchise unless they are paid by the franchise because then it would be legalised fanfiction.

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    Are you there?

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