Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Winx Site!

The Winx Club official site is getting a major update! According to the Mods, the forum is getting a major revamp too, and all the topics are getting wiped clean. (Note: This should, according to the Moderator, Cassiopea, this should fix the bugs that prevent people from entering the forum.) 

The online game (with your coins and clothes) is staying the same for now, but they're changing way more than the forum! A music page is about to be added, where you can listen to songs from the show, and download them too!

You get to keep all your money, but the graphics for them will be changed...

Yellow stars will now be...

Winx coins!

Pink stars will now be...

Rainbow coins!

Cassiopea originally said the release would happen on March 26th, which was five days ago! So be prepared for the change to happen anytime! 

Note: If you have topics on the forum with stuff that you want to keep, act quick! Copy your stuff and save it yo your computer.


  1. I really don't like it, because I wish they would have stuff not JUST from season 4 but from other seasons too.

  2. Layla n Amentia :)April 1, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Maybe now Roxy will have a profile!!!

  3. Roxy dosen't have a profile, or else rainbow want us to guess if Roxy will be joining the winx. And that would give it away. But I'm guessing she's joining! I totally agree with Anonymous. But I like it....Just yeah, the seasons thing. Because I didn't really LOVE Season 4. but LIKED!