Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 minute movie preview at Giffroni Experience

"Italy's Giffoni Experience, the unique film festival for children with 2,800 kids from 40 countries as jurors, is venturing into a new phase with $28 million now in place to build the Giffoni Multimedia Valley, which aims to become Southern Italy's largest production facility."

They basically opening a film musuem and will also double as a production studio. The facility's construction should be completed by 2013.

"While details of the Giffoni Multimedia Valley's production infrastructure are still sketchy, the fest facility will include two 500-seat screening rooms and an outdoor arena."

Um, that's kind of huge, actually. Five hundred for one theatre, wow!

"As for a few early titles for the 40th edition of the pre-eminent July 18-31 kiddie fest, Gubitosi said Giffoni has secured the Italian preem of Disney's live-action "The Sorcerer's Aprentice," "which may become the opener," and also a 10-minute promo-reel of Italy's first stereoscopic 3D toon, "Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure," from Medusa."

A ten minute preview?! That is definitely interesting! Let's hope that there is news from this and that the preview becomes public.

As a disclaimer, the source is the same site that provided the erroneous citation about the FoxBox and the questionable picture. So the information above about the preview can be wrong.



  1. I watched the first part of the first film and the image doesn't look like it comes from there. So maybe the 'questionable image' could actually be real.

  2. Oh, and I deleted that post!
    Well, there's only been one news site that wrote about the 10 minute preview.

  3. Go here: Pause at 6:01. There's your picture.

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