Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winx Club... Site Maintenance? *Update*

I know I just posted a few hours ago, but I went on the Winx Club homepage, and this showed up! Looks like the changes are coming pretty fast! Maybe by tomorrow it'll be all ready for action?

(The picture is an actual screenshot that I took!)

*Update* Yes, I know the new site is up. But I'm leaving in an hour for the city, and I'll post about it when I get back on Thursday. :D

New Winx Site!

The Winx Club official site is getting a major update! According to the Mods, the forum is getting a major revamp too, and all the topics are getting wiped clean. (Note: This should, according to the Moderator, Cassiopea, this should fix the bugs that prevent people from entering the forum.) 

The online game (with your coins and clothes) is staying the same for now, but they're changing way more than the forum! A music page is about to be added, where you can listen to songs from the show, and download them too!

You get to keep all your money, but the graphics for them will be changed...

Yellow stars will now be...

Winx coins!

Pink stars will now be...

Rainbow coins!

Cassiopea originally said the release would happen on March 26th, which was five days ago! So be prepared for the change to happen anytime! 

Note: If you have topics on the forum with stuff that you want to keep, act quick! Copy your stuff and save it yo your computer.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Believix inconsistencies in the comics

We all know that Tecna's believix includes a pair of shorts. We can see it here in the video:

So how is it that she suddenly got a skirt in her believix in the comics?

Stella is missing her ponytails but surprisingly, they got her shirt right although it is not consistent with the simplified animated version but the official art.

Strange isn't it?


Friday, March 19, 2010

The "Questionable" Picture Mystery - Solved

It's from the first movie.

Mystery solved.

(I want to give a hat-tip to Harmayna as she reminded me (not on purpose) that I had this drafted but not posted.)

Giffroni preview confirmed and more on film

There will be a 10 minute preview of the second Winx Club as confirmed by this article.

Also, this extremely short article says:

"After the success of the first film, return the six fairies most beloved by the girls in a thrilling adventure in 3D.

So does that mean that Roxy won't be there? We can only wait until the ten minute preview to come out and give us some sort of confirmation.

(Also, the picture on the right is Roxy in the Winx Club comics from what I understand. Completely unrelated to the movie.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 minute movie preview at Giffroni Experience

"Italy's Giffoni Experience, the unique film festival for children with 2,800 kids from 40 countries as jurors, is venturing into a new phase with $28 million now in place to build the Giffoni Multimedia Valley, which aims to become Southern Italy's largest production facility."

They basically opening a film musuem and will also double as a production studio. The facility's construction should be completed by 2013.

"While details of the Giffoni Multimedia Valley's production infrastructure are still sketchy, the fest facility will include two 500-seat screening rooms and an outdoor arena."

Um, that's kind of huge, actually. Five hundred for one theatre, wow!

"As for a few early titles for the 40th edition of the pre-eminent July 18-31 kiddie fest, Gubitosi said Giffoni has secured the Italian preem of Disney's live-action "The Sorcerer's Aprentice," "which may become the opener," and also a 10-minute promo-reel of Italy's first stereoscopic 3D toon, "Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure," from Medusa."

A ten minute preview?! That is definitely interesting! Let's hope that there is news from this and that the preview becomes public.

As a disclaimer, the source is the same site that provided the erroneous citation about the FoxBox and the questionable picture. So the information above about the preview can be wrong.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Company of Light (movie)

Below is scan from my movie novel:

The only confirmed members of the Company of Light are Miriam, Oritel, Faragonda, Griffin and Hagen. While the Winx Club and the specialists were on the then frozen Domino reading the Book of Destiny (you know, the one where she sees pictures of her parents and when she was a baby), there is also a paper that shows the entirety of the Company. Below is a zoomed in picture of the one above:

From left to right, Saladin, Griffin, Miriam, Oritel, Hagen and Faragonda. Notice that Faragonda and Griffin are wearing armour and have swords. Isn't that alarming in some way? In the background is what I assume to be the emblem or herald of the company.

Is anyone confused by the fact that Faragonda and Griffin have swords?

And what about the Winx Club (sans Roxy)? Aren't they considered new members of the company? The book and movie confirm it but the girls in season four have never acknowledged it. Something that I find somewhat unfair is the fact that specialists are not part of the company but this is the Winx Club and it is centered around a group of fairies that save the universe repeatedly.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is a scan of a novel that summarises the Secret of the Lost Kingdom in French, the version with the bonus pages. It's very informative the book because it gives information that is not present in the movie. It's sort of a in-production info book and novel. Translation below for one of the pages.

"What are they called? Their names are Tharma, Lysliss and Belladone/Belladona.

Where are they born? Inside Obsidian/the Circle of Obsidian.

Their powers are... Numerous and extremely powerful!

Where do they live today? They are trapped in the grotto of Obsidian. They are condemned to stare at Oritel's sword terrorise them, so bright and so close. (This is written as if it was during the movie.)

What is their future? They must fight fate to survive because of the ancient prophecie that foretold that a princess would finally defeat them: Bloom of Domino! Their goal is make Bloom disappear!"

Does anyone find this enlightening? The fact that this is the only time that names are stated for the witches is very interesting. I'm willing to believe that these might be factual because the activities from the book were translated from Italian, from what the credits and copyrights imply.

Let's make it clear that this can be subject to change. I want to believe this but it can be changed for production purposes.

Marvaud, Sophie. Winx Club: Le Secret Du Royaume Perdu. Trans. Maria Grazzini. Paris: Hachette Livre, 2008. Print.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hindi Ending Song/Serbian Opening and Believix (in English)

Hindi Ending Song -

Note: The Hindi dub uses the English opening song

Serbian Opening -

Serbian Believix (in English) -

Monday, March 01, 2010

S4 Episode 1 ENGLISH

Low quality for right now, but it will do for now, right?

Thanks to Harmayna for posting this!

MegaUpload download link: HERE (full episode)