Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winx Club Magazine: Issue 70 (Comic Translation!)

Welcome to 2010! In this issue, you can fill out a survey and receive beautiful Winx Club jewelery! The magazine also contains Musa's interview with Finley, and an awesome DS case with our favorite fairies on it!

Comic Translation courtesy of Ayuko :D

Girls, I have good news! Try to guess!!


Have you made tomorrow's homework?
The boys can go out this weekend?
Great, really great!

The schools' principals have looked at the budget and discovered that they have more money left than expected! And if everything goes well...
we can have a special holiday this year! A white week in the mountains!


we can go skiing and play in the snow! How great is that?

But, will the specialists come too?
Of course they will come! All the senior years will come
too good! too good!

Wait... hold on. Did you say, of all schools?
Yes, of course... the witches will also be there.
And so the Trix too ...ugh
I bet that will ruin the holidays!
C'mon stella, what are you saying?

We'll all be together and the trix won't be able to do something, you'll see!
Uhmm ... I hope so
When will the official announcement about this trip be out?
Uhm, I don't know exactly! Faragonda will decide about this...

.... but Barbatea has told me that we'll leave next saturday!


Oh no! that's horrible!

How will I pack all my bags in so little time? I have to take this...and this! Good god, I don't have anything to wear!

Next Saturday ...

(Read the rest of the comic in Italian here.)


  1. can we get the ds case in america?

  2. Did anyone notice Roxy's at Alfea??

  3. Why Musa don't have straight dark hair? Why she have two poney tails? :( I like her staight dark hair not poney tails! :(

  4. JustinBieberFan123March 1, 2010 at 11:09 AM

    Layla n Amentia :) I did see Roxy OMG

  5. i hate justin bieber