Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which Winx Are You? Part 2: Flora and Layla

Welcome to Which Winx Are You? Part 2: Flora and Layla. In this post, we are going to explore Flora and Layla's personality's.

Flora is the sweet, peacemaker of the group. She is shy and calm, loves flowers and really enjoys making flower perfumes. Flora loves helping people. She can be very sensitive, but she always wants the best for her friends and the people around her. She tries to hide her true feelings, but the Winx encourage her to share them. She is quite insecure, and this is one of her negative points. When she isn't sharing her feelings, and people get mad at her because of this, she will feel bad and share her feelings (evidence is Chatta getting angry at her for not telling Helia she loves him). A really good thing about Flora is that she hardly get's nervous and can think straight, even in the worst of situations. She is a diligent student who hates getting into fights and never wants to start them. That causes her some trouble when it comes to expressing her feelings. However, she has now become more outgoing.

Layla is determined and usually fearless, though things popping out of no apparent place can give her a fright. Layla was afraid of being alone, though in Season 2 Episode 22, she was cured of this phobia. Layla gives practical advice, and is always a shoulder to cry on. Layla is often referred to as the tomboy of the group because of her talent and love for sports and her hate for girly things such as shopping. Due to the differences in their personality, Layla and Stella had some friction in their relationship during the first half of the second season. They became closer after Season 2 Episode 21. Layla loves dancing as well, and is very talented at it. When Layla joined the Winx, she was worried she did not know how to be a good friend, due to her isolation (when she was younger, her parents did not let her leave the castle of Andros) for so long. She kept her feelings contained, where as now, she has opened up, due to the support of her friends.

Keep an eye out for Which Winx Are You? Part 3: Musa, Tecna and Roxy! Coming soon to Winx-Fairies!


  1. i think i'm flora i'm shy, dont' like fight, i'm diligent too but i don't really like flower but i think i'm also musa...why? i will tell u if u make the next one

  2. @Maria: I will make the next one. I have a long weekend so I have lots of time to do it. I think it'll be done by Sunday/Monday

  3. before i read the flora i think i was bloom but........
    now , i feel that my personality is more like flora...

    i'm shy
    i always hide my feelings
    i love trees n flowers, i always dream that i'm in a house full of tress n has a clean enviroment

    but i love listening to music too
    i'll see musa before deciding

  4. I'm just like Layla except I like shopping, but I like peace like Flora.

  5. I don't really will if I'm like Aisha/Layla,I don't like so much the sport like her ,but I konw that I love and I like her soooo much and it is my favorite character <3<3<3 !!!

  6. I'm like all of them but mostly Roxy, Bloom and Layla.

  7. Like Layla, I'm kind of scared to make friends, because a lot of people (except my friends) think I'm really weird and nerdy.

  8. I'm like Layla n Amentia. It's hard for me to make friends because I wonder what they'll think of me. I'm quite shy. I'm not very girly, either, although I don't consider myself a tomboy.

  9. Wow! Do you guys feel like you're finding out more about yourself? I did when I was writing the Bloom/Stella article, because I'm just like theM!
    @Layla n Amentia: I can identify with you! Most people think I'm nerdy coz I moved up a few grades and like Stella, people think I'm slightly weird

  10. I'm pretty much just like Layla and my twin sister is just like Flora, especially the calm part. You can't get her worked up over anything. I don't really like dancing, but I love gymnastics and a lot of sports (my favorite is hockey).


  11. You know, I thought I was more like Musa, but now I think I'm more like Layla! Which is weird because she's my least favorite character and I think she's kind of a show-off, but I'm a show-off, too, so it works! :) I'm not crazy into sports, but I do like them, and I hate, hate, HATE shopping. I'm pretty sensitive like Layla, and friendship is one of the most important things to me, so I guess the fear of being alone fits me, too. Wow, Stars, I AM learning more about myself. Kind of ironic that I'd be like my least fav character, huh?

  12. I'm like all of them.

    Bloom: I'm a loyal friend and determined
    Stella: I'm sometimes careless
    Musa: I love music and I'm a bit of a tomboy
    Tecna: I'm often "logical" and am focused on school- and I'm on the computer and play video games ALL DAY- Wow I am a loser! LOL
    Flora: I care about nature and hate fighting
    Layla: I am a tomboy and athletic
    Roxy: I love animals SO much and am actually jealous of Roxy because she can communicate with them- I am also stuborn which I am not proud of

  13. :D I'm really happy people like the article

  14. how do you buy the spells on the winx club site because it won't let me and i really want to cast spells

  15. I Am Shy Like Flora,But I'm A Lot Like Layla Except For The Fighting Part


  17. Layla n Amentia :)March 18, 2010 at 3:42 PM


  18. Layla n Amentia :)April 4, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    @ The Oblivious Prattler

    If you were in sixth grade, I bet we would be best friends, because that's EXACTLY what I think of myself, except for the shy part. I think I'd have a big enough mouth for the both of us, except all my friends also do have giant mouths except for my friend FuXi. She's really quiet. My friends Kayleen and Haleigh, though... let's not get into that...

  19. Well i'm like Stella but also like musa and techa and layla so yea im like mixed

  20. I think by the look i'm like Stella i just have blue eyes, but on the personality i'm like Flora or Bloom, but just like Stella i like fashion, but like Aisha i know many sports, and like Tecna im really good with tecnology so i can say i'm shy, don't like fight or begining a fight, like flowers, i'm sporty and i know much of tecnology, im have a strong heart and love to sing, and too i love animals im stilish!