Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Dolls!

Hey, all! So, appariently there's going to be some new sets of season 4 dolls coming out in the near future! There'll be sets like "Believix Magic Wings" and "I Love My Pet". I'm looking forward to I Love My Pet pictures; according to my source, the girls are wearing shirts with pictures of their pet on them! Cute!

The Believix Minis are looking to be coming out soon. They're just like the regular Believix dolls, only tiny! (12 centimeters, to be exact.) They also come with two sets of wings (like the regular-sized Enchantix dolls that I fell in love with) that you can change. I only have one picture, I hope more are coming soon!

Too bad this is only in Europe, I would love to get some! :D

Source: Licensing.Biz


  1. They are sort of like Magical Minis, which is like the mini belivix dolls, except they have 1 set of wings and aren't as cool. They are only Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. I'm only missing Tecna. THey are really cool.

  2. Magical Minis! I haven't seen those in FOREVER!!

  3. I've had them for years so they are really beat up. Musa's missing an arm, Stella's and Bloom's skirts are broken, and Bloom's arm dosen't have paint.

  4. I have them, too.(They are plastic, though-season 1 version) They're kinda a rip off because they broke so easily!
    1.Flora's leg never stays
    2.Tecna is bald!!!!!
    3.Tecna Fairy lost her wings
    4.Musa's pigtail broke off
    5.Stella Fairy's pigtails are starting to brake off
    6.Stella is ALMOST bald

  5. I can't wait until Winx season 4 comes out in english because chances are they will come out with english versions of these dolls! THEY ARE SO CUTE! :D

  6. I only have 2 Stella magical minis, both with broken arms!!

  7. what store sells them? or

  8. As far as the fourth season coming out in English, why doesn't rainbow just air RAI version in America? I understand that 4kids lost their licensing, but why not air RAI in the states? It has a big enough fan base.

  9. There is a site that carries the European Winx dolls: