Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mystery Solved: It IS Miriam!

Guess what my friend Kairi just sent in? The answer to Stars_and_Fire's mystery! It really IS Queen Miriam! The above picture show it after a little more visual editing. She also sent in the one below, which was something gamercatgirl dug up a few months ago. They seem to have come from the same source, do you think they're really from the second movie?  


  1. HAH! The mystery is solved! Thanks Phoebe!!

  2. dear phoebe,
    i keep trying to email you but it never goes though! theres a feature on blogger that allows you do put a picture as your template (like your template with the picture thing) can you try to help me in anyway? thanks for reading this!! :) write back!

    -Winx Whitney blogged here

  3. Yeah, like I said, the one when she had brown hair was simply before they were finished adding layers.

    Honestly though, the whole animation process enthralls me. To be able to turn nothing into a tv show or movie, is just amazing.

  4. So it's Miriam. I wonder why she's become a brunette? After all, she was redhead in every appearance she made.

  5. Well, this hasn't been edited fully yet. The pics I posted that Kairi found had the red hair colored in :D

  6. u can tell from the 2nd pic the witches look lik they will b in this one.