Sunday, February 28, 2010

(Australian) English Dub to Premiere Tomorrow

According to the Foxtel Guide, Season 4 will be premiere tomorrow in Australia. The episode is listed as "The Fairy Hunters", so we can presume that this will be RAI English and not 4Kids dub, which Boomerang Australia aired previously.

For those in Australia, the episode will premiere at 4:05 PM, with repeats at 10:05 PM and 9 AM. Boomerang is channel 715.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Winx Club Movie 2 Image

This picture is from a magazine scan, which is why it's kind of blurry. The Winx girls seem to be casting a spell (notice that their hands are glowing and they have some kind of ripple [Portal?] below their feet).
They're wearing the same dresses they were wearing in the poster. But once again, there's no Roxy. Since there are no images of Roxy, can we pretty much say that she won't be in the second movie? Let's not draw any conclusions right now...we might be in for a surprise ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which Winx Are You? Part 2: Flora and Layla

Welcome to Which Winx Are You? Part 2: Flora and Layla. In this post, we are going to explore Flora and Layla's personality's.

Flora is the sweet, peacemaker of the group. She is shy and calm, loves flowers and really enjoys making flower perfumes. Flora loves helping people. She can be very sensitive, but she always wants the best for her friends and the people around her. She tries to hide her true feelings, but the Winx encourage her to share them. She is quite insecure, and this is one of her negative points. When she isn't sharing her feelings, and people get mad at her because of this, she will feel bad and share her feelings (evidence is Chatta getting angry at her for not telling Helia she loves him). A really good thing about Flora is that she hardly get's nervous and can think straight, even in the worst of situations. She is a diligent student who hates getting into fights and never wants to start them. That causes her some trouble when it comes to expressing her feelings. However, she has now become more outgoing.

Layla is determined and usually fearless, though things popping out of no apparent place can give her a fright. Layla was afraid of being alone, though in Season 2 Episode 22, she was cured of this phobia. Layla gives practical advice, and is always a shoulder to cry on. Layla is often referred to as the tomboy of the group because of her talent and love for sports and her hate for girly things such as shopping. Due to the differences in their personality, Layla and Stella had some friction in their relationship during the first half of the second season. They became closer after Season 2 Episode 21. Layla loves dancing as well, and is very talented at it. When Layla joined the Winx, she was worried she did not know how to be a good friend, due to her isolation (when she was younger, her parents did not let her leave the castle of Andros) for so long. She kept her feelings contained, where as now, she has opened up, due to the support of her friends.

Keep an eye out for Which Winx Are You? Part 3: Musa, Tecna and Roxy! Coming soon to Winx-Fairies!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FanArt Alert

Lately I've noticed certain pieces of fanart being labeled as official artwork. I have posted some of them below to inform you that they are not official. Pictures with an asterisk (*) indicate that the picture is a fan-colored image that was originally black and white concept art.



Roxy *


Bloom's Believix Wings

Flora *

Angela's Winx Blog does have some official Sophiex pictures here (Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Tecna) and here (Musa and Layla). Angela plans on cutting the Lovix pictures out of these magazine scans, so be on the look-out for those!

Regarding the fan-colored concept art, you can see the original art here and many fan-colored ones here on Analadygaga.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Which Winx are you? Part 1: Bloom and Stella

I haven't written an article for a LONG time so I decided to write one now! This one is all about the Winx girl's personalities. This specific post is part 1 of 3 parts. In this one, I describe Bloom and Stella's personalities. Read each personality profile carefully and decide which one is most like you!
Bloom is a true leader, leading other people comes naturally for her. She is diplomatic and will never force anyone into anything. She is a very emotional person; she loves her friends and will never let them down. On the other hand, she loves Sky and will not let him down either. However she can be very possesive of him (remember Diaspro? and 'the mean girl on the plane' in the movie?). She doesn't take very well to unexpected changes and shocking news. However, she managed to get used to magic very quickly, and hardly ever found any hardships with it. A proof of her lovely nature, friendliness and diplomaticness was when she told Roxy, who couldn't believe in magic and was going through a hard time, that she went through the same thing. She didn't really as she got used to magic within a few days really.
Stella is the girly-girl of the group. She's super fashion crazy and boy-crazy. She's really friendly (most of the time) and will always help other people...depending on whether they've done to her. She doesn't care about her marks (well...only in 'Witch lessons') and hates witches. She 'doesn't like being in a crowd where there is a single witch'. She likes things to go her own way, and can hurt people without realizing it, though she will always apologize later. She's the member of the Winx who's been under a spell or possesed the most, but it can be hard for the Winx to realize that she's not herself due to her sudden mood swings that happened quite a bit in the 1st season, though they hardly happen in the later seasons which shows she learns from her mistakes. She's been expelled and then held back a grade in Alfea for blowing up a potions lab, which shows that she's not exactly very good at school stuff. Stella is very proud and self-centered. She loves matchmaking. She sometimes hides her personality. However, Stella is a friend you can depend on. She's the most mature out of all the Winx. She's changed a lot since season 1 and she's someone you can admire very easily. There's a lot more to her character than is pictured in the show. She's not really that confident, but she always puts on a brave face and isn't afraid to do things by herself.

Look out for Which Winx are you? Part 2: Flora and Layla. Coming soon to Winx-Fairies!

New Winx Club The Movie Website!

Thanks to Kairi for the link!

The Winx Club the Movie website has been updated! It has a link for the first and second movie, but the second movie link isn't working yet. The URL is here: Winx Club The Movie 2

Roxy Speedix? (Believix Minis Dolls)

Anyone else notice what I noticed?

Apparently, these dolls have interchangeable wings (Speedix and the regular wings), but what's Roxy doing there? She doesn't have Speedix...

Oh, right, marketing.

Apparently, Tecna, Musa, and Layla dolls will not be made. The words under the banner say "4 new magical friends to take with you!" I did notice that one of the smaller pictures of Bloom seems to have Tecna's Speedix...hmm...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winx Club Magazine: Issue 70 (Comic Translation!)

Welcome to 2010! In this issue, you can fill out a survey and receive beautiful Winx Club jewelery! The magazine also contains Musa's interview with Finley, and an awesome DS case with our favorite fairies on it!

Comic Translation courtesy of Ayuko :D

Girls, I have good news! Try to guess!!


Have you made tomorrow's homework?
The boys can go out this weekend?
Great, really great!

The schools' principals have looked at the budget and discovered that they have more money left than expected! And if everything goes well...
we can have a special holiday this year! A white week in the mountains!


we can go skiing and play in the snow! How great is that?

But, will the specialists come too?
Of course they will come! All the senior years will come
too good! too good!

Wait... hold on. Did you say, of all schools?
Yes, of course... the witches will also be there.
And so the Trix too ...ugh
I bet that will ruin the holidays!
C'mon stella, what are you saying?

We'll all be together and the trix won't be able to do something, you'll see!
Uhmm ... I hope so
When will the official announcement about this trip be out?
Uhm, I don't know exactly! Faragonda will decide about this...

.... but Barbatea has told me that we'll leave next saturday!


Oh no! that's horrible!

How will I pack all my bags in so little time? I have to take this...and this! Good god, I don't have anything to wear!

Next Saturday ...

(Read the rest of the comic in Italian here.)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mystery Solved: It IS Miriam!

Guess what my friend Kairi just sent in? The answer to Stars_and_Fire's mystery! It really IS Queen Miriam! The above picture show it after a little more visual editing. She also sent in the one below, which was something gamercatgirl dug up a few months ago. They seem to have come from the same source, do you think they're really from the second movie?  

Season 5 Rumors

We are absoluetly sure that the transformation will be new. Roxy will appear in season 5. The wings of the new transformation will be similar to a butterfly. The colours are below:

Bloom: blue robe and water coloured wings
Stella: orange robe and orange-pink wings.
Tecna: purple robe, and wings - purple with green.
Muse: red robe and red-purple wings.
Aisha/Layla: blue robe, and wings - light green color.
Flora: a pink robe, pink, purple wings.
Roxy: light yellow robe with pink-green wings.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Kinder Magic Clothes

The Italian site has something cool going on for the next two months: the the code from the Kinder Magic easter egg, and get a cool new outfit for your avatar on the online game! By entering the code, a Kinder Magic hat and a Kinder magic teeshirt magically appear in your online closet!

Check out the pic below to see the outfits!

New pics from the 2nd movie!

First of all thanks to Winx Club Now and 4ever for posting these images and I hope you don't mind if I use them! Then thanks to Believe in Winx for posting these images first :) They are 3D images of the pixies...and they definetely aren't from the first movie! BTW check out the 2nd image! The pixies (especially Lockette) look GREAT in dresses :)

Who is this???

Now I hope I haven't goofed up again, and that this picture doesn't turn up to be from Winx on Ice or something. But really, who is that brown-haired girl? It's not Layla, because Layla has darker skin and it can't be Mariam because the hair colour differs. I don't know whether you agree with me, but I think it's Morgana. She has the same brown hair and light skin and Morgana wears green as the lady in this image appears to be! Please tell me what you think (and if I goofed up :P)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Dolls!

Hey, all! So, appariently there's going to be some new sets of season 4 dolls coming out in the near future! There'll be sets like "Believix Magic Wings" and "I Love My Pet". I'm looking forward to I Love My Pet pictures; according to my source, the girls are wearing shirts with pictures of their pet on them! Cute!

The Believix Minis are looking to be coming out soon. They're just like the regular Believix dolls, only tiny! (12 centimeters, to be exact.) They also come with two sets of wings (like the regular-sized Enchantix dolls that I fell in love with) that you can change. I only have one picture, I hope more are coming soon!

Too bad this is only in Europe, I would love to get some! :D

Source: Licensing.Biz

Season 4 Concept Art

It looks like Igino Straffi had a very different idea on how the girls should look in Season 4 at first...

The first image is of Layla in believix. Her eyes seem different and her lips are fuller (BTW for those of you who are thinking OMG Stars_and_Fire is SO stupid and this is's not FanArt, it's the official concept art)

The second image is Stella in her normal outfit. If you ask me, her hair looks slightly different. Her lips are also fuller and her eyes seem slightly thinner... (very slightly).

Friday, February 05, 2010

New Dutch Website

The Dutch Winx Site was upgraded to the online game version of the site recently.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Concept Art

(Hat tip to Michael's Winx Club and Winxhelina for these!)

Obviously this is supposed to be an early prototype of Icy. Is it just me or does she look younger?

Aw, isn't this just adorable? I wonder what she's looking at

Late promotional image. Like the first promotional image of the second movie, I doubt highly that "Winx - Just fairies!" was the title. Looks more like a tagline. The logo is nice, though. I kind of wish they would have kept it.