Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winx-Fairies: The Forum

I'm a slave to the trends, it seems. Haha! I just made a new Winx-Fairies forum! The address is http://winx-fairy.forumotion.net. (I had to used winx-fairy for the URL because winx-fairies was taken)

I don't have much yet only a topic for introductions. Maybe you guys could suggest a topic or something? It would be a huge help :D

Click "Register" to make an account!


  1. You copied my idea!

  2. How? I've had a forum for this site for months now, I just made a new one because my friend Ian's forum is really cool :D

    Sorry if you think I copied, though...

  3. eh em I signed up though that was me my forum is http://winxclubmusa.twilight-mania.com/forum.htm