Sunday, January 03, 2010

Update and Questions About the Singaporean Release

Singaporean TV channel Oktoday ended their reruns of Winx Club Season 3 on December 28. Many hoped that they would continue on with Season 4. On December 29 the channel showed one of my personal favorite shows, "The Emperor's New School", in its place (Thanks to Meyrin100 on the official Winx forums for that info!) I presume that those were reruns as well, as no new episodes have been aired in the US since one of the voice actors for the show died.

This brings about a question - Just why are they not showing the fourth season? What was the point of the reruns and the Fairy Mission? To drum up hype, most likely. But for what?

The season has obviously already been dubbed into English - We have the voice acting list, even. Lots of dubs dub the show from English, such as the Turkish dub. Compare the Turkish opening lyrics to the English opening lyrics. Then, compare the French and Turkish Believix (The French dub is, of course, dubbed from the Italian) during Tecna's Believix transformation -

Note: Yes, the translations may be a bit off, I'm not perfect.

Turkish -
"Bu yüksek enerji
(Bu yüksek enerji)
Bu yüksek enerji!"

Translation -
"This superior energy
(This superior energy)
This superior energy!"

French -
"La magie est en toi!
(La magie est en toi)
et te transformera!"

Translation -
"The magic is in you!
(The magic is in you)
and you will transform!"

(Thanks to wizkid696 and encamile for the Turkish and French lyrics)

The Italian lyrics are -
"E ti transformerai!
(e ti transformerai)
e ti transformerai!

Translation -
"And you will transform!
(and you will transform)
and you will transform!"

(The Dutch lyrics also use the "Energy" version and the Dutch and English dubs are often very close)

Taking all that into account, I'm 99.9 percent sure at least the first half of the season has already been dubbed.

*I found this after I started writing this post, but Winx Fashion posted several Season 4 storyboards. Storyboards are used to show what will happen in a particular scene. They are used whether the animation the animation is done in house (e.g. Winx Club) or in another animation studio (e.g. Justice League and its sequel, Justice League Unlimited, both of which were animated in Korea)

The thing I noticed was that the storyboards were in English, including the dialogue. I assume at least some of the crew speaks English (Iginio Straffi does, after all) and this could account for the use of English on the action boxes - but why the dialogue boxes? Most shows draw the characters to mouth the words in their native languages, be it Italian, Japanese, English, German, etc. So why is the dialogue in this particular example English?

Or did I just drink too much soda and put too much ketchup on my burgers and I'm now over-thinking things? Or do I just REALLY want to listen to Mark Camacho voice Gantlos now that I've recognized him as one of the actors from Punisher: War Zone, one of my favorite movies? Who knows.

Your thoughts?


  1. I'm willing to think that it's just so that dubbers might understand the scenario since voice actors aren't always multiligual. I've seen on foreign cartoons where the voice actors use the storyboards to understand what's going on.

    Plus, what other language will use 'placard' to describe a billboard other than a Romance langauge? (She crashed into a billboard, right?)

  2. one of the voice actors really died?which one?

  3. Please, gamercatgirl, who died? Tell me the name and the character(s) voiced by him/her.

  4. Actually the Italian lyrics translate as:
    and you will transform
    -rai is future tense =)

    And the Dutch dub is faaaaaaar from the Italian or English one ... the worst one ever (believe me D=) Actually the dutch dub is usually based on the German one =)

    I guess the storyboards are in English because not all animators are Italian =)

  5. Well, Since the US VA for Riven is coming to NZ, I can check with him if season 4 is going to be dubbed in the US or not.

  6. Hey um didn't I show you the storyboard things? That's okay, don't fix it.

  7. Placard... XD

  8. This Russian Believix article makes no sense
    to me! Help!

    Bloom: Uses force Believix, which is covered by the magic of the dragons' fire, so that people feel comfortable and re-opened their internal forces.

    Musa: Musa is a response to all timid and helpless people, is the answer, which should awaken their inner talents and to shine them. Its strength Believix helps to be brave and confident.

    Tecno: When the forces Tecna transform, she is very resourceful and can create anything you can imagine.

    Flora: Flora can predict and make other people. She does not like to pose a threat to the environment, but by force of Flora, people realize that nature is still alive.

    Aisha / Layla: Helps people to trust the physical means of useful products, giving the force of her love of sport and physical education.

    Stella: Thanks to Stella and her strength, she brings happiness and joy to those who are sad.

  9. Kayla n Stella is excited!January 4, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    OMG It's Layla n Amentia! I NAMED my self afrter u!!! see I even wrote my mood next to my name like you!

  10. hey Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel i love your icon!

  11. i have 1 ??? can some1 help me make a website based on kingdom hearts and winx??

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  13. maybe they're not showing the 4th season because they are trying to find someone to repace the voice actor who died. Well as far as i know in england they are showing the last episode of season 3 today that is on pop 9:30am& 7:00pm. and i don't see no advert about season 4 on tv.
    i hope they aren't going back to season one tomorrow.

  14. (to Charles)Yzma is from Emperor's New School, not Winx Club. I don't think Eartha Kitt voiced a character from this show(Winx Club). Anyway, may she rest in peace.

  15. @Kiku - Interesting thought, I didn't know they did that. I just assumed they were storyboards. Didn't notice the 'placard' though.

    @Anonymous 1, WCR, Charles, and wkw427 - I was referring to Eartha Kitt, the voice of Yzma on the Emperor's New School (as well as the movie moves before it), not anyone from Winx. Sorry for the confusion! I'll add that little bit in when I find time ^_^

    @Marie - Yeah, I just forgot to add that part and just copied and pasted the sentence over and over. Fixed it ^_^

    @Anonymous 2 - He wouldn't know unless 4Kids was already dubbing it, and if they were I think they would have made a statement by now, as Winx Club is practically their only successful property for girls. He might know, however, so you're welcome to try ^_^

  16. it was yzma and eartha is a weird name like the kind flora would has!

  17. the thing that i'm really interested in is that stella is in enchantix! does that mean the new season is going to go back to enchantix, or is it a story board for on of the first few episodes?

  18. Story board for 1st eppys