Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tea's Bio

Haha, wow. This was 10 times easier that I expected.

Well, I suppose you need my name then huh? I'm Teagan. Or Tea. Or Gan. Haha, nah. Tea's fine.

I'm from Yukon, Canada. I've lived here all my life, but I was born in British Colombia. Yes, I know. Highly entertaining.

I'm an avid fanfiction writer, as well as original stories.

What else? Well, I'm pretty much a Riven stalker. Even if you spent your entire life searching, you wouldn't find another Riven fan as obsessed as I am. Several crack-pairings I enjoy are RivenxSky, OgronxDiaspro and FloraxRyo. I also love 99% of things do do with art, and am constantly drawing. Also, I love music, and musicals. Especially Wicked, Grease and Chicago.


  1. Welcome to the blog!!!!! Wish I could join but, uh, lets just say I'm a boring person... Also, I don't have a blogger account, so...

  2. Hi Teagan! Nice to see you on here!

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  4. hey good luck with the blog, I read it almost every day. It is the best, oh and I have a blogspot blog too, can you visit it, it is www.winx024.blogspot.com but it is all on croataian, but I know englisch well. I wish I can be an autor too... oh and my favourite winx girl is Tecna. baybay!

  5. i have a feeling u love tecna a lot !!! haha

  6. What's your fanfiction name?

  7. Hello I Gianna!!!!!!!! I know english good too and im from Italia! and I have all dolls of every winx
    3 Bloom
    4 Stella
    2 Roxy
    5 Aisha (she my favourite!)
    2 Tecna
    4 Flora
    3 Musa

  8. How do you make a post on a blog like this? Because I can't figure it out.

  9. Holy jeez, I wasn't expecting so many comments, but I 'spose I'll reply to them all.

    @Layla n' Amentia: I'm sure you're not a boring person! Also, you could easily make an account!

    @Niree: Thank you!

    @Winx Whitney: Thank you!

    @Brina: Thanks!

    @Dora_Tecna: Thank you! I'll definitely check out you're site. I'm always looking for new Winx Club sites and jazz like that.

    @Anonymous: The one I have on this site right now is called What Are These Tears For? I also have a Fanfiction.net account. My username is Winxclubrox23. You can find several other Winx Club fanfics on there.

    @Gianna: That's cool! I collect the dolls too, but it's far harder to get them here. You're so lucky!

    @Rebelfun: Um, Phoebe told me to post this, so perhaps you should ask her if it's alright if you post.

  10. No one can post but the Writers: me, Teagan, Kiku, and gamercatgirl...

  11. @Tea and Phoebe

    Alright, thank you. Sorry. I know next to nothing when it comes to things like this.