Friday, January 15, 2010

Patterns in Winx Club

There are several patterns in Winx Club...did you notice them? I'm going to list them for you!
1. Every 2 seasons, there is a new Winx Club character (Season 2: Layla. Season 4: Roxy)
2. Every season, there is a new villain (Season 1: the Trix. Season 2: Darkar. Season 3: Valtor. Season 4: The Fairy Hunters)
3. Every season, there is a new transformation (Season 1: Winx. Season 2: Charmix. Season 3: Enchantix. Season 4: Believix, Sophiex and Lovix.)
5. The 'new character' (see #1) is always a princess (Layla: Princess of Andros, Roxy: Princess of Earth)
6. In Season 3 and 4, the first girl (in season 4, all of them) transforms into the new transformation in episode 6
7. Every 2 seasons someone dies (Season 2: Sky [Sky dies in Episode 10, but then Bloom brings him back to life]. Season 4: Nabu)
Has anyone noticed any other patterns?


  1. Pattern #7 doesn't apply, depending on how you look at it. Remember Tecna in Season 3? She "died" when she fell into the Omega Portal.

    Another pattern I'm sure many have noticed though, is how all their trnasformations end in "x" or (from Season 2 onwards) "ix" =)

    1. there are also patterns in every transformation

  2. There's this recurring pattern that Bloom and Sky will have an arguement, nearly break up and then, miraculously get back together as if nothing happened. This also applies for Musa.
    Also, the group always fights in every season but-also miraculously-get back together after about ten minutes.

  3. ok!
    @Hol_hex: No, it does apply bcoz Tecna didn't REALLY die! However Sky really did die! and so did Nabu

  4. That's so true Oo
    I have another pattern. Every girl needs one year to get a boyfriend.

    Season 1: The Winx were afraid of telling their feelings, so they only have a "Little-child-realationship"
    Season 2: They get together, but Layla comes and has no boyfriend
    Season 3: Layla gets a man ;-)
    Season 4: Roxy comes
    Season 5: She will get someone I am sure

  5. Oh man I have spelling problems XD Sorry I am really tired =)

  6. Its ok!
    Hey I never noticed that pattern :)

  7. well said twilight fairy !!!!!!!
    i hope roxy's boy is handsome ...
    wonder what the next season's transformation will be mmm...

  8. @Brina: I heard it was either Elementix or Glamourix

  9. oooohhhh............. thx Stars_and_Fire

  10. Number 1 can't truly be applied until we see the pattern come into being in a season 6 (and that's if there is one!) When a scientist is sampling a population of caribou, he wouldn't go out only one or two days, he'll go out for four or five days. Also, Number 7 is false - Baltor is strongly implied to have died, as are the Black Circle and Lord Darkar.

  11. ohk...gamercatgirl...#1 is applied until now and about specialists dying every 2 seasons

  12. @Stars_and_Fire: Hence why I said "depending on how you look at it" and had died written in quotation maarks =)

    Your updated #7 pattern (pertaining solely to Specialists) fits better, though it will depend on which dub viewers watch. Obviously, North America gets the 4Kids dub, which is aimed towards a younger audience. In Sky's case, Icy doesn't "kill" him, but rather "casts a VERY long sleep spell." (excuse me while I laugh at the absolute stupidity of such a change).

  13. I've noticed the patterns and a lot of other ones too :P there are a lot of patterns for Winx Club but none of them bug me I find it cool! :D I'm just that big of a fan and maybe in the next season there will be a pattern change who knows :) if not I still don't care I love Winx Club!

  14. I'm stuck watching 4Kids on TV, but prefer the RAI English dub WAY more (thank goodness for Youtube haha)

  15. the have always done their first notable battle with the witches of each season on the fifth episode of the season.

  16. I never noticed that!
    Thanks anonymous!

  17. they should really stop the transformations. too many.

  18. nome para nova transformação: Nerix

  19. Layla n Amentia :)March 14, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    No it isn't called Nerix. I'm sorry, that makes no sense.

  20. wait a minute...who made this topic?
    I was thinking that roxy was princess of tir nan og!not earth!I am confused.explain somebody.

  21. 4kids just airs is their dub version in Canada & U.S. because in Mexico they Air the original But only sell the 4kids toys.

  22. if bloom could bring Sky back to life, why couldn't she do the same for Nabu?? Just Wondering. . .


  23. I think it was a spontaneous thing. Maybe one time thing.
    Winx receive the black gift. Bring some person back to life but only one of them can use it. Layla uses it but the wizards destroy it.