Friday, January 29, 2010

New Roxy Pic

Emailed in to me from Layla n Amentia!


Monday, January 25, 2010

New PopPixie picture and news :)

This is an image from the in-the-making TV show PopPixie (for those of you who do not know, this is RAI's new project...a series centred around the pixies!)
However, this image is slightly strange. Number 1: Take a look at the pixies (on the left side). They all have large wings...if you recall they have small-ish wings in Winx Club. Their wings are a different shape to in Winx Club and also a different colour.
Now take a look at Chatta. Notice that her outfit is no longer the green crop top and skirt. She seems to be wearing a green and pink dress. Her head also looks as if it has some kind of headband or tiara on it.
Now look at those other pixies or elves that we don't know (they are on the right side.). Judging by their hair colour etc. we can pretty much tell that these are the evil guys. But what I'm debating is are these the pixie Trix? Look at the one in the far corner. She has long black hair with white streaks. Kinda reminds me of Icy. The one with purple hair at first glance reminds me of Darcy (purple is the colour of the clothes she wears) but then you can see that she is using some kind of lightning spell...which immediately directs you to Stormy. That just leaves the pink-haired one and Darcy. Somehow, I can't REALLY see any similarity between the two. Can you? She may be using some darkness spell but we can't see that. Actually, she looks a bit like Lockette :O
Talking about Lockette, look at the spell she's using! It's orange and reminds us of fire...and fire reminds me of the dragon flame which reminds me of the keeper...Bloom! And Lockette is Bloom's pixie. So maybe she'll be the 'Bloom' of PopPixie? But she wasn't even introduced in the trailer!
Talking about the trailer, where's Caramel? Since she was introduced in the trailer and appeared a lot in it, I was led to believe she'd be a main character (and maybe she'd be Roxy's pixie?! Tell me what you think about that theory!)
So back to the appearance of the pixies. Is this some kind of pixie Enchantix?? We know from the trailer that pixies aren't always in their 'pixie with wings' form!
What's your opinion?
PS: PopPixie will have 52 episodes (so 2 seasons, 26 episodes in each) and will release sometime this year. I'm led to believe it will release in English first because the trailer, posters etc. is in english so... (I haven't seen a single thing advertising it in Italian) and it will be a COMEDY!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Magic is Back? (Plus new pictures!)

First things first - new pictures!

(Hat tip to our friends over at Winx-Fashion and Believe in Winx)

Something I noticed about these pictures was that "The Magic is Back" is not located anywhere on either picture, instead being simply labeled Winx Club 2: The Movie. This leads me to believe that "The Magic is Back" was simply the tagline of the movie, not the actual name of movie. Also note that on the official poster, it's "The Magic is Back..." Normally titles to not contain "..."

The translation of the second poster: "Are you ready to live a magical new adventure?"

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom- English dub

Yesterday, The Secret of the Lost Kingdom released in English in Dubai!!
I saw it today...and I'm now giving YOU the information on the type of dub (4Kids, RAI english).

The movie was truly a mix of both english dubs. I think that the whole idea was to just have one english dub of the movie (to avoid confusion) so they made the dub a mix of 4Kids and RAI english.
Both 4Kids and RAI terminology was used. 4Kids terminology was things like 'Sparx'(Domino in the RAI version) and RAI terminology was small things such as 'Dragon's Flame' (Dragon Fire in the 4Kids dub.)
As for voices, Bloom, Stella, Tecna, and all the Alfea teachers had their 3rd season RAI voices while Musa had her 1st and 2nd season RAI voice. Flora, Daphne and all the pixies had their 4Kids voices.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Season 5?

Will Rainbow make a season 5?? Here's my say on it:

-Roxy just came! They can't just have one season with her!
-At the end of Season 4, the Winx and Roxy flew back to Magix...IN ENCHANTIX MODE! Come on Rainbow, we need an explanation!
-What happened to the Trix? We saw them at the end of The Secret of the Lost they must be there!
-Igino Straffi wasn't even going to make a Season 4! And he would be busy with the amount of new projects he has such as PopPixie
-Is there anything more to do it on? Earth's belief in magic is restored, Bloom has found her what more is there for a story???
-Money issues. It's not free! RAI has to sell the show to channels etc. What with the global downturn and new projects, Rainbow might have some problems!

Poll: Should There Be Another New Girl After Roxy?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winx Comic: Issue 70

Images from the amazing site Winx on Ice! Thanks so much for letting me use the images!

Blooper alert!

I was watching some old Winx Club episodes and then, in Season 2 Episode 22, I found that at the end of Stella's transformation she had open hair as she spoke...and she was in the fairy form! You may recall that in Stella's Winx form, her hair is tied up. The screenshot of the blooper is below:Another blooper was that she did NOT use her Charmix and she was able to use magic in the Wildlands! You may recall that if you did not have your Charmix, you could not use magic in the wildlands (screenshot below. Notice she has NO charmix [her Charmix transformation was not shown] and she used magic [though thats not shown in the screenshot:P] )! Seconds later, Musa also transformed and she needed her Charmix!
Igino Straffi must have been really tired (or stressed, maybe there was a deadline to meet?) while creating this episode :P

Friday, January 15, 2010

Letter to 4kids

Alright, so I wrote this quite a long time ago, and sent it off. Then, when I was digging though the black hole of files on my computer, came across it, and decided to post it.

Basically, what it is, is a letter to 4kids Entertainment asking where they stand Winx Club wise. If you email them, they basically send you the same, basic, cookie cutter reply they send everyone else. So, being the diehard 4kids fan that I decided to write this letter.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Teagan {Insert my last name}. Ever since I was 10 years old in 2004, I have been watching your dub of Winx Club. It is, by far my favourite show and I greatly prefer your dub over the dub done by the Canadian Cinélume, which doesn't air in Canada.

As you may know, the Fourth Season of Winx Club has recently finished airing in Italy. Because of this, many fans are waiting in anticipation for the English dub to air. Because your dub is the only one that airs in North America, I was wondering what your plans are for this show in the future, and if you are planning on buying the license to dub it.

Thank you for your concern in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.


Teagan {Insert my last name}

If they ever do reply (I'm not losing hope yet. I've gotten two response letters from companies such as Mattel in the past.) I'll post the reply here.

Patterns in Winx Club

There are several patterns in Winx Club...did you notice them? I'm going to list them for you!
1. Every 2 seasons, there is a new Winx Club character (Season 2: Layla. Season 4: Roxy)
2. Every season, there is a new villain (Season 1: the Trix. Season 2: Darkar. Season 3: Valtor. Season 4: The Fairy Hunters)
3. Every season, there is a new transformation (Season 1: Winx. Season 2: Charmix. Season 3: Enchantix. Season 4: Believix, Sophiex and Lovix.)
5. The 'new character' (see #1) is always a princess (Layla: Princess of Andros, Roxy: Princess of Earth)
6. In Season 3 and 4, the first girl (in season 4, all of them) transforms into the new transformation in episode 6
7. Every 2 seasons someone dies (Season 2: Sky [Sky dies in Episode 10, but then Bloom brings him back to life]. Season 4: Nabu)
Has anyone noticed any other patterns?

Roxy: Lovix and Sophiex

Here are some awesome fan-made images of Roxy's Sophiex and Lovix! Thanks to WinxClubRobert from the Winx Club homepage for the link and pics! :D

Images from:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

English release dates! (Approximates)

While surfing Wikipedia and various other Winx sites, I was able to figure out the most probable release dates for Winx Club Season 4. Then my predictions became more certain as I found a site (sorry, I forgot what it is :P) that said the release dates would be around then.

Here they are:

The RAI English version of Season 4 will probably release around August/September 2010. This is because they will need to record the voices, then add them to the video, and do all the various voice/video editing. They will also need to record the english transformation songs and themes.

Also, with Season 1, 2 and 3, the RAI english version released about 6 months to one year after the Italian release so it'll probably be the same for Season 4.

The 4Kids Season 4 will probably release later (like around November/December 2010) because they don't have to just do what RAI does, they cut some scenes and change the storyline around a little bit to make it more appropriate for kids (and we all know the amount of romantic drama in Season 4 ;)) They'll also probably cut the Believix, Sophiex and Lovix transformations like they did with Enchantix and replace the music with an instrumental.

PS: In Dubai, the Secret of the Lost Kingdom is releasing next week in cinemas! I don't know whether this is worldwide...

The Magic is Back (Picture Closeup)

A close up of the poster shown in Las Vegas for the second movie. The dresses are pretty nice. Also, note Bloom's crown is the same one from season one. Kudos for continuity. Layla's hair is also very nice. I like the style.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is Roxy in the Winx? And does she really have Believix?

Ever since Roxy first appeared in Season 4 Episode 6 as the last fairy of Earth, the question has been the same. Will she join the Winx? Lets debate the issue:

It's taken for granted that Roxy is now an official part of the Winx. Why? Maybe because she flew back to Magix with them. However, lets keep in mind that Roxy was going to Magix to study in Alfea while (recall Season 4 Episode 1) the Winx would be teachers in Alfea. Roxy is also 3 years younger than the other Winx and has no magical experience at all!

Some people say that Roxy is part of the Winx because she has believix. But does she really have believix? The first thing that I notice about Roxy's 'believix' is that her transformation had music similar to the believix music but not the same music as the other Winx girls...of course, that may be because she wasn't part of the Winx (remember the first time Layla transformed the music was only an instrumental). But I think it is because her transformation wasn't really believix! I think it was magic Winx! Want more reasons? Take a look at the picture of Roxy's transformation:

Look! Just like in the Winx transformation (the first transformation), her clothes are one colour (green). Notice that her wings aren't as big as the other Winx's believix wings. Her shoes aren't the same Converse-like shoes that the other Winx have in believix. Her's have no laces and look like boots. In which transformation was the shoes boots? Thats right, Winx! Unlike believix, absolutely nothing has happened to her hair, not even a single braid or tiara. In Winx transformation, most of the Winx (exception Stella [tied up hair]) had nothing happen to their hair! What does that show? Plus, notice the background of the transformation is just like the Winx transformation background!

What else? Well, nothing more in the picture, but why can't Roxy use Speedix, Zoomix and Tracix or transform into Lovix and Sophiex? Some people would say that she willed herself into transforming (and technically this is true because for the Winx transformation you have to will yourself into transforming [remember Bloom transforming for the first time in Season 1 Episode 3] and you still have full power) so, like when Bloom willed herself into Enchantix, she doesn't have full power. Well, when Bloom saved her kingdom and people, she got full Enchantix powers. Likewise, when Roxy got a human to believe in her, she should get full believix! Well, after Roxy transformed, her father believed in her! So basically, she should have full Believix powers...if she has believix. I think she has Winx!

Why would Roxy be in the Winx then? Well, maybe since Bloom (the unofficial leader of the Winx Club [remember Season 2 Episode 23 Tecna said 'give us the word Bloom, which indicated leadership]) related to her, and felt she needed help in this whole magic world. Bloom understands what it's like being the 'new fairy'

What is your opinion?

Happy Birthday Timmy!

It's his 4kids birthday.

Stars_and_Fire's bio!

Heyy guys!
I'm Stars_and_Fire, the newest writer on the Winx-Fairies team. Ok, so about I guess you'll want to know!
I'm from India, though I was born in New Zealand...and I now live in Dubai! Ok, VERY boring :P
I'm a HUGE Winx Club fan...and my lifes passion is acting :) I love to act and someday I hope to be a famous actress! I also love writing...and I always loved reading Winx-Fairies so I'm really happy to be a writer now... I sent in some articles...I wrote Best Friends?

I guess that's it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winx-Fairies: The Forum

I'm a slave to the trends, it seems. Haha! I just made a new Winx-Fairies forum! The address is (I had to used winx-fairy for the URL because winx-fairies was taken)

I don't have much yet only a topic for introductions. Maybe you guys could suggest a topic or something? It would be a huge help :D

Click "Register" to make an account!

Formal Exams

Formal ministry exams are approximately taking place in my city, so I'm going to be offline for the next week. Everyone, have a great new year!

Monday, January 11, 2010

English Believix! (Yes, it's real!)

It's from the Believix in You game, if you couldn't tell.

Okay, so it's not full or high quality, but I think it will satisfy for now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best Friends? by Stars_and_Fire

This post was written my friend, Stars_and_Fire, not me. She put a lot of work into it, you should read it :D

Best Friends?

Who is each Winx girls best friend? On the Winx Club website, it says that Bloom and Stella are best friends, Flora and Layla are best friends and Musa and Tecna are best friends. But how accurate is this?
Lets find out.

Since Stella was the first fairy Bloom met and Stella introduced her to Alfea and the magical dimension, it seems that Stella would be her best friend. Stella and Bloom also seem very close.
What about Flora and Layla? Well, the only thing that shows that they are close is during Season 2, when Layla agrees to help Flora find out whether Helia likes her or not. Otherwise, Layla seems closer to Musa, especially during Season 2. In Season 2, Episode 22, Layla gets her charmix after she says:
"Oh no Musa! She must be under attack now! And I'm here all afraid because of my stupid fear!"
She doesn't mention the other Winx girls, she just mentions Musa, indicating that she must be close to Musa.
At the end of Season 2, Layla tells Musa that they will always be 'Best Friends Forever!"
How about Musa and Tecna? Well, while it seems that Musa and Layla are best friends during Season 2, in Season 3 things seem to change. In Season 3, Episode 13, when Tecna enters the funnel of air above the Omega portal, Musa flies up. When Tecna gets sucked in, Musa is the most upset.
Roxy is another situation. She seems closest to Bloom but that could be because of their similar past.
So who is each girls best friend?
What is your opinion readers?

Image provided by Stars_and_Fire, edited by Phoebe.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winx Club Magazine: Issue 69

The newest issue of the Winx Club Magazine (issue 69), is full of holiday fun! It also tells all the "secrets" of the new Believix powers! Also, you get Believix-themed plates!

The Winx discover a secret bracelet, but the Trix want to use it's powers!

Winx Club Magazine: Issue 68

This is the first magazine to star Roxy, who even has her own section, "The Living Planet", which reveals lots of things you may not know about animals! There's also an interview with "The Broken Heart College", and the drawings from the Winx Summer Contest! Included is a digital Believix watch (you would get one of two designs).

Winx Club Magazine: Issue 67

The 67th issue of the Winx Club Magazine is out, and in it Layla will talk about dance schools, and Musa will tell you how to be a perfect DJ! Also, Bloom drops some advice about studying! It also comes with a Winx Club cup for you to enjoy with your breakfast! :D

The Winx girls must enter the digital world after everything technological goes haywire!

Winx Club Magazine: Issue 66

I know it's a bit late, but I finally was able to post the 66th Issue of th magazine! In this issue, you get tips for the start of school, and a special interview with Cristina Aguilera! Because it's a special back-to-school issue, it comes with a pen and pencil with rubber erasers, to make your return to school a little happier :D.

When Flora travels to her friends farm, her and the girls face lots of problems, Friendship, livestock... love. Flora has to help her friend at her farm in the wild west!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tea's Bio

Haha, wow. This was 10 times easier that I expected.

Well, I suppose you need my name then huh? I'm Teagan. Or Tea. Or Gan. Haha, nah. Tea's fine.

I'm from Yukon, Canada. I've lived here all my life, but I was born in British Colombia. Yes, I know. Highly entertaining.

I'm an avid fanfiction writer, as well as original stories.

What else? Well, I'm pretty much a Riven stalker. Even if you spent your entire life searching, you wouldn't find another Riven fan as obsessed as I am. Several crack-pairings I enjoy are RivenxSky, OgronxDiaspro and FloraxRyo. I also love 99% of things do do with art, and am constantly drawing. Also, I love music, and musicals. Especially Wicked, Grease and Chicago.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Update and Questions About the Singaporean Release

Singaporean TV channel Oktoday ended their reruns of Winx Club Season 3 on December 28. Many hoped that they would continue on with Season 4. On December 29 the channel showed one of my personal favorite shows, "The Emperor's New School", in its place (Thanks to Meyrin100 on the official Winx forums for that info!) I presume that those were reruns as well, as no new episodes have been aired in the US since one of the voice actors for the show died.

This brings about a question - Just why are they not showing the fourth season? What was the point of the reruns and the Fairy Mission? To drum up hype, most likely. But for what?

The season has obviously already been dubbed into English - We have the voice acting list, even. Lots of dubs dub the show from English, such as the Turkish dub. Compare the Turkish opening lyrics to the English opening lyrics. Then, compare the French and Turkish Believix (The French dub is, of course, dubbed from the Italian) during Tecna's Believix transformation -

Note: Yes, the translations may be a bit off, I'm not perfect.

Turkish -
"Bu yüksek enerji
(Bu yüksek enerji)
Bu yüksek enerji!"

Translation -
"This superior energy
(This superior energy)
This superior energy!"

French -
"La magie est en toi!
(La magie est en toi)
et te transformera!"

Translation -
"The magic is in you!
(The magic is in you)
and you will transform!"

(Thanks to wizkid696 and encamile for the Turkish and French lyrics)

The Italian lyrics are -
"E ti transformerai!
(e ti transformerai)
e ti transformerai!

Translation -
"And you will transform!
(and you will transform)
and you will transform!"

(The Dutch lyrics also use the "Energy" version and the Dutch and English dubs are often very close)

Taking all that into account, I'm 99.9 percent sure at least the first half of the season has already been dubbed.

*I found this after I started writing this post, but Winx Fashion posted several Season 4 storyboards. Storyboards are used to show what will happen in a particular scene. They are used whether the animation the animation is done in house (e.g. Winx Club) or in another animation studio (e.g. Justice League and its sequel, Justice League Unlimited, both of which were animated in Korea)

The thing I noticed was that the storyboards were in English, including the dialogue. I assume at least some of the crew speaks English (Iginio Straffi does, after all) and this could account for the use of English on the action boxes - but why the dialogue boxes? Most shows draw the characters to mouth the words in their native languages, be it Italian, Japanese, English, German, etc. So why is the dialogue in this particular example English?

Or did I just drink too much soda and put too much ketchup on my burgers and I'm now over-thinking things? Or do I just REALLY want to listen to Mark Camacho voice Gantlos now that I've recognized him as one of the actors from Punisher: War Zone, one of my favorite movies? Who knows.

Your thoughts?