Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sigh. It looks like good things are coming to Rainbow studios as they are being awashed with new cartoon productions.

"Grünwald, Munich, 1st December 2009 - The Grünwald-based brand management and media company m4e AG gives the green light for the start of production of the TV series YOKO, MO & ME. The series emerges in co-production between the Italian production studio Rainbow S.p.A. (among others 'Winx Club', 'Huntik'), the Canadian animation studio March Entertainment (among others 'Dex Hamilton', 'Playmobil CGI Movies') and Lucky Punch, a joint venture between Professor Gerhard Hahn and m4e AG in Grünwald. Gerhard Hahn, founder and chief executive of Hahn Film AG in Berlin (among others 'Asterix in America', 'Bibi Blocksberg'), will be acting as executive producer. Negotiations with a German TV channel as a further co-producer will shortly be completed. More information on this will be made known soon.

This fantasy-adventure, whose production budget stands at around 12 million US dollars, will be elaborately produced at a number of locations in HD-quality and is a mixture of real film and CGI animation. The TV premiere of the first season with 26 episodes of 24 minutes each is planned for 2011. A second season with a further 26 episodes is already being planned."

Published earlier this year on April 18 was that a German company called m4e have signed a five-year production contract with Rainbow, meaning that m4e also has rights to Winx Club now.

"German media firm signs five-year co-production deal with Italian animation studio.

The relationship between Italian animation studio Rainbow S.p.A and German brand management and media company, m4e, has been extended - with the two firms signing a new five-year volume and co-production deal.

The agreement gives m4e the rights to the next season of Winx Club, as well as the new animated TV show [Pop?] Pixie which is based on the characters from Winx Club.

m4e will manage all rights including TV, home entertainment, merchandising, publishing and promotions. On top of this, the firm also has the first look rights to Rainbow's new shows over the next few years, with m4e guaranteeing to acquire at least one show per year on a pre-sale basis.

Meanwhile, m4e and Rainbow will also co-produce at least one show every two years, beginning with a new development scheduled for delivery at the start of 2010.

"For many years we are enjoying a very close and trustful relationship with Rainbow," said Hans Ulrich Stoef, CEO of m4e. "It is only a logical step for us to strengthen this relationship.""

Makes one wonder whether or not the movie and season five animation will change drastically because of this contract, no? And for better or for worst?



  1. I don't think it's going to change anything. Note that it says the contract was "extended," which means, of course, they've been working together already. Nothing too terrible happened to season four, did it? I think m4e will only be in charge of distribution of "Winx Club" and "Pop Pixie," not production. I did a little research, and m4e also had the rights to "Secret of the Lost Kingdom" for distribution in Germany.

  2. I'm scared of what will happen now. What if they screw up the plot, voices, etc?

  3. Yeah, what the Oblivious Prattler said. :) Besides, it's CO-production. Meaning that Rainbow is generally still in charge. It should be the same as season 4. The animation different than the first 3 seasons, and other than that, probably nothing different.

  4. Oblivious Prattler, I think the relationship 'extended' in the sense that they took it to the next step. Still, one must wonder if they're going to be popping out a show ever year and m4e is going probably co-produce two those, with possibly one of those being season five, will there be changes?

    Just because m4e is solely a marketing company does not mean that they don't have any creative input. If they say that this won't sell, Rainbow will have to make something that will sell. Kind of like Grand Theft Auto, I think.

  5. Good points, Kiku. But like I said, nothing happened to season four, and m4e did/does have the rights to it. Meddling only goes so far. You're right -- they might become the co-producers of "Winx Club," but I think we're being too quick to say they might ruin it. "Huntik" was co-produced with a company called Big Bocca Productions, and it's doing well. "Winx Club" is still Iginio Straffi's show and vision, and he has the final say in any changes that MIGHT be made, if any. Besides, the project they're working on now is "Yoko, Mo, & Me," and the article said they'd co-produce at least one show every two years. This might be that one show, not season five and not the second movie, which is already in production.

  6. I'm starting to wonder about copyright and ownership issues. Can you actually own a show? I know that you can claim plagiarism for people misrepresenting your characters and whatnot but do you actually own the show they originated from?

  7. I hope he keeps it all the same. Like someone said, you can't change the plot!! Also, I hope he keeps the couples together because I really want Musa and Riven to get married XD

  8. why change plot ???
    i think there're perfect ...

  9. I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty much the same. And if you hate Amentia, say so. If you don't care, say so. If you like her say so.I'm doing a poll with LiAmentia.

  10. I hope most everything is the same! like i think thers enough people in the Winx Club, but it would suck if the plot was changed