Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Season 4 DVDs

Thanks to ciarabells for the tip-off! (And to Michael's Winx Club, too, 'cause I'm guessing that's where she got her info from.)

Season 4 is on DVD in Italy, already!

The DVDs are all in order of volume, and here are the volume names:

Volume 1: Discover Our New Believix Powers!
Volume 2: More United and Magical Than Ever!
Volume 3: The Magic Continues With Our Tender Pets!
Volume 4: Here I Am, Roxy: the New Winx Fairy!
Volume 5: Dream With Our Shining Wings!
Volume 6: Enter the Magic of the New ‘Love & Pet’ world
Volume 7: S.O.S. Earth: Mission of Winx Believix!
Volume 8: Follow the Final Showdown With Us Believix!


  1. Hmm, if its already out on DVD that means it will be coming out on TV in other countries. And, it will be coming out on DVD too in other countries. Things are looking up!

  2. I wonder when they are comming out in the
    English version Omg I just cant Wait

  3. my friend already got DVD(s) in english version from episode 1 until 8 but sh e can't rip it so she never upload it to YT :(