Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hong Kong Bag

Do you notice something wrong here? ;)

I found it on eBay here.

Happy New Years!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

(Castilian) Spanish Opening and Believix

Thanks to WinxClubRobert for submitting the link to the Spanish opening and Ian for submitting the link to the (full) Spanish Believix!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

International Release Dates *Updated!*

While searching through various Winx Club fansites and forums, I came up with a list of confirmed air dates and countries that are confirmed with at least attempting to get the rights.

Confirmed Dates (italicized indicates that it is already airing)

  • Italy - April 15
  • Portugal - September 12
  • Greece - September 19
  • Turkey - September 26
  • Israel - October 2
  • Norway - October 3
  • Finland - October 3
  • Poland - October 5
  • Second Half of the Italian Version - October 14
  • France - October 16
  • Netherlands - October 24
  • Germany - October 31
  • Denmark - December 6
  • Russia - December 8
  • Slovenia - December 12
  • Spain - December 21
  • Latin America - February 14

Confirmed for 2010

  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Mexico (Rumored February 2)
  • Argentina (Rumored February 3)
  • Hungary

Most of the 'confirmed' countries come from here.

Thanks to WinxClubRobert for the Spanish, Mexican, Argentina, and Latin American release dates.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flora's Transformation in Retrospect

Does Flora's believix feel not quite on par with all the other girl's design? Do you find that her boots do not quite fit with her top and skirt? As if they're completely two different styles that should not be together? Is it her top that makes everything seem out of place? You're not alone.

Of all the believixes, Flora's is the one that sticks out the most in my mind because it has a more natural, flowery look as if her top and skirt were made of rose petals and her collar and waist band were made of vines. Of all the other believixes, hers is the one that does not fit with the theme of the believix outfit: to be 'modern.'

Now, that there is where the problem lies. Flora is the fairy of flowers and flowers are often as something symbolically synomous with natural, traditional and ancient--the opposite of modern and fresh.

Take a leap back in time for a moment and go back to season one. Do you think that they might have gotten it right back in season one? Her believix feels like a downgraded enchantix outfit with a pair of gogo boots added to differentiate it from the enchantix-style barefoot sandals.

Sure, if they spruced it up with some more elaborate colour schemes and designs, it could have worked. It makes me kind of think that the believix outfit should have been in season one while the winx outfit should have been in season four.

I do not mean to say that her believix should look like her season one outfit but when you think about it, it fits the modern and fresh idea a little more. It gives her a more focus on the fact that she is a fairy general and less on the fact that she is a very 'flowery' kind of girl. Do not be mistaken, I realise that she is the fairy of flowers and that it is obvious that her outfit is going to be influenced by that but what did pink hearts and the colour pink in general have to do with anything with Bloom's fire- and dragon-themed powers? The heart is understandable but pink?

Point being is that you would really be able to tell what the all girls' powers were exactly at a glance? Did Layla's outfit have anything to do with water or morphix (aside the colour blue); Stella with the sun, moon (and by extension, stars); Musa and music (other than the fact that she looks like a chronologically transplanted rocker); even Roxy and animals?

Back in season one, you knew automatically that Musa's powers had to do with sound because she wore headphones; Tecna and her skin-tight jumpsuit was something technological and Stella and her Staff of Solaria for the celestial bodies.

To conclude, maybe the designers should have gone back to season to look for inspiration for Flora's outfits. Maybe they could have done something elegant with her corset, maybe even a long skirt to contrast with all short skirts and pants. Anyways, it's too late now since season four is over. There is always season five to look forward too.

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tecna!

December 16 is Tecna's RAI birthday.

Edit: She's 20 years old if you account for the events of Secret of the Lost Kingdom (mainly those who have not seen the movie). If not, she's 19.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vote For the Best Couple!

Hey, guys! Me and my King of the Week are going for Best Couple, a huge contest between the King and Queen of the week winners! We're Couple #9!

Vote by signing in to the Winx Club Online Game and going to the forum! Good luck everyone! :D

Russian Believix

Monday, December 14, 2009

Double Poses

Is it me or is that getting a little annoying using the same poses for stock art? I think it's a little cheap that they're using the same ones from Enchantix.

Which ones do you prefer, the enchantix art or the believix art? Personally, I like the enchantix ones.

Season 4: English Flyer

Thanks to Layla n Amentia for the info! :D

New version of the season 4 flyer! Notice how different it is from the original flyer? Debuts "Fall 2009". Hmm, I guess the flyer's a little out of the loop.

Mystery Image

The image above was sent in by gamercatgirl before she started writing for the blog. Notice the little picture of the witches, Bloom. and Sky. 

"It shows a picture (possibly a movie poster) of Sky and Bloom facing off against the Witches. I'm split on whether it's a cut scene from the first movie, something fun the creators decided to do, or a scene from the second movie." -gamercatgirl

Gasp! - It's Enchantix! It could be from the second movie, because in the end of the forth season, the girls are in their Enchantix forms again. Credits to dreamywinxgirl94 for posting it on MC.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bloom!

I realise that this is a little late but Bloom's RAI birthday was on Thursday. I know that character birthdays don't really stick in our mind as something worth remembering all the time but I am going to attempt to ahead of them.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Season 4 DVDs

Thanks to ciarabells for the tip-off! (And to Michael's Winx Club, too, 'cause I'm guessing that's where she got her info from.)

Season 4 is on DVD in Italy, already!

The DVDs are all in order of volume, and here are the volume names:

Volume 1: Discover Our New Believix Powers!
Volume 2: More United and Magical Than Ever!
Volume 3: The Magic Continues With Our Tender Pets!
Volume 4: Here I Am, Roxy: the New Winx Fairy!
Volume 5: Dream With Our Shining Wings!
Volume 6: Enter the Magic of the New ‘Love & Pet’ world
Volume 7: S.O.S. Earth: Mission of Winx Believix!
Volume 8: Follow the Final Showdown With Us Believix!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

(Real) Russian Opening!

(The "New English Opening" is actually Danish, the video poster apparently thought it was Russian...)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Channels signing on the Winx Club


Rainbow Seals String of Sales for Winx Club
By Kristin Brzoznowski
Published: December 7, 2009
LORETO: Rainbow S.p.A. has closed a new round of deals for the fourth season of its hit Winx Club series, bringing the total number of countries that will air the latest installment to 100.

Cartoon Network in Australia and Asia, Teletoon in France, Clan TVE of Spain, TVI and Panda Portugal, Alter in Greece are among the new deals secured by Rainbow. Further sales include TV2 in Denmark, MTV3 in Finland, TV2 in Norway, Kanal D in Turkey, SABC of South Africa, Zig Zap of Poland, RTL Club in Belgium and CTC of Russia. In the fourth season, the Winx Club fairies move from Magix to Earth, where they meet Roxy, the last remaining Earth Fairy, and defeat enemies who are trying to wipe out their clan.


Congradulations to all who have access to the above channels. We can only hope for an English version here in North America. Cross your fingers, Canadians and Americans! (British, too, I suppose?)

New English Opening (Danish Opening)

Apparently the Russian S4 opening is in English according to the video poster WinXComeOn (See note a bottom)

Perhaps this means we'll be seeing the Believix in English soon!

EDIT: It's Danish, not Russian.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Screenshots of New Sites


Notice that the top ad is still in English? And there isn't any ads at all in the Spanish version. There's still a little bit of work to be done.


New Translations of the Winx Website

4 new sites were added on December 3/4 -

German -
Russian -
Turkish -
Castilian Spanish -

So, with these done they'll probably begin work on the other sites, such as Hebrew, Portuguese, and Dutch. A question I have is whether languages like Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish will be given their own sites or they will have to go to the European Portuguese and Castilian Spanish sites? They had their own sites on the original homepage, but the extra work may overload the translators.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Friday, December 04, 2009


There's something for everyone on the online game, and now both the English and the Italian sites sell hats!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sigh. It looks like good things are coming to Rainbow studios as they are being awashed with new cartoon productions.

"Grünwald, Munich, 1st December 2009 - The Grünwald-based brand management and media company m4e AG gives the green light for the start of production of the TV series YOKO, MO & ME. The series emerges in co-production between the Italian production studio Rainbow S.p.A. (among others 'Winx Club', 'Huntik'), the Canadian animation studio March Entertainment (among others 'Dex Hamilton', 'Playmobil CGI Movies') and Lucky Punch, a joint venture between Professor Gerhard Hahn and m4e AG in Grünwald. Gerhard Hahn, founder and chief executive of Hahn Film AG in Berlin (among others 'Asterix in America', 'Bibi Blocksberg'), will be acting as executive producer. Negotiations with a German TV channel as a further co-producer will shortly be completed. More information on this will be made known soon.

This fantasy-adventure, whose production budget stands at around 12 million US dollars, will be elaborately produced at a number of locations in HD-quality and is a mixture of real film and CGI animation. The TV premiere of the first season with 26 episodes of 24 minutes each is planned for 2011. A second season with a further 26 episodes is already being planned."

Published earlier this year on April 18 was that a German company called m4e have signed a five-year production contract with Rainbow, meaning that m4e also has rights to Winx Club now.

"German media firm signs five-year co-production deal with Italian animation studio.

The relationship between Italian animation studio Rainbow S.p.A and German brand management and media company, m4e, has been extended - with the two firms signing a new five-year volume and co-production deal.

The agreement gives m4e the rights to the next season of Winx Club, as well as the new animated TV show [Pop?] Pixie which is based on the characters from Winx Club.

m4e will manage all rights including TV, home entertainment, merchandising, publishing and promotions. On top of this, the firm also has the first look rights to Rainbow's new shows over the next few years, with m4e guaranteeing to acquire at least one show per year on a pre-sale basis.

Meanwhile, m4e and Rainbow will also co-produce at least one show every two years, beginning with a new development scheduled for delivery at the start of 2010.

"For many years we are enjoying a very close and trustful relationship with Rainbow," said Hans Ulrich Stoef, CEO of m4e. "It is only a logical step for us to strengthen this relationship.""

Makes one wonder whether or not the movie and season five animation will change drastically because of this contract, no? And for better or for worst?