Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rainbow has other productions in store

According C21Media.net, Rainbow studios another project planned besides the Winx Club, PopPixie, Huntik, etc.

"Aside from PopPixie, Rainbow has another new project in the pipeline that isn’t yet in production. With Silvia Brena (former director of Cosmopolitan Italy) attached, Maya Fox is aimed at teenagers and is based on a successful brand that already consists of a novel, a website, a blog and various magazines. “It’s dark and gothic,” says Hryniewicz. “It’s set in London and follows a fashion-conscious teen blogger who has psychic powers and is being pursued by a serial killer.”"

Ohh...this sounds interesting for those who are a little more the freaky thriller stuff.

As for the books, they're only available in Italian. As for the art style, I think it's just pure coincidence that the Winx Club is similar considering that they're both from Europe. Look at manga and anime. :)

(For those who really don't understand, people who read both manga and European comics/BDs will know what I'm talking about. BDs have a distinct style that emulate manga sometimes--like in WITCH--but are quite different from real manga. Such as colouring and lineart techniques as well as attention to proportion of bodies per panel. BDs are much looser in their art and are often fully coloured, hard-covered and printed on 10x12 inch paper--and expensive.)



  1. i miss W.I.T.C.H.

  2. She looks like Helia. And I miss W.i.t.c.h. too. It's still going strong in Italy. I like Winx better than W.i.t.c.h. anyway.

  3. Looks like a fun new series (is it going to be animated too?) to me =) Can't wait for its release in English n so ^^

    She can communicate with dead people ... not really original, but what the second site writes does make me wanna go and buy that book immediately o-o"
    *reading the chapter that's on the site* <3

  4. Huh, she looks a lot like Zalia from Huntik. :)
    Cool though! ^_^

  5. Check this out I made it!


  6. awesome!something more serious and dark.
    sorry i have this thing for more dark and stuff. i like the concept but its pretty familiar, but its like a lot more mature.

  7. She looks a lot like Chimera. I just noticed that.

  8. It should be interesting to see how this turns out. Will Winx still be the best? Or will it turn out to be a Harry Potter vs. Twilight issue. Who know, I can't wait :)

  9. I've read this book. It is HORRIBLE. Superficial, no plot, vulgar, it talks about death, pregnancy and sex without care.

  10. I agree with iku... it doesn't worth.
    Winx much more better and so is Huntik. Maybe those two can be in competition, but not Maya Fox!

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